Preview of Garden 1, Tour 2016     Dean and Mary

This garden is all about SUN…from sunrise until sunset! The Owners have lived on this property for 47 years and have capitalized on utilizing the sun to its maximum advantage. Both Dean and Mary are influenced by their family farming backgrounds—his family farmed in the Willamette Valley and her family, on the eastside of the Cascades. Dean has degrees in horticulture and Mary refers to his knowledge as encyclopedic. 

Although there is a narrow area of shade on the north side of the house, for the remainder of the property the sun dominates. Trees are limited to the periphery of the yard: a prolific Bosc pear is residual from the previous owners. Dean fashioned the “braided trunk” fig tree after the newly planted tree split in four; he has grafted 5 or 6 varieties on the apple tree.

Dean also built the four closely-spaced raised beds (3’ x 15’ x +3’ high) complete with drip and misting systems that occupy an enclosure adjacent to garages and shop; these structures amplify the constant sun exposure. The beds are Mary’s domain; two are reserved for strawberries and two for vegetables and herbs.  The growing season is lengthy and the crops are abundant and shared with friends, neighbors, and the elderly.

Mary nurtures her starts for plants in a green house and on the protected patio. Her favorite flowers include roses, iris, gladiolas, and dahlias—all sun lovers. A large azalea near the high-rise bird house in the rose garden dates back to the previous owners.

Mary likes to comb catalogs for new plants with which to experiment (she has a trial and error philosophy). She also likes to add interesting objects around the garden.. The fountain in the backyard is in memory of Dean’s mother. The butterfly landing on a post guards the rhubarb and is a newer addition.  There are many discoveries to be made and things to learn by visitors to this garden.




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