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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

March 2015 -


             Next meeting: March 16, 2015


       HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128   (9:30-12:15)

 Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.


saint patricks day Four Leaf Clover 13 clip artSpeaker: This month's speaker is our own club member, Cynthia Flake. Her family owns and operates a blueberry farm in Yamhill County. Her topic will be seasonal gardening tips.  Please come prepared with a question so that we may all benefit from her wealth of gardening information!


Upcoming Events


March 14Spring Into Gardening – A series of classes sponsored by the YC Master Gardeners –

       Registration forms are available online at:


April 20           McMinnville Garden Club Meeting


April 25 - 26 - Glide Wildflower Show-50th year celebration – Glide Oregon (east of Roseburg)

Glide Wildflower Show is celebrating 50 years of a remarkable show.  Plan to visit!

It is a one of a kind show...check out the website for further information   Lee Devereux, Publicity Team Wildflower -541-496-2122 -


April 27 - Bag Ladies and Gentleman on 3rd Street – SAVE THE DATE


April 28 – Arts and Crafts May Day Baskets – SAVE THE DATE



“Sowing Seeds of Friendship” 


two_children_with_flowers_poster_print-rd011e7d703a64409884e14d936c4c852_7sdg_8byvr_324As I write this, it’s a beautiful February day with the sun shining and a light east wind blowing.  As I look out my window I can see signs of spring appearing in the garden.  I know it’s too early to plant but I can hardly wait.  However, I know that March can come in like a lion, so I’ll be patient.

The Garden Tour and Faire committees are hard at work with plans for a great tour and faire.  If you’re not already part of a committee, it’s time to think where your talents might be used and let someone know that you’re available.  They’ll be so happy that you did.  Look for sign-up sheets at the March general meeting.

We’ll be entertaining the Tigard garden club at our March meeting also.  I know we’ll all be greeting them to let them know we’re glad they are joining us that day.  We hope to be able to show some pictures of last year’s tour so we can all remember what a fun day it was too.

The program should be interesting with Cindy Flake teaching us what to do in our gardens now.  I’m looking forward to it as I know I’ve forgotten something that should be done now. Judy result for st patrick's day free clipart

Perennial StarsJean Lierman and Georgia Queen

By June Benson



jean_edited-2Jean joined the Garden Club in 2006. She has served in a variety of jobs for our annual tour including tour co-chair, publicity and sign committees, and ticket book and poster design. She is currently our Board Secretary and does our newsletter with Patty Sorensen.  Jean was born in Iowa but soon moved with her family to California, and this is where she lived for most of her adult life. She was executive secretary to the Vice President of Manufacturing at Northrop Grumman in California before she retired in 2005. She moved to McMinnville in part because of her friendship with Georgia. Jean’s three children still live in California although she is able to see them often. She is active in the Newcomers Club, enjoys playing cards several times a month, teaches a computer class at the Senior Center once a week, and also clogs once a week. (Ask Jean!)


Georgia QueenGeorgia joined our Garden Club in 2006 as well. She has worked on the tour as tour co-chair, as well as the publicity, sign, and reader board committees. She also served on the selection committee for the board. Georgia enjoys travelling and has lived in many places. She was born in California, but her father’s job in men’s clothing sent the family to California, New York, Texas, and Oregon. After marriage her husband’s career took them to St. Louis, Fort Worth, Southern California, Northern California, and before retiring, Scotland. She is an avid reader and has two children and five grandchildren living in Houston and California.


Jean and Georgia are friends and business partners. They met in the 1960’s and started doing crafts together when they were young mothers. This progressed into a successful business partnership of almost 35 years! Their first business project cid:image001.png@01CD8237.97AAD5A0was a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest sponsored by the local shopping mall. After winning the $200 first prize, they decided to continue making Christmas decorations and to display their works at local boutiques and holiday craft fairs. Soon they were making 14 inch Christmas trees with small ornaments. Customers would come back year after year to add ornaments to this centerpiece tree, just like a regular full-sized tree.


When Jean and Georgia attended a “miniature” show in Las Vegas to collect ornaments, they were amazed at how popular this hobby was and were hooked. So they took their Christmas business and “miniaturized” it using eight and four inch trees. Their new business was successful and soon they offered the tree in kit-form as well. Their holiday trees had themes: examples include a formal Victorian tree with teddy bears and a special “Noah’s Ark” tree with wooden animals and pewter arks. Georgia would shop for materials, make the trees, and put together the kits; Jean would decorate the trees and did the accounting portion of their business. They also created special “one of a kind” trees on commission as well as wreaths and garland sets, centerpieces, and candle holders. Their trees required four hours to assemble and then lights and decorations were applied. Trees were decorated with small ornaments crafted by artisans in the United States and Europe. These two ladies never stopped working, and once friends caught them at the movies tying tiny bows. Jean and Georgia were teased for a long time thereafter! Their Christmas trees have been featured in catalogs such as The Smithsonian and Neiman Marcus. Their business allowed them to travel all over the United States teaching classes and participating in retail shows. Consequently they have “miniature” friends all across the country.


They retired from their business but still meet on a weekly basis to create miniatures for friends and family. They are members of two state miniature clubs and are scheduled to present workshops at the national miniature convention in Seattle in 2016. Look for their decorated Christmas trees at La Bella Casa next holiday season.



BROKEN POTS – come on – you know you all have them!  A new series of pictures to be featured in upcoming Newsletters. THANKS to Margaret Roberts.


Historical Snippets                                                                                                   Patty Sorensen


Excerpt from the 1953 State OSFG State convention held in McMinnville at the Linfield campus:


“The principal project of the Club has been planting of the ‘Queen’s Grove’ on the Linfield College Campus.  The Club, each year at the Linfield May Day celebration, plants in the grove a pink Dogwood tree honoring the May Day Queen for that year.  The planting ceremony is followed by a public tea for the Queen and her Court.  A bronze marker has been placed at the Point of the grove and an individual marker is placed at each tree designating the Queen for whom the tree was planted.”


Wonder if any are still there?  Can you find one and share its location at our March meeting?



March Birthday Salutes Go To:

Barbara B. Anderson, 10th; Suzanne Farmer, 12th; Jean Lierman, 20th; Helen Niehus, 22nd; Julia Otway, 24th; Candace Van Zanten, 5th.



Websites to Explore                                                                                                                                                                             Patty Sorensen


Pioneer District


State Garden Club’s Website



v Oregon Historic Photographic Collections   Yamhill County OLD photos including Easter lily and potato harvests as well as many buildings.  WOW……


v Sites to visit in Oregon during the Spring…..flower spots included! 


v Buggy HELP…….


v Technology may help those who are indoor plant challenged.  Read about the Parrot Pot.


v Wonder what those birds are that you are seeing in your backyard OR for new spots to go adventuring?  Includes a list of common birds of the area.



An updated membership directory will be available in early March.  It will be sent as a PDF from Jean for you to print or save on your computer.  If you are unable to view/print it, please contact 


Here’s a sample of the sparrows commonly seen in our area.




___ Spotted Towhee

___ Chipping Sparrow

___ Vesper Sparrow

___ Lark Sparrow

___ Savannah Sparrow

___ Fox Sparrow

___ Song Sparrow

___ Lincoln's Sparrow

___ White-throated Sparrow

___ White-crowned Sparrow

___ Golden-crowned Sparrow

___ Dark-eyed Junco                                               


Song Sparrow Welcoming Spring