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McMinnville Garden Club  

 Vol. 4   No. 10                    June 2005


McMinnville Garden Club

    Organized in 1926

         PO Box 386

  McMinnville OR 97128

Information: 503 434 4344


Meeting Information

Meeting Day:  Third Monday

September through June

       11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Optional Brown Bag Lunch

Covenant Church, Fireside Room, 2155 West 2nd, McMinnville, OR

Meetings are open to the public.

Executive Board

President          Kim Jongedyk

Vice President  Marian Blank

Secretary          Judy Eggers

Treasurer          Marilyn Coats

Conservation Pledge

I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet Earth, and promise to promote education, so we may be caretakers to our air, water, forests, land, and wildlife.

Ongoing Projects

Summer Garden Tour

The Oregon Garden Support

Scholarships for Horticulture

National Garden Week

Garden of the Month

Blue Star Memorial Marker

City Beautification

“Garden Clippings” is a monthly publication of the McMinnville Garden Club. Contact Kim Jongedyk, (503-434-9130), or 503-434-4344 for info.






June 20


Installation Luncheon

     We will gather at Red Ridge Farms at 11:30 AM. Carpools from the Bethel Baptist Church will leave at 11:00 AM sharp. The luncheon will cost $8.00 per person.

     Please send your check to Marilyn Coats no later than June 13th. 380 SW Russ Ct., McMinnville, 97128

Remember, your check is your reservation.  Let’s all enjoy this year-end event and celebrate the growing season.

     Watch for an email/postcard newsflash this summer about a July field trip too!  We will discuss this possibility at the luncheon.


President’s Corner

Hello everyone,

     The year has gone so fast and here we are saying good-bye for the summer. Let me say that I have enjoyed the year being President of our wonderful Garden Club. It is our hope that all of you enjoyed the programs and learned new gardening tips and had fun. I know that it was fun for me. I look forward to another year and hope that you all will help by filling out the questionnaire by June 30 that is either included with your mailed newsletter or available on the website. Your Executive Board Officers are excited to listen and plan to meet your interests. We’ll never know what you want unless you share with us. 

     At our last meeting the Lamp Post was talked about and everyone wants to know what we are planning to do about it. Well, at the end of the questionnaire you will find a list of the places that our lamppost can go. Please let us know your preference by checking the one location that you think is the best spot. This will help the committee make an informed decision about the placement.

     I hope to see everyone at the meeting on June 20th. Come and see the beautiful sights of Red Ridge Farms and just enjoy this wonderful day as we end another gardening year.


             Kim Jongedyk


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Club “Sprouts”

Membership Flourishes

     Our Club was honored to have 3 new visitors attend our May meeting.  Jennifer Brown, Jacci Reed and Irene Hahn visited their first meeting and received membership packets as they expressed interest in joining.  We have had a great year for membership growth, but remember part of stable membership is continuous participation.  If 10 members don’t renew their membership for the coming year, we have to recruit 10 new ones to replace them before we can begin building our Club membership.  So…when we begin collecting dues for the 2005-06 Season, please continue your participation in the Best Garden Club around!

             Gaye Stewart,  

         Membership Chair


Garden Tour

June 26, 2005

       It is almost time for our annual Garden Tour.  Hope you are getting excited and encouraging lots of folks to purchase tickets for this exciting event!  A big thank you to everyone who has worked on this event.  It can’t be done without the support of the whole club. Don’t forget that

since members are working on the day of the tour, we have a special preview the day before. Please meet will at the Bethel Baptist Church at 9:30 on Saturday, June 25th to do a quick tour of the gardens.  At that time Barbara Lofgren will hand out the packets to the docents who are working at the yards that day. 

     The day of the tour will be a busy day but save some energy for our informal, no host get together at Golden Valley Brew Pub after the Garden Tour/Faire to just relax and share stories.

Come one, come all, and spouses are always welcome!

(We all need to thank Sharon Gunter and Judy Eggers for their hard work as co-chairs.)

Garden Faire Update

     We have been working hard to bring you a fantastic variety of vendors for the Garden Faire – 33 of them!  There will be Bonsai, perennials, fuchsias, grasses, birdhouses, stained glass art, garden furniture and much more!  When you look at the centerfold in the program booklet you’ll see the variety and the expertise coming at our invitation.  I personally wish to encourage you to invite your friends, neighbors, relatives, business associates and even strangers to come.  This is going to be great!  Remember… you, as a Club Member, can come to the Garden Faire early to shop; the vendors will be open for you by AM, Sunday, June 26th.  Thanks for your support!

Gaye Stewart

Garden Faire Chair

(Special thanks to Gaye Stewart too for her energies!)


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     Herbs are fun to grow because they provide various shades of greenery and are captivatingly aromatic.  Whether you pronounce the word with an “H” or not, either is correct.  One of the definitions for herbs is, “A plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory or aromatic qualities.” 

     The majority of herbs are relatively pest and disease free.  They do require well-drained, moderately fertile soil, making raised beds perfect for growing. 

     I like to grow oregano, thyme, basil and parsley for drying using a dehydrator.  Another method of drying is using the microwave (or oven).  I have also tried both lemon and lime thymes which make an interesting flavor in soup.  Cilantro, garlic and chives are best when used fresh.  Growing hyssop, lavender, rosemary, lemon balm and different sages have been fun.  Different mints are comforting and I always grow them in pots to contain them or they take over the garden and are hard to eliminate. 

     One of my enjoyments is walking through my garden, picking the herb leaves and taking a whiff!  That’s my high for the day!

Marilyn Coats


Public Library Sprouts

     Be sure to stop by the Public Library and enjoy the new plants that the Garden Club provided them.  A special thanks goes to Alena at Incahoots for her help with plant selection and purchase.


Club History

        August 22, 1928

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       Executive Board of Garden Club met to discuss the coming Flower Show.  The Board recommended that the Garden Club unite with the Civic Club in giving the show on September 15, and they will share half of the expenses.  Judges will be selected by a joint committee.

     Under Achievements for this year the Board will attempt to have Baker Creek Falls set aside as a State Park, and the market road extended to it.

     Plans were also discussed for Mr. Lancaster’s lecture to be given Aug. 29 in the Chamber of Commerce rooms.  (Mr. Lancaster’s lecture was well attended and his slides of the Columbia River Highway were beautiful. Much interest was shown in his suggestion for damming Cozine Creek and forming a larger lake.)

Dorothy Mathiesen


Dues Time

From the Treasurer

     It’s time for dues.  Please mail your dues of $12.00 to me or give them to me at the next luncheon.  They are due by September 1, 2005. If paying cash, exact change is appreciated. 

         Thanks, Marilyn Coats


Backyard Habitat

Dog Owners Beware:  Cocoa Bean Mulch Poses Threat to Pets

     As people begin to tend to their gardens, some will consider using coca bean mulch as a fertilizer.  While it has many benefits, gardeners should beware that it also attracts dogs, who can be poisoned by eating the mulch.  Check out this webpage for more information:


Frog and Toads?

     Is there a lot of croaking in your neighborhood?  Read this article to understand that it can be great news to have them in your yard!


Cindi Miller


Summer Garden

Tours to Visit

Seattle Pacific University’s Garden Tour  June 4, 2005
Explore stunning Queen Anne and Magnolia residential gardens, where you'll be treated to Starbucks coffee and performances by SPU student musicians. Gain inspiration for your own garden at the 10:00a.m. lecture featuring SPU alumna Debra Prinzing, author of "The Abundant Garden". Then head out on a tour of the gardens. Click here for event registration, admission is $20 per person ($25 the day of the tour) For tickets call (206) 281-2138

Corvallis Tour of Gardens
June 9 -- Sat 9am-3pm, Selected Corvallis Gardens, Corvallis,
 541-451-5830, danfordfj@aol.com

Sisters Garden Club's "Garden Tour"

July 7, 2005 -  Sisters Garden Club's Garden Tour. Contact: Cathy Ehlers 541-549-1840

5th Annual Yachats Coastal Garden Tour

July 17, 2005 -- 9am to 4pm. This is one of the highlights of summer in Yachats, and an event not to be missed. Tickets will go on sale June 1st, with ticket locations in Newport, Waldport, Florence and Yachats. Look for additional details in the coming months, or contact Leslie Carter, Bank of the West, at 541-547-3133 or Laila Corbin, Yachats Clinic board president, at 541-547-4101.

Coos Bay Area Garden Tour
August 6, 2005 -- 10:00am - 4:00pm. Five bay area private gardens open to the public. Self-guided tour. Tickets & maps available at Farr's True Value Hardware and Coos Grange Supply. Proceeds go to Marshfield High School Scholarships. For further information call A.J. Conway at 541-269-2731 or E-mail: flowers@harborside.com


Be sure to bring back photos for all of us to enjoy!

Websites to Check Out

I Love Gardens
Oregon Garden events http://www.oregongarden.org/calendar/upcomingEvents.html


Yard of the Month

Watch our website monthly this summer to find out which yards win the Yard of the Month Award.  The address and pictures are posted as soon as possible.

Our next meeting 

  is September 19


     Committee Chairs


Backyard Habitat

Cindi Miller

Garden Tour        

Sharon Gunter

          Judy Eggers


Dorothy Mathiesen

Horticulture Marilyn Coats

Hospitality   Margaret Roberts

Membership          Gaye Stewart

Newsletter   Patty Sorensen


Sally Thompson


          Bonnie Zachary-Yurk

Scholarship Cindi Miller

Sunshine  Joan Friese Telephone        Sandy Bolmer

Yard of Month      

Bonnie & Shelby Zachary-Yurk

Yearbook     Barbara Lofgren

Newsletter Deadlines

     The deadline for submission of articles for our monthly newsletter is the last day of the previous month.  Please send them to Patty Sorensen.  Thanks!


Do you know of any prospective Garden Club members?  Be sure to let Gaye Stewart know their names and addresses.  We would love to send them our newsletter for three months.