Bonus Garden:           McMinnville Community Garden (at Parkview)

                                             325 NE Burnett Road (corner of Baker Street and Burnett)


The McMinnville Community Garden moved to its current location in 2014. The Community Garden is part of a larger parcel of land owned by the McMinnville Cooperative Ministries and is provided at no cost to the Garden. Funding for the diversified activities of the Garden comes mainly from garden bed rentals, flowers bouquet sales and from donations from individuals, businesses and community service organizations.


Food Pantry Rows are worked by Yamhill County Master Gardeners and by volunteers. The Garden plays an integral part in supplying nutritious produce for the Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP) Food Bank. These Rows are a prime source for the fresh, healthy food provided to needy families, seniors, and homeless programs. Last year over 10,000 pounds were donated.


Personal Rows are available for renting at a nominal fee and provide individuals an opportunity to grow organic produce in a deer-free setting. These rows are comprised of 70 raised beds. The beds vary in size from 3’ x 4’ to 4’ x 24’. Plans call for this area to double in size by the end of 2018. In 2016, construction of accessible raised beds is planned. From time-to-time, Personal Row gardeners are asked to volunteer in the Food Pantry Rows.


Sixteen 4’ x 4’ beds in the Personal Rows comprise the Children’s Garden. Here young people explore growing plants of all types. A newly initiated program, “Busy Bees”, provides young gardeners mentorship by members of the McMinnville Garden Club.


Another portion of the Personal Rows are used to grow flowers that are sold through Downtown businesses and thereby help defray operating costs.


The McMinnville Community Garden is a joint venture of YCAP, the Yamhill County Master Gardeners and the McMinnville Coop Ministries. The Garden and the picnic area and Labyrinth adjacent to the Garden are open to the public.


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