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McMinnville Garden Club,      PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR         October 2016 -


Next meeting:   Oct. 17, 2016

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor    9:30 social, 10 meeting

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

Note:If you need time on the agenda, please let President Elaine know a week in advance of the meeting.


October 17              Budget vote      Speaker-Mark Leichy

If you’d like to volunteer to bring snacks, please contact Doris Crain.


Mark Leichy from the Little Prince of Oregon Nursery will talk about "Drought Tolerant Plants."  This wholesale nursery is in Aurora and grows perennials, native plants, succulents, grasses, and ground covers.


Upcoming Events


October 20                  Pioneer District Luncheon in Hillsboro  Pay by the 8th!

October 21                  “Pumpkin Fun” arts & crafts at Patty’s 10 AM.  Carve REAL pumpkins or decoupage fake ones!  See article below.

November 18              Portland Junking Trip and Monticello Antique’s Vintage Christmas FIRST DAY OPEN

November 21                   Carol Adelman, Adelman Peony Gardens

                                      “Growing Gorgeous Peonies”

December 19                   Pianist, Holiday Luncheon

2017 Meeting Dates

January 16        February 20          March 20      April 17           May 15             June 19

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – October 2016   Elaine P.


The equinox has passed. The green leaves are turning lovely shades of red and gold. Some are already falling from the trees. The brown lawns are returning to green. It is time to plant our bulbs for spring and get the garden ready for winter. Please, take some time out of your labors to just sit in your garden and enjoy the bounty and beauty you have created. The sunny crisp days of October will soon disappear and the rains and gray will be upon us.
Our September meeting took care of many things. All the committee chairs but one have been filled. We are very grateful to all our wonderful members who volunteered to fill the vacancies. We still need someone to take charge of the West End maintenance. Judy Eggers will continue until she has a replacement. Judy has worked long and hard on this project since the very beginning. She is ready for a well-deserved break.
It is not too early to fill in the committees for the Garden Tour. Let Marlene, Susanne or Ann know if you are willing to help. We still need chairs for Day of Tour and Tickets and more members for Horticulture, Posters, Publicity and Road Signs.
We have several activities to look forward to in October. On the 10th our Scarecrow will go up on Third. Let Beryl or Cozette know if you can help in the planning and assembling.  On the 17th we will have our general meeting with Mark Leichy from Little Prince of Oregon Nursery speaking on "Drought Tolerant Plants". On the 20th some of us are going on a field trip to Deepwood Museum and Garden and then to lunch at the Wild Pear. Others will be going to the District Luncheon.  Those going to the Luncheon need to get their $22 to Donna by the 1st so she can let them know how many will be attending. Finally on the 21st we will be carving or decoupage pumpkins at Patty's.
I look forward to seeing everyone in October.


Pioneer District Fall Luncheon October 20 in Hillsboro  $22
Meriwether Golf Course             5200 SW Rood Bridge Road, Hillsboro Or
Hosted by North Plains Garden Club and Tualatin Valley Garden Club
Buffet luncheon  $22
Guest speaker: Dave Doolittle of Petal Heads Nursery
Please send payment to Donna Parr by October 8.



Happy Fall everyone.  It’s getting close to the time when the Rakettes get an opportunity to strut their stuff for all of the community to see.  Cozette has passed the baton to me, however I’m asking her to hang on to one end.  We have so much fun every year.  So if you can march to the beat of a different drummer, join us.  Please sign up to show off Garden Club gusto.  (For new members, we wear red sweatshirts, decoration our rakes/hats  and march in the Holiday Parade on 3rd Street the day after Thanksgiving late afternoon.  FUN!!!!)


Pat Vaughn                                541 – 530 - 1593


Spice of Life                                                                                     Betty Ballentine


I have been given the job of planting and harvesting herbs for the Community Garden here in McMinnville. This past year has taught me quite a lot about the varieties of herbs that I would like to share with you. This month will feature Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans ).

Belongs to the mint family.

Sweet pineapple fragrance.

Shrub 4-5 feet tall, full sun.

Sets flower in August in Mexico but late fall here.

Loved by butterflies and hummingbirds.

Harvest leaves to enjoy fresh or dried.

Uses include: drinks, cold and hot (makes wonderful tea), fruit salads, cooking and baking. Making jam and adding flavor to sugar.

Health benefits include calming the nervous system, treating heartburn, and lowering blood pressure.

Recipe for a smoothie- in blender combine: 1/3 cup milk, ¾ cup vanilla yogurt, ½ banana, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 ½ tablespoons fresh pineapple sage leaves. Enjoy!




Photos for the new directory will be taken again at the October Meeting.  If you were new last year, it is likely that we don’t have a photo of you in last year’s directory.  SO, we definitely want to capture your gardening face!!  Be sure to check in at the membership table to see if you need your mug shot taken.  CHEESE…  Directories will be distributed at the Nov. meeting.


AND remember, it is your responsibility to let us know if you’ve changed your address, phone, email, etc.  PLEASE.  Let Patty Sorensen know ASAP

Pumpkins Arts & Crafts, October 20 

10 AM at Patty Sorensen’s

TWO different pumpkin options this month!!!!  Bring your own pumpkin to carve.  All supplies will be onsite including patterns for carving.  OR buy a small fake pumpkin from a craft store like Joann’s and decoupage napkin tissue onto it!  This one you get to use for years!  Bring your fake pumpkin, napkins to decoupage.  All other supplies will be onsite



Backyard Habitat                                Marilyn Coats


Feeding Birds Is Not For The Squeamish!

This year was a little different from the past years for bird feeding.  There was a neat young hawk sitting on my fence last fall.  I didn’t discourage it as normally they don’t stay long.  However, he wouldn’t go away and discovered my birdfeeders and went after ‘my’ birds.  I kept chasing him off but then he would go a distance away in some very tall trees where he could still watch ‘my’ birds.  I moved the birdfeeder behind the neighbor’s trees, kept going outside with my broom, and the hawk finally went elsewhere. 

Then we were fortunate to get a family of rats.  We have a large open birdfeeder on a pole and one day I looked out my kitchen window and there were 4 long tails hanging out of the birdfeeder!  Too bad I didn’t have a camera as it did look funny! 

Another time I looked out the window and there was a small, young rat looking back at me from the top of the other side of the fence.  In my weirdness, I thought it was kind of cute!  My husband has had the enjoyment of putting out the traps (that they set off) with poison.  The trouble is, the rats keep multiplying. 

Our last critters were squirrels.  There is a small one goes back and forth across the top of the fence and doesn’t bother anything.  But then a larger one followed and decided our yard was a good place to bury his stash.  He got into a small planter and started digging just like a dog getting ready to bury a bone.  Then when he decided to have a snack of birdseed that was my cue to go out with my broom and chase him off.  I also have some special hot sauce that I can put on the seeds.  It doesn’t bother the birds but the squirrels don’t like it.  And I keep my broom handy! 

My backyard isn’t very big, but we have a good variety of plants to enjoy along with a variety of critters coming and going to watch!  No matter what, I keep trying to make my birds happy with a variety of seed, especially the ‘no grow’.  I really enjoy watching them fight with each other and flit around, taking their baths in the waterfall and birdbaths.   


Interested in a Tour of Seattle Gardens with Experience Oregon?

Several club members have enjoyed a variety of guided tours from Experience Oregon.  This past February, it was the Seattle Garden Show.  They have a new tour scheduled for May of 2017 which sounds like another fun trip.  There will be some copies of the trip at the October meeting.  Let’s see how many we can register for this tour!!!!  Start saving your money.  Just think, the plant buying season is over so you’ll have lots of extra dollars now, right?  Reservations must be made by deposit prior to Dec. 1.    For more information aske Elaine, Betty or Patty.          Full itinerary HERE.


Spring Garden Tour - 5th Edition    with         Experience Oregon Tours

              May 17 - 21, 2017

Northwest gardens are some of the most beautiful in the country and no time is more glorious than springtime.

Join us this May as we take you to some of the most interesting and colorful gardens in Washington. The Pacific Northwest Garden Tour, a best selling book by Donald Olson describing the 60 best gardens to visit in our area, has been our inspiration for choosing this year's destinations.  Gardens ranging from sublime to classic, Asian to glass, bonsai to romantic, we have quite a lineup of colorful places to explore and escape from chaotic outside world influences.  Unpack only once. We spend all four nights in Tacoma and take daily trips from there.


* Lakewold Garden                                                                            * Heronswood

* Chase Garden                                                                                  * Molbak's Garden & Home Center

* Soos Creek Botanical Garden                                                         * Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden

* Bellevue Botanical Garden                                                             * Seattle Chinese Garden

* South Seattle Community College Arboretum                               * Elandan Gardens

* Chihuly Garden & Glass                                                                 * W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory


Other highlights include:

* a ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston

* an evening performance of Sister Act at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse

* a guided tour of Chateau Ste. Michelle's garden led by a master gardener including wine tasting

* an opportunity to stroll the famous Chihuly Bridge of Glass

* 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners


Text Box: Multnomah FallsThe cost of this trip is only:  $1059 per person double occupancy; $1298 single occupancy; $1024 per person triple occupancy.  Tour includes: four (4) nights hotel accommodations with baggage handling, four (4) breakfasts, two (2) lunches, two (2) dinners, admissions/donations to 12 gardens including the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum and the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory, ticket to the Space Needle, ticket to the Tacoma Playhouse performance of Sister Act---The Musical, including a catered dinner, Master Gardener-led tour and wine tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle, all Experience Oregon motor coach transportation and sightseeing per itinerary, taxes, gratuities, service charges for the above, and services of an Experience Oregon Tour Director. The gratuity for Experience Oregon tour director and driver is not included and can be extended on a voluntary basis.

Deposit:  $250 per person due at time of reservation. 


Thanks to Betty Ballentine for helping with the  newsletter production.  You are great! AND thanks to Jean Lierman for YEARS of help!!!


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