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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

                  June 2015 -


Next meeting: June 15, 2015
Board meeting June 8-Judy Eggers


       HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128   (9:30-12:15)

                    Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.

Upcoming Events

June 6th Open House at Terra Firma Nursery-reservations required - Dan Heims

June 8th – Board meeting at Judy’s

June 15th Installation meeting includes a lunch that will be catered by Hillside  The following menu will serve regular, vegetarian, and gluten free diets. The cost is $11.00 per person. The money needs to be given to our treasurer, John B. by June 1st. Menu as follows:

v  Spinach salad with strawberries and feta

v  Three bean salad

v  Potato salad

v  Barbecue chicken wraps (gluten free and veggie option)

v  Iced tea and coffee

v  Build your own strawberry shortcake ( gf option berries and cream ) 

June 27 Pretour Event for all Tour/Faire volunteers and the homeowners  Meet at BCC Church at 10 am to carpool

June 28 Tour  A beautiful, sunny 72 degree day!

June 28 After Tour celebration no host dinner at Golden Valley.  Head there after your assignments are done.  Many folks may not be able to get there until 5 or so.  Enjoy!



“Sowing Seeds of Friendship”

two_children_with_flowers_poster_print-rd011e7d703a64409884e14d936c4c852_7sdg_8byvr_324Wow, this year has really gone by fast.  Here we are coming up on our last meeting until September.  The tour and faire committees are hard at work putting on the finishing touches.  There are still spots to fill for the gardens, farmers market, putting out signs and then picking them up.  It’s going to be a really fun day with a chance to celebrate afterwards at the Golden Valley for dinner.  We need everyone to do their part to help make this year’s tour/faire a success.


We are going to have a short survey to fill out at our luncheon.  It’s very short and there will be time to fill it out before we leave.  Your new board needs your input to make next year a success.  We’re looking for ideas of speakers, craft projects, field trips and????  We want to make next year the best ever and we can do that with your help.  If there is a committee that you would like to work on, it would be a great time to let us know.  I’ll be trying to fill all the leadership positions over the summer so that we can start out fresh.  It’s a great way to meet and make new friends with common interests.

Happy Gardening.                      Judy


If you are not continuing in a leadership role that has a job description notebook for 2015-16, please return the notebook to Judy before August 1.


Backyard Habitat

 By Marilyn Coats


Varied Thrush birds are very distinct looking and attractive with their orange under parts, orange eyebrows, and orange bars on their wings.  They are about the size of a robin and belong to the same family. 

The Varied Thrush is common to our area but is found mostly in the forests.  They forage on the ground and eat fruit, seeds and acorns. 

I noticed one in my backyard about 3 or 4 years ago.  It was such a striking orange bird, so I had to look it up in my bird book.  (It took me awhile to find it, going through all the pages.)  After that, I would occasionally see it in the winter months.  Once in a while, I noticed a second Thrush foraging on the ground, but it didn’t stay long.  So I’m guessing it was a mate. 

“My” Thrush came around this last winter and one day I heard a loud noise at the window of our sunroom.  It hit the window hard!!!  And in a few minutes it stopped breathing.  I was extremely upset as I really enjoyed watching that bird.  That was the first time a large bird had hit our windows.  It really saddened me as I thought I would never see another Varied Thrush in my backyard. 

A few days later I was looking out my kitchen window and saw another Varied Thrush foraging around the birdfeeder.  I was so happy to see it.  (Yeah!)  Hopefully, it was an offspring and maybe next winter it will forage in my backyard again.


NEW SPROUTS    by Rosemary Vertregt


Give a hearty "Welcome back" to former member, Evelyn LaMotte!  And, be sure to give her a heartfelt "Thank-you" as well, since she is opening her lovely garden to us, and to all those who will attend our Garden Tour 2015!  The original plan was to be part of last year's Tour, but the city found it necessary to uproot a sizeable part of Evelyn’s yard, in order to replace aging sewer pipes!  Some plants may not have survived the trauma, but you can be sure that she's put her time, effort, and Master Gardener knowledge into making everything all "spiffy" again!

   Evelyn feels that watching her father working in the garden when she was a child, sometimes with her help, has encouraged her to be a gardener herself. She has attended many of our Garden Tours, and loves visiting area nurseries--- as do many of us!  One of her special fascinations is foliage, with all its colors and shapes, and the combinations one can come up with to enhance a garden's beauty.  She does some propagating of plants, and has an interest in arts & crafts that directly connect with gardening. She would be pleased to see more diversity among our membership, as would many of us!  Of course, she hasn't met all of us yet!!  Evelyn has a degree in Sociology from Linfield College -- in the field of gender studies. Welcome, Evelyn!  We are looking forward to touring your garden---and thanks for inviting us to show it on our 2015 Garden Tour!!


More on Texture

Container Gardening

Grasses seem to go with everything. Get the look in your vegetable garden by incorporating onions and chives. They offer a great contrast to the cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers shown here. And happily, their flavors are a perfect fit, too!  Garden Tip: Lemongrass is another great pick for adding a grassy texture.






Yard of the Month

Don’t forget to check our website for the Yards of the Month this summer.  New ones each month through September!




Here’s an idea for a BIG cracked pot!










Historical Snippets                                                                                                   Patty Sorensen


A McMinnville Men’s Garden Club started September 8, 1947 with 15 members. By 1960 it had grown to 42 members.  They sponsored a fall flower and garden show and a summer lawn contest with cash prizes.  Their activities included also plantings of shrubs and plants at the Post Office, the courthouse, and on highway locations for visitors to see. One of their members, Fred Koch, Jr., spearheaded the placement of 500 azaleas and other shrubs.  They also had a factual publication on gardening with interesting and amusing happenings of its members called, “The Mac Tiller”.  Some of our members remember that when they disbanded, their remaining money was given to our Garden Club.   We’ll have to ask Mary Jo Capps, Ruth Miller and others just when that was. (NOTE: My father was a member of the club.  Sure wish we had talked about it when he was still alive!  He so loved his lawn and plantings!)



May Birthday Salutes Go To:


Lisa Baker, 16th; JUNE Benson, 3rd; Benita Cole, 16th; Dorothy Gurney, 3rd; Suzanne Neuman, 20th; Barbara Pehrson, 30th; Jan Schnack, 29th; Margaret Roberts, 23rd; Rosemary Vertregt, 3rd.

Please let us know if we missed you!



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