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                                 2005 Years End



The McMinnville Garden Club would like to send out to McMinnville a big …



Our Garden Club Tour/Fair was a great success, 654 tickets sold…A little rain can’t stop an Oregonian!

Mark your calendars for next year…JUNE 25th.


This year’s fundraiser gave us the ability to give back to the community in many new ways. Some of this years new

commitments include $1,000.00 Scholarship winner, Katie Landon, a garden patch at the post office, $240.00 for new library plants & 8 hanging baskets down town.


Once again we look back on all we have accomplished through the year. To all the business owners and individuals who help

us get the word out through posters, flyers & marquees… you

know who you are! You have our sincere appreciation.


Bonnie Zachary-Yurk   P.R. For the McMinnville Garden Club    (503) 434-4344  



( Racheal at the News Register apologizes again for forgetting to publish our "JULY" thank you letter. The new publication date is Tue. Oct. 4th in the Life-styles section).