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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

April 2015 -


             Next meeting: April 20, 2015


       HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128   (9:30-12:15)

                    Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.

April's speaker will be Bruce Kerr, Vice-president of Willamette Valley Bonsai Society, located in Salem, Oregon. Bruce is a 1959 graduate of University of Oregon. He currently has more than 60 trees ranging in size from 3 inches to 4 feet. His program will teach us how to get started and the tools needed to become a bonsai hobbyist.

Save the date for our May 18th mtg.  Our speaker will be Fawn Custer from Oregon Shores on conservation projects. She will talk to us about Coast Watch and Citizen Science programs.

Upcoming Events

*April 4th through May 17th - Cecil and Molly Smith Garden, world renowned for its collection of species and hybrid rhododendrons - Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Admission $3.00 -


*April 25 - 26 - Glide Wildflower Show-50th year celebration – Glide Oregon (east of Roseburg)

Glide Wildflower Show is celebrating 50 years of a remarkable show.  Plan to visit!

It is a one of a kind show...check out the website for further information   Lee Devereux, Publicity Team Wildflower -541-496-2122 -


*April 25 –   9-3  Yamhill County Master Gardeners’ Plant Sale

The sale is held at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds, 2070 NE Lafayette Ave., McMinnville.

Thousands of ornamental and vegetable plants to choose from including perennials home grown by local Master Gardeners!

Free soil pH testing      Plant help clinic      Plant selection assistance     20+ specialty vendor booths        Garden art


Check out their plant sale flyer at:


*April 27 - Bag Ladies and Gentleman on 3rd Street Meet at 9:00 at the city parking lot across from Macy & Sons. Team areas will be organized there.

It's that time of year we volunteer our time to clean up the tree wells and planters of MC900023342[1]downtown Third Street. So.. put on your gloves, garden club aprons, jeans and come help! Also bring clippers, brooms, blowers, knee pads??, and drinking water. We will be treated to lunch at Golden Valley so we need a head count at our April 20 meeting.   For over a dozen years the Garden Club has provided downtown Third Street with this gift of a spring cleanup. Let’s show up in force to tackle this great project. Check with Stephanie J. for more information.*April 28 – Arts and Crafts May Day Baskets,

9:30-11:30 at Patty’s.  1666 NW Medinah Drive

We will be making cute paper May Day baskets for you to fill and hang on your neighbor’s doors on May 1.  Supplies will be provided.  Bring yourselves and snacks….Check with Patty S. for more information.






PROPOSED SLATE OF OFFICERS FOR 2015-2016 (to be presented at April meeting)


President Judy Eggers  (2nd year)

Vice-President June Benson

Secretary Jean Lierman (2nd year)

Treasurer Sharon Gunter




“Sowing Seeds of Friendship”


Pastel Easter eggsIt’s spring and I love the gifts we get from the garden each day.  It’s so much fun to see what will be open, or peeking out of the ground.  Our schedules get so busy this time of year that I thought I would use this forum to let you know of some project ideas that are being presented to the board in April.  I gave you a hint in the agenda at our last meeting.  We have $2,000 in our budget for a project this year. 

One of the ideas that came to us is a Stastney Pot on Third Street with a plaque from the Garden Club honoring Rose Marie Caughran.  Rose Marie gives tirelessly to our community in many different ways, all to beautify it.  There are trees planted each year, leaves picked up at the Post Office, helping us with our Bag Ladies and Gents each year with buckets for the clippings which she then takes to Greenlands.  Her hours are all donated.  I’m sure that there are many more areas that she has her hands in that I don’t know about.


Another project is the library.  They are planning on revamping the entry to the library and we have an opportunity to buy a brick, or corner in our name.  There are several levels that we could participate in, but we’re thinking of doing one of the corners that are larger than the others for $1,000.  We’re checking to see if this could be another spot to honor Rose Marie as she retired as Library Director from our library.  Hopefully we’ll have the answer to this question by the time we have our April meeting on the 20th.


And then there is the Wildflower project.  The Highway Beautification act that Lady Bird Johnson started is turning 50 this fall and Garden Clubs are joining in to help in our own areas.  The seed has been grown and harvested here in Oregon.  The only money needed is to purchase a little sand to go with the seed.  We have contacted the Historical Society to see if their grounds would be appropriate for this project, and they are excited.  We just need to find a spot that will not be mowed or sprayed.  This project would need a little man power, one day of time and the rest would be up to Mother Nature.


And then, of course, we have our annual Garden Tour and Faire coming up and we’re ALL involved in it too.  We are and will be busy this spring.  Thank you all for being excited too and saying yes, I can do that, when asked.





Are you tired of BROKEN POTS?  How about Container Gardens!!!


     Tulips, Pansies, Acorus, Heuchera, Ivy and Fern        Lettuce and Ornamentals      Rosemary Topiary    


Tulips, Pansies, Acorus, Heuchera,
Ivy and Fern


Pair your tulips with Lavender Blue' and 'Purple Wing' Plentifall pansies, acorus, heuchera, variegated ivy, and 'Tiger' fern (a selection of Boston fern).


Lettuce & Ornamentals


Use unique containers like vintage wooden boxes and buckets as container gardens. Be sure to drill drainage holes before planting. This variety of planters is filled with a mix of edibles, like lettuce, and decoratives, like marigolds and geraniums.


Rosemary Topiary


Add some height to the center of a flowerbed by placing a very vertical potted plant in the middle. Here, a potted rosemary topiary rises above the other edibles in this bed.



Tour/Faire Update

Plans for our June 28, 2015 tour/faire are moving along exceptionally well thanks to great leadership and membership’s enthusiasm.  At the meeting this month the Day of Tour chairs, Stephanie and Patty, are asking that you sign up for working at one of the gardens.  There are again 2 shifts, one in the am and one in the pm. It takes everyone to cover all the shifts so please bring your pen in hand!  We NEED you! Signup will be at a separate table so be sure to stop by before the meeting, at the break or after the meeting.  THANK so much!!

vegetable sprout : Green sprout growing from seed Stock Photo

New Sprouts

By Rosemary Vertregt


One of our newest "sprouts" is Dian Berg, who joined our group at the March meeting.  She is originally from the Midwest, has previously lived in Oregon for two years, and comes to McMinnville after 14 years in Arizona, where she moved to be closer to her mother when she needed more help. In her earlier move to Oregon, she and her husband purchased property near Yamhill, where they built a home and planted a vineyard; sadly, Dian's husband passed away soon afterward.  Fortunately, their son Chris Berg and his wife Hilary, both graduates of University of Kansas, had moved to Oregon.  They now live on the vineyard property, where Chris is the grower and winemaker of a young, but thriving, enterprise --- Roots Wine Co.  {Check out their website!} Dian works part-time in the brand new tasting room, and gets to spend time with her five-year-old grandson!  She has a new home on Riesling Way, where she is reacquainting herself with weather and gardening in Oregon.  Her focus will be on some necessary landscaping, and she will also be busy planting a few containers to enhance her new deck.  Please welcome Dian, and feel free to offer any hints and wisdom you may have gained on Oregon gardening!!


Glenda Carter joined us last October and was delighted at how friendly our members are!  She's hoping to be able to attend more of our meetings from now on, as she feels that what she needs most is more "plant knowledge".  She will fit right in, as that's what most of us need too, and I assured her that we enjoy sharing the knowledge we do have, as well as starts from our gardens.  She has been volunteering with Meals on Wheels, and a friend there suggested McMinnville Garden Club might be just what she needed; she’s also considering the Master Gardener program.  Wanting to add plantings in their sunny backyard, she is happy to find that roses would be a great choice, as well as lavender.  Some other favorites are wisteria, rhododendrons, azaleas, and she says, "More plants than I could possibly use"!!  Glenda and her husband Ken came to McMinnville about three years ago from the Sacramento area, where she worked for the Sacramento Education District in the Vocational Education Department.  Happy to have two daughters living nearby, one in Aumsville and one in Portland, Ken and Glenda are eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of their first grandchild!  Since the family addition is a girl, Glenda expects to be busy at two of her favorite activities -- sewing and quilting!  This busy lady also serves on the board of McMinnville Public Library!  Welcome, Glenda!   


Historical Snippets                                                                                                   Patty Sorensen


Feb. 1975 Garden Club notes…….

“The McMinnville Women’s Club is proud to have finished the landscaping at the Yamhill County Historical Museum (formerly The Poling Memorial Church) located in Lafayette, Oregon, in time for the opening of the Bi-Centennial celebration in Yamhill County.  It was also in time for our garden club’s 50th anniversary.  Our club is having our year’s program and activities centered around the theme of “50 Years of Gardening”.  Because of this heritage, we felt it was appropriate to do the landscaping of this Museum.  Our garden club is one year older than the Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs, and was one of the five clubs that started the State Federation.  In addition to completing this project as a gift to the Historical Society and the people who live in Yamhill County, our club has also made a donation of $500.00 to our own City of McMinnville to be used to buy trees for the downtown core area for another Civic Beautification project.  They will be planted in the spring of 1976.”


April Birthday Salutes Go To:


        Judy Eggers, 7th; Jacci Reed, 30th.




Websites to Explore                                                                                                                                                                             Patty Sorensen


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State Garden Club’s Website


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