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McMinnville Garden Club                           Vol. 5   No. 9 



May 15, 2006

Hydrangeas in the Garden

By Kay Snortum

Covenant Church: 2155 W. 2nd Street

Social time: 10:30 am-Business/Lunch meeting 11:00am – 12:00 pm:

Optional Brown bag lunch – dessert, coffee & tea provided by hostesses:

Ruth Williams-Patty Sorensen-Jacci Reed-Jennifer Brown

Program: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: - Kay Snortum

      Kay will be sharing with us her knowledge about Hydrangeas in the Garden.  She will be sharing pruning techniques, fertilizer options and appropriate containers for various varieties in addition to other topics.

      Kay Snortum is the owner of Artful Garden for three years located in Hillsboro, she says “it is a product of insomnia and wanting to support local artists in her area.”  Her shop is full of unique garden art, metal and iron works for the yard and water features created by local artisans.   As a child growing up her family were business owners. Kay vowed never to own a business of her own but she learned how to beautifully create one while helping to support her local community.  Formally trained in Childbirth Education, she worked in the prison and school systems as an educator for 10 years before opening her shop.  Kay is a Master Gardener, previous president of the Aloha Garden Club and a member of the Hardy Plant Society.  Kay’s Artful Garden store is located at 140 N.E. 3rd Avenue, Hillsboro, OR.  Phone number is (503) 648-7817.

May 22, 2006

Nursery Field trip

Dancing Oak Nursery

17900 Priem Rd, Monmouth, OR 97361


Car pool from Bethel Baptist Church: 9:30 am Sharp   Bring a brown bag lunch.

      Fred and Leonard are unrepentant plant addicts who are always on the lookout for their next botanical fix. Fred can trace the genetic roots of his addiction to his Grandma who had a huge vegetable garden and loved flowers of every kind. But it took a Hardy Plant winter lecture by Wayne Winterrowd and Joe Eck years ago to get him going. It is this passion for plants that led Fred and Leonard to move back to Fred's boyhood farm and start Dancing Oaks Nursery nine years ago.

Leonard continues to be struck without warning by insatiable desires to know and collect various groups of plants and compare their characteristics and to choose his favorites. His horticultural bent started at an early age while growing up on the family century farm in the Cascade foothills of Jordan east of Scio. In grade school his idea of wild was of some novelties from Gurney's seed catalog.  After studying Philosophy he began working for a grafted ornamentals wholesale nursery in Canby where he worked for nine years. He is grateful for the handful of courses in plant ID and propagation at Clackamas and Chemeketa Community Colleges. Leonard devotes all his time at the nursery tending to the needs of the varied offspring.  Early spring is a wonderful time to visit the nursery with thousands of bulbs and close to 200 varieties of daffodils blooming. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for plants with you.

Sign up sheet at May meeting or RSVP to Sandys_hillside@onlinemac.com or 503-868-7331 by May 17th.  Check out the nursery at www.dancingoaks.com  .


President’s Message


It’s May!! Where did April go? Spring is well underway, our yards are beautiful and we are out tending to them once again. What a joy it is to spend the day outside pulling weeds, throwing bark dust and planting all our favorite plants. The cool breezes blowing in the wind and the soft morning air are so refreshing. To our senses it’s a real joy being a gardener.

I want to say thank you to Anita Ragsdale and all the committees that helped put on the magnificent Spring District Luncheon. I heard all positive comments from our guests. I was even told it was one of the very best!! Congratulations!!

“The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”, informational talk was wonderful and I thank Jake Hurlbert for coming and sharing all his expertise with us. I look at bugs a little differently now.

A special thank you goes to the bag ladies that helped clean up downtown on April 10th.

Below you will find the list of nominees for your next executive board members. Please look them over and be prepared to vote at our May meeting. I am excited about them and give them my support hoping you will too.

Our big fund raiser “In the Garden”, is almost here please jump in and help out were ever you are needed; our success depends on all of us. Just remember you are supporting even when you are talking about it to friends, acquaintances or family.

I look forward to seeing you at our meeting on May 15th it will be a special presentation from Kay Snortum a long time Garden Club member from the Aloha Garden Club. Kay will be sharing all she knows about Hydrangeas.

Until then, take care and enjoy the Spring season!                                                                                 Kim Jongedyk, President

Nominees for the 2006-2007 offices


President                      Gaye Stewart

Vice President              Beverly Mulkey

Secretary                      Mildred Reppeto

Treasurer                      Jacci Reed


April 10


Our annual downtown McMinnville Clean Up Day was Monday, April 10th.  Bag Ladies once again helped to clean up the downtown blocks then headed to the Golden Valley Brew Pub for a delicious lunch. Thanks so much for representing the Garden Club so well!



Garden Tour

We are all excited about our Garden Tour this year.  We have five beautiful and unique gardens to show.  The garden owners are already hard at work to make each of their gardens show-worthy.  This is our annual fund-raiser for our Garden Club projects for the next year and we need each of you to participate fully to make it a success.  The McMinnville Garden Club has been able to give some beautiful and meaningful items, and scholarships, to our community through our hard work over the years.  We are proud of what we have accomplished.

Your four tickets will be available for pick up at our May meeting.  You will notice the “Suggested Donation” amount has been changed to $10.00.  The rationale for the price increase was based on our overall costs of doing the Tour and Faire from the recent past to the present.  The decision was made by the Garden Tour/Faire Committee and was recently reaffirmed by the Executive Committee.

Each year the Committee is given a budget to work with and they strive to keep costs within that budget.  For the past few years it’s been impossible to do so.  This year we cut back on the number of ticket brochures and rack cards.   We went to black ink instead of using color.  Printing is our biggest expense and we have cut our costs to bare bones.

This year’s Tour ticket will also include a raffle ticket for a chance to win the beautiful original poster art work designed and donated to us by Vicki Brink, one of our own members.  It will also be a way for us to determine who our guests are and where they come from; this data will help us in allocating our advertising dollars for future tours.


Judy Eggers and Patty Sorensen

Garden Tour Co-Chairs

Keep checking our website for Garden Tour & Faire updates and sneak previews as well as access to the posters and flyers for printing.


Save Plant Boxes

The Garden Faire would like to ask you to save the plant boxes that you bring your plants home in.  They are the flat boxes with a small lip on the sides.  We would like a supply to give to folks at the Faire who purchase items and need to carry them to their cars. Bring these to our Garden Club meeting in June. Thanks a bunch!


Remember this date too!  The Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc’s 2006 State Convention, “Roses, Roses, Roses” will be June 12-14 at the Red Lion at the Convention Center in Portland.


Backyard Habitat




Keep those feeders and water basins clean and full. These and many other wonderful birds are visiting your homes each day. They depend on that extra food to get them through the Spring with breeding, nesting and raising their new young ones at the peak season.                Julie Maahs


All these sounds, the crowing of cocks, the baying of dogs, and the hum of insects at noon, are evidence of nature’s health or sound state.”                     Henry David Thoreau


Joe Dancer Park's Garden Club Plaque Installed!


Special thanks to Sharon Gunter for her

determination to complete this project.



May Yard of the Month

1672 SW Goucher

Congratulations to Debby, Stephanie and crew!





Hort. Beat

     There is still time to divide perennials; at least I’m planning to do so. In particular the daylilies are showing signs of overcrowding. Ordinarily every three years seem to be the norm, but it depends upon the variety. On clumping plants, new growth sort of sits on top of the crown, getting little nourishment. When you observe that, it is time to divide.  They are shallow rooted so it is easy to loosen them up and carefully pull them apart.  Cut the leaves back to less than a foot, keeping the crown intact. You need part of a crown with visible buds to form next year’s plants. It would be well to plant several of one kind. Together as each cultivar multiplies at its own rate and massing them makes a visual impact.  Daylilies like well-drained soil, but their blossoms are 98 percent water so they will flourish with regular watering. They can survive on little water in spite of their need for six hours of sun per day.

More Latin names to help with plant shopping:

 Color names Albus – white;  aureus or areoles – golden;  flavus and luteus – yellow;

            Ruben and sanguineus – red;   virens and virdi – green,

 Plant’s origin    montanus and alpinus – of the mountains;  saxitalis – of the rocks  Silvaticus and silvestris – of the woods;  marinus – by the sea

           Campestris – of the fields

    The list goes on but you can determine many by what the word suggests.  

Canby's Master Gardeners are having their annual plant sale on Saturday, May 6/7 at Clackamas County Fairgrounds on Hwy 99E, Canby. Admission $2. 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday; 9 AM to 4 PM Sunday It is a very large and popular event with many vendors. Bring a carrying container or hire one of the scouts to pull your purchases in a wagon.                                Evelyn Mundinger


Club History

Go to fullsize imageJuly 17, 1933

After a potluck luncheon in the City Park, a very interesting demonstration of flower arrangements was offered by Miss Hawley, assisted by Miss Hendrick.  Meeting was called to order by President with 18 responding to roll call.  Invitation to hold State Convention in McMinnville in 1934 extended but not accepted as yet.  Mrs. Lott reported the parasitized earwigs have been placed in nine different parts of town.  Miss Hendrick informed the club that we missed a great deal by not taking advantage of Newberg's invitation, there being a flower arrangement demonstration that was very interesting, only two of our club members could attend.  Bill for 75 cents for secretary's book at Jameson's Book Store was allowed.  Mrs. U.G. Smith was invited to talk to the club on Japanese Iris culture but was unable to attend this meeting.  A "Garden's Helper" was offered with each name called on the Roll which proved beneficial to many of us.  Eight old members and new members paid dues at the end of the meeting.  $4.00 collected.  Mrs. Kneale making a gift of 50 cents to the club treasury, making a total of $4.50.  Mrs. Dorsey drew the lucky number for the large bouquet previously arranged at the meeting by Miss Hawley. Meeting adjourned.  August meeting in Mrs. Pearson's garden.                                                                                                                                                                     Dorothy Mathiesen


Our thoughts are still with Marilyn Coats as she moves into her final chemo treatments.  Positive thoughts are also with Jacci and Jennifer's mom.


Websites to Check Out and Upcoming Events for Gardeners


Historical photos of McMinnville      http://www.co.yamhill.or.us/pics/McMinnville/



Chehalem Garden Club Annual Plant Sale, Saturday/Sunday, May 6-7, 10:00-4:00, Hoover-Minthorn House Museum, 115 S. River St., Newberg. This plant sale is held in conjunction with the Quilt and Button Show at the museum. For more info, 503.538.7583 or 538.6629


Mt. Angel Training Center Organizes Annual Plant Sale The 16th Annual Mt. Angel Training Center Plant Sale will be held May 19, 20 and 21 at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest building, 500 N. Wilco Hwy 214 in Mt. Angel.  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


For other plant sales, garden tours, and events, check out the State Garden Clubs' website .

In the Know?

Bernice would like to know if anyone knows of a nursery that specialized in succulents.  Give her a call if you're in the know!


Weather Alert

Some weather forecasters are calling for very cold spring nighttime temperatures the week of May 8.  Lows may be in the low to mid 30's so don't get too anxious to get out your tender new plants.  Who knows though!  This far ahead it may turn out to be in the high 40's, huh?  Enjoy this sunshine for sure!


McMinnville Garden Club

Organized in 1926

PO Box 386

McMinnville OR 97128


Information: 503 434 4344

Meeting Information

Meeting Day:  Third Monday

September through June

10:30-11 AM  Social Time

 11 AM – 1 PM

Optional Brown Bag Lunch

Covenant Church, Fireside Room,

2155 West 2nd, McMinnville, OR

Meetings are open to the public.


Executive Board

President          Kim Jongedyk

Vice President  Sandy Ford

Secretary          Judy Eggers

Treasurer          Mildred Reppeto


Conservation Pledge

I pledge to protect and conserve

the natural resources of the planet Earth,

and promise to promote education,

so we may be caretakers to our air, water,

forests, land, and wildlife.


Ongoing Projects

Summer Garden Tour

The Oregon Garden Support

Scholarships for Horticulture

National Garden Week

Garden of the Month

Blue Star Memorial Marker

City Beautification

“Garden Clippings” is a monthly

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 Contact Kim Jongedyk, (503-434-9130),

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Committee Chairs

Backyard Habitat  Julie Maahs

Garden Tour 2006 Judy Eggers

                   Patty Sorensen

Garden Faire 2006 Gaye Stewart

Historian         Dorothy Mathiesen

Horticulture    Eveyln Mundinger

Hospitality       Rosemary Vertregt

Membership    Sandy Bolmer

Newsletter       Patty Sorensen

                   Anne Silverthorne

Parliamentarian Gaye Stewart

Publicity/PR   Sandy Ford

Scholarship     Cindi Miller

Sunshine          Joan Friese

Telephone        Mary Whinery

Yard of Month Ruth Miller, Beverly

                         Mulkey, Anne Silverthorne,

                         Rosemary Vertregt

Yearbook         Kim Jongedyk

                   Sandy Ford

The newsletter deadline for submission of

articles for our monthly newsletter is

the last day of the previous month. 

Please send them to Patty Sorensen. 

          Do you know of any prospective

Garden Club members? Be sure to let

 Sandy Bolmer know names and

 addresses.  We would love to send

them our newsletter for three months.