Garden  Clippings

McMinnville Garden Club  

 Vol. 4   No. 5                    January 2005


McMinnville Garden Club

Organized in 1926

PO Box 386

McMinnville OR 97128

Information: 503 434 4344


Meeting Information

Meeting Day:  Third Monday

September through June

11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Optional Brown Bag Lunch

Covenant Church, Fireside Room, 2155 West 2nd, McMinnville, OR

Meetings are open to the public.

Executive Board

President          Kim Jongedyk

Vice President  Marian Blank

Secretary          Judy Eggers

Treasurer          Marilyn Coats

Conservation Pledge

I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet Earth, and promise to promote education, so we may be caretakers to our air, water, forests, land, and wildlife.

Ongoing Projects

Summer Garden Tour

“Garden Clippings” is a monthly publication of the McMinnville Garden Club. Contact 503-434-4344 for info.

The Oregon Garden Support

Scholarships for Horticulture

National Garden Week

Garden of the Month

Blue Star Memorial Marker

City Beautification






January 17 Meeting



       Our January Meeting will be held at the Fresh Palate Café at the Lawrence Gallery.  Those wishing to carpool should meet at the Bethel Baptist Church at 10:15.  If you arrive late or go on your own, take Hwy 99W towards Sheridan. The Lawrence Gallery will be on your right prior to Sheridan. No reservations are necessary this month.  We will order off the menu. With our membership up to 60, we hope to see a big crowd.  Guests are welcome!   

       Shannon Ray from the Gallery is an artist and gardener as well as the Gallery’s sales manager.  She be doing a presentation on Impressionist painting and displaying some current garden and flora artwork for our enjoyment

       Our VP, Marian, will also provide us with order forms for a presale purchase to support the  Yamhill Soil & Water District’s February 10-11-12 sale.  We will be able to pre-order trees, bulbs, bedding plants, ground cover, etc. as we dream and plan for our spring gardens.  The proceeds from this sale go to the Miller Woods. 

We will hear more about this incredible property recently given to the Yamhill Soil & Water District at our February meeting.  If you are unable to attend on the 17th and would like a presale form, please call 503-472-1216 and a form will be mailed to you.

          Those are lots of great reasons to join us on the 17th; food, an educational program, and a chance to order plants as well as great company!


President’s Corner


Happy New Year!

       The holidays are almost over and 2005 is here and soon your new plans and seeds for the garden will be planted and gardening will start once again. How fun is that! It’s what we live for being a gardener and watching our fun and hard work show.

       I wish you all a Happy New Year, good health and happy gardening. I look forward to seeing you all at the January 17th meeting at the Lawrence Gallery.

            See you soon,

             Kim Jongedyk


(Please note that Kim’s cell phone number is incorrect in the yearbook.  Correction to follow in the addendum.)


Club “Sprouts”


       Our Club is growing and has reached 60 members!  Our newest members, who joined in December, are Lelah Selby and Ann Silverthorne both of whom are interested in backyard habitat and landscape design.  We welcome both of them to our active Club.

       Thanks to you members for bringing your friends to Club meetings and encouraging them to join; that’s how we “sprout” new members and grow the McMinnville Garden Club!

             Gaye Stewart,  

         Membership Chair



Garden Tour & Vendor Faire– 2005


       Now that we’ve turned the corner into the New Year, we can look forward to our yearly Garden Tour.  Sharon Gunter and Judy Eggers and their committees are working hard to prepare for this year’s event. Be sure you save Sunday, June 26, 2005, for the Garden Tour and the Garden Faire – two special activities to support and enjoy!   One of the challenges in the past has been our vendor’s Garden Faire location. Gaye Stewart reports that letters of invitation and registration forms have been mailed to some 90 potential vendors.  The Faire committee is working with the Downtown Association and we will be utilizing the Farmer’s Market area with ample space, high public visibility and plenty of parking. Garden Tour updates will continue.  Be sure to contact Sharon or Judy if you are interested in helping with this event!




       Rozina Morgan is recovering from a broken hip.  Our wishes for a quick and healthy recovery go to her.

          Joan Friese


Club History

        October 12, 1927

       McMinnville Garden Club met at the home of Mrs. Apperson with eight members present.  The program chairman said that the yearly program was not completely arranged – the committee was given more time. Mrs. Apperson announced that Mr. Clary, business manager of Better Flowers would provide a speaker for the next evening meeting October 26, at Ramsey Hall. After an informal discussion on flower gardens, the club adjourned.  Balance on hand in treasury was $1.50.

October 26, 1927

Mr. A.M. Herman from the Seed and Nursery Co., Portland, gave an interesting lecture on bulbs at Ramsey Hall, Wednesday, October 26, to a small but very appreciative audience.  He was accompanied by Mr. Fred J. Borsch who answered a few questions about Rock Gardens.

(Lecturers were generally paid $15 at this time.)

Dorothy Mathiesen





    Time for seed catalogs.  I somehow get more every year even though I don't order that much.  It is nice to have some time off from gardening during the cooler months, especially from watering.  However, looking through the catalogs and seeing the pictures of all the neat plants, I start getting antsy about planting again especially with all of the new kinds of flowers--zinnias, cosmos, amaranthus, marigolds, poppies, sunflowers.  I would like to get them all, but don't have enough room.  Then there are the different herbs that I love to try--cinnamon basil, lemon basil, purple basil, cilantro, hyssop, lavenders, lemon balm, and sages.  Don't have enough space for all of them! 
And then there are all the vegetables such as peas, beans artichokes, asparagus. It is hard to pick and choose!
    I check all the catalogs and mark all that I would like to order and then order less than half.  I still have some seeds from last year. But
I still enjoy looking at all the catalogs and imagining having a more
beautiful garden than last year with everything growing exactly the way
I want.  Right!

Marilyn Coats



Backyard Habitat

What a Wonderful World of Wildlife


       Remember to follow these tips to have a wonderful world of wildlife in your backyard.

1.     Grow native plants found in your area that offer food such as pollen, nectar, acorns, nuts, cones, berries and other seeds.

2.     Provide water for wildlife with a birdbath, small pond or shallow dish . . . or take care of a natural spring or stream on or near your habitat.

3.     Create protective cover for wildlife by growing a meadow, a prairie, densely branched shrubs, and when appropriate, evergreens.  Place hollow logs and rock piles in your yard.

4.     Build birdhouses, attach to metal poles and monitor their use.

5.     Watch what you plant in your garden.  Exotic species not native to your region can become invasive and can be harmful to both people and wildlife.


Cindi Miller


Website to

Check Out

Winter Garden Tips



Our next meeting is February 21, 2005

at the Covenant Church.


     Please also note that the March meeting location in the booklet is incorrect.  We will meet March 21 at the Red Hills Tasting Room.  The address is correct.  More information in the February newsletter.


Committee Chairs


Backyard Habitat  Cindi Miller

Garden Tour  Sharon Gunter and Judy Eggers

Historian  Dorothy Mathiesen

Horticulture  Marilyn Coats

Hospitality   Margaret Roberts

Membership  Gaye Stewart

Newsletter/Web  Patty Sorensen

Parliamentarian  Sally Thompson

Publicity/PR  Bonnie Zachary-Yurk

Scholarship  Cindi Miller

Sunshine   Joan Friese

Telephone  Sandy Bolmer

Yard of Month  Bonnie & Shelby Zachary-Yurk

Yearbook  Barbara Lofgren


Newsletter Deadlines


     The deadline for submission of articles for our monthly newsletter is the last day of the previous month.  Please send them to Patty Sorensen.  Thanks!



Do you know of any prospective Garden Club members?  Be sure to let Gaye Stewart know their names and addresses.  We would love to send them our newsletter for three months.