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McMinnville Garden Club,      PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR       November 2016                            



Next meeting:  Nov. 21, 2016

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor    900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR 



Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Elaine know a week in advance of the meeting.


November Guest Speaker:  Carol Adelman

Topic:  “Growing Gorgeous Peonies


Carol will cover the basics of growing peonies: the four types of peony plants, bloom types, diseases and their control, use in the landscape, and cut flower care, all with colorful photo illustrations. Handouts will be available.

Peonies made an impact on Carol from a very young age and after 25 years of growing apples the first grouping of peonies were added to their farm. Now 21 years into peonies Carol has been a multiple award winner at the American Peony Society flower competition. Adelman Peony Gardens north of Salem has grown immensely and now supplies cut peonies nationwide in spring and peony roots internationally in the fall. In addition to 30 acres of peonies, the display garden features 250 varieties of peonies and attracts hundreds of visitors each spring. She is currently President of the Pacific Northwest Peony Society and is also co-author of The Plant Lover’s Guide to Peonies, soon to be published by Timber Press.

She will bring some peony roots for sale and prefers cash or checks.


If you’d like to volunteer to bring snacks, please contact Doris Crain.


Upcoming Events

November 18 Portland Junking Trip

November 21 Monthly Meeting

November 25 Santa Parade with the Rakettes

December 8  Holiday Wreath and Basket Making

December 19 Pianist, Holiday Luncheon


 December Lunch


Our annual holiday lunch buffet will be December 19. The menu includes your choice of entrée (Chicken Marsala or Salmon), Garden Salad with choice of Ranch and Vinaigrette Dressings, Steamed Garden Vegetables, and Red Potatoes with Garlic and Herbs. Dessert is Apple Crisp and there will be a gluten-free option available. Drinks include sparkling punch, coffee, hot tea, and ice water.

Pianist Judah Kent will again play holiday music during our lunch.

            Cost is $15 and payable by December 1.  You can pay Donna at our November 21 meeting or mail your check to her at the McMinnville Garden Club, PO Box 386, McMinnville.  On your check please list your choice of entrée (chicken or salmon) and list if you prefer a “gluten free option” for dessert.


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – November 2016   Elaine P.

One of the reasons I am so delighted with my decision to move to McMinnville five years ago is the generosity of the residents. There are so many local organizations dedicated to offering helping hands to their neighbors.
One of these organizations is the Community Garden.  In just a few years they are halfway to accomplishing their goal of approximately 150 raised beds. Families can rent beds and grow fresh healthy food for their larders. There are smaller beds where the Busy Bees introduce children to the joys of gardening. Some beds are raised high enough so those in wheelchairs can use them. The Community Garden also grows food for the food bank and this summer over 14,000 pounds of food were harvested and donated to YCAP. They also grow flowers that are cut and sold at Incahoots. Some of the money from the proceeds of those flower sales also goes to YCAP.  Many of our members are involved in this wonderful program. The McMinnville Garden Club is happy to help the Community Garden in a small way by donating the money for flower boxes to enhance the entrance.
At our November meeting, we will be collecting donations for YCAP, Yamhill Community Action Partnership. Items most needed are: canned fruit, canned meats, chili and stew, canned vegetables, dry beans, packaged meals, pasta, rice, soup, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, tuna, peanut butter and condiments (flour, sugar, salt, ketchup, salad dressing, etc). And of course, they will always find money useful. Please remember to bring donations with you to the meeting.
We will also pick a charity to make donations to at the December meeting. In the last few years we have given to Henderson House (providing services to victims of domestic or sexual violence) or Juliette's House (Child Abuse Intervention Center). At the November meeting we will decide which one we will support this year. Maybe both? Or maybe another? Bring your suggestions.

parade 2013Rakettes     

 It’s getting close to the time when the Rakettes get an opportunity to strut their stuff for all of the community to see.  Cozette has passed the baton to me. We have so much fun every year.  So if you can march to the beat of a different drummer, join us.  Please sign up to show off Garden Club gusto.  Parade is November 25th  3:30


Pat Vaughn 541-530-1593





November 18 Portland Junking Trip

It’s time for our annual trip to Portland for treasures, ideas, and fun!  Meet at the Baker Creek Church’s parking lot at 9:30.  Our first stop will be at the Red, White and Blue thrift shop which is cash only.  Then we are off to lunch at Panera Bread, on to Monticello Antiques Christmas Opening and finally browsing thrift shops on 82nd.  Hope you can join us for a giggling good time!  Plan for a full day trip.





IMG_1035December 8, Holiday Wreaths and Baskets

 Holiday baskets and wreaths @ Patty’s  1666 NW Medinah Drive-  Baskets and wreaths will be made on the same day. Dress in layers for warmth. We will be under cover. BE SURE to bring clippers, gloves and greens from your yards……AND snacks?  A variety of greens textures and colors adds interest to these fun winter items. 

-Cost is $3.00 for the wreath’s wire frames. We have lots.

Please remember to bring your old basket frames filled with dirt.  (We only have 4 basket frames left.)  If you haven’t made on of these before, please bring your own wire frame with a fiber lining and hook filled with dirt.  We will drill holes in them to facilitate adding the greens if needed.  Examples will be shown at the November meeting.

Contact Patty S. for more information.  pdsorensen  at


Please drop off loads of greens ahead of time in Patty’s driveway by the tall garage.  Thanks for helping!





Spice of Life                                                             by Betty Ballentine


This month's herb is Lemongrass ( cymbopogon citratus )

Aromatic herb used in Caribbean and Asian cooking.

Grass family - perennial, mostly grown in California and Florida.

Rich in citral, active ingredient in lemon peel.

Aids digestion, relieves spasms and cramps, rheumatism and headaches.

Recipe:  Lemongrass whipped cream – good on any citrus dessert or as a topping for blueberry cobbler!


1 cup heavy cream

½ teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon lemongrass finely minced

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

Combine in bowl and whip until soft peaks form


Horticulture                                                                     by Marilyn Coats


They are my newest favorite plants.  So easy to take care of.  Very low maintenance.  They seem to grow and multiply no matter how much you ignore them. 

Do you know the difference between a Cactus and a Succulent?  Cacti are a type of succulent which means having leaves or stems capable of storing water.  Creeping, spreading succulents are called Sedums and Senecio. 

They can grow in both draining and non-draining containers.   Information from the ‘Birds & Blooms’ magazine stated that adding rocks for drainage is not a good idea for pots without holes as it provides an area for bacteria to grow.  Just use well-aerated soil for succulents and don’t water as much.   You can then add pebbles or gravel around the top. 

I have many different kinds of succulents in my garden and they stay there through the winter.  Apparently they have good drainage, mostly using potting soil, as they keep coming back!  Some don’t look as good through the winter and some are cut completely down, but they survive.  Then when they all start blooming in the spring, they can really be gorgeous.  What I love, is that most are so easy to pull up if they get out of hand.  

Hens and chicks (also called houseleeks) are a little different, as the hens (larger plants) just keep having babies (chicks).  Then the hens die after setting seed and the chicks keep growing until they become hens, and the cycle continues!  There are many different colors and types – some look like they have cobwebs surrounding them. 

Most of the nurseries sell the succulents that stand up to our winter.  But they also have some that do not like frost or too much rain.  They usually can be wintered over in a protected area or inside.  But all of them require excellent drainage. 

It’s fun to put them in various containers from buckets to flat dishes, to coffee pots, barrels, pans, gelatin molds, etc.  They are good in fairy gardens too.  As I said, they are my newest favorite plants (for now). 







Interested in a Tour of Seattle Gardens with Experience Oregon?

Several club members have enjoyed a variety of guided tours from Experience Oregon.  This past February, it was the Seattle Garden Show.  They have a new tour scheduled for May of 2017 which sounds like another fun trip.  There will be some copies of the trip at the October meeting.  Let’s see how many we can register for this tour!!!!  Start saving your money.  Just think, the plant buying season is over so you’ll have lots of extra dollars now, right? 

The tour is not on the website yet but here’s the basic outline:


Spring Garden Tour - 5th Edition    with         Experience Oregon Tours

              May 17 - 21, 2017

Northwest gardens are some of the most beautiful in the country and no time is more glorious than springtime.

Join us this May as we take you to some of the most interesting and colorful gardens in Washington. The Pacific Northwest Garden Tour, a best-selling book by Donald Olson describing the 60 best gardens to visit in our area, has been our inspiration for choosing this year's destinations.  Gardens ranging from sublime to classic, Asian to glass, bonsai to romantic, we have quite a lineup of colorful places to explore and escape from chaotic outside world influences.  Unpack only once. We spend all four nights in Tacoma and take daily trips from there.


* Lakewold Garden                                                                             * Heronswood

* Chase Garden                                                                                  * Molbak's Garden & Home Center

* Soos Creek Botanical Garden                                                          * Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden

* Bellevue Botanical Garden                                                               * Seattle Chinese Garden

* South Seattle Community College Arboretum                                  * Elandan Gardens

* Chihuly Garden & Glass                                                                   * W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory


Other highlights include:

* a ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston

* an evening performance of Sister Act at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse

* a guided tour of Chateau Ste. Michelle's garden led by a master gardener including wine tasting

* an opportunity to stroll the famous Chihuly Bridge of Glass

* 4 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners


Text Box: Multnomah FallsThe cost of this trip is only:  $1059 per person double occupancy; $1298 single occupancy; $1024 per person triple occupancy.  Tour includes: four (4) nights hotel accommodations with baggage handling, four (4) breakfasts, two (2) lunches, two (2) dinners, admissions/donations to 12 gardens including the Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum and the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory, ticket to the Space Needle, ticket to the Tacoma Playhouse performance of Sister Act---The Musical, including a catered dinner, Master Gardener-led tour and wine tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle, all Experience Oregon motor coach transportation and sightseeing per itinerary, taxes, gratuities, service charges for the above, and services of an Experience Oregon Tour Director. The gratuity for Experience Oregon tour director and driver is not included and can be extended on a voluntary basis.

Deposit:  $250 per person due at time of reservation. BY DECEMBER 5.


Websites to Explore                                          by Patty Sorensen



            Pioneer District’s Website:


State Garden Club’s Website



Pollinators Need Our Help


Hallmark Schedule for Holiday Movies  (to enjoy the winter garden scenes?)


Fall Floral Arrangements
















Congratulations to Mary Jo Capps for receiving a lifetime membership to the McMinnville Garden Club for her years of service!  THANK YOU, MJC…..