Preview of Garden 3:  Owners, Michael and Doris


Benvenuto! This garden with its charm and beauty beckons you to enter. Doris describes the garden as being informal and eclectic. The garden represents the collaboration of an artistic wife who loves plants, flowers, cooking and entertaining and a husband who has a well-equipped shop and the expertise to craft an array of handsome garden embellishments and structural improvements. While Michael oversaw the construction of the house, Doris was assigned the task of developing the landscaping plan for this 1/3-acre property.


The garden abuts a protected marshland which provides a serene backdrop and attracts birds and wildlife. With their numerous feeders, the Owners enjoy a constant flow of feathered visitors and the melodies of their songs. 


Favorite flowering plants include 35 rose bushes and 19 hydrangeas but many other interesting plants, shrubs and trees abound. The crops growing in raised beds that comprise the culinary garden reflect the Owners’ Italian heritage:  tomatoes, sweet basil, garlic, eggplant, Italian parsley, peppers, red and white table grapes and cucuzza. (What is cucuzza you ask? It’s an Italian squash which is high in fiber and Vitamin C and aids in digestion and sooths an upset stomach.) There are two potted olive trees serving as sentinels near the covered patio that houses the Michael-built outdoor kitchen. Michael also contributed numerous trellises, a waterwheel, a raised-bed G-scale train assemblage complete with hilly terrain planted with a bonsai evergreen forest, a wisteria-covered archway, garden shack, and a sun patio.


The Owners call this “The Sun, the Moon, and the Star Garden.” We call it a magical wonderland that offers a treasure trove of discoveries for the visitor.       Ciao!!