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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

Summer 2016 -


Next meeting:   Sept. 19, 2016

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

                        Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.


September 19, Welcome Back Meeting.  No speaker scheduled.

If you’d like to volunteer to bring snacks, please contact Doris Crain.


Upcoming Events

September 26              “Decorating Clay Pots” arts & crafts at Patty’s  10 A.M.   Supply list in next newsletter


October 17                     Mark Leichy, Little Prince of Oregon Nursery

        “Drought Tolerant Plants”


October 21                  “Pumpkin Carving Fun” arts & crafts at Patty’s 10 A.M.


November 21                   Carol Adelman, Adelman Peony Gardens

                                      “Growing Gorgeous Peonies”

December 19                   Pianist, Holiday Luncheon

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Summer 2016   Elaine P.

So far we have been having a very pleasant summer.  Not as hot as last year yet so our water bills are smaller. I hope everyone has had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves.
We do not yet have the final figures on the 2016 Garden Tour and Faire. All indications are that everyone had a great time. The feedback we have gotten from the owners, visitors, and the vendors was positive.
We want to thank Mike and Gaye Stewart, and Ruth Corsi for all the hard work they did on the Faire. We want to thank Trudy and Ann for all the work they did on the Tour.  The new format for the Tour tickets and the save the date bookmarks are wonderful practical innovations. The wrap-up evaluation meeting came up with more new ideas that we hope to put into effect to make next year’s tour planning easier and more efficient.
We are especially grateful to the owners for allowing us to share their beautiful and contrasting styles of gardens. Finally we want to thank all the members of our club who volunteered and worked so hard to once again make the Tour and Faire a successful and fun day.
Have a great rest of the summer and I will see you in September.   


YEAR-END Club Evaluations


The 44 evaluations from our June meeting were very positive with lots of suggestions for this coming year. You reported that the meetings were interesting and enjoyable. “Many members are included and things are kept casual and friendly.” You like the camaraderie and “enjoy visiting with new and old friends.” “It all starts with the President” and she made it easy to enjoy meetings. The guest speakers were “fantastic” and the presentation topics varied and interesting. One member “enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about gardening from those more experienced than I am.” Refreshments and raffles added to the fun. Some suggestions for meetings were made too. For example, we don’t always focus on some areas of our mission like conservation issues. “We need a balance of both fun and state missions.”


Many suggestions were made for subjects and guest speakers. As a result, next year our schedule includes Carol Adelman, Adelman Peony Gardens; Marilyn Alexander, Landscape Designer; James Cassidy, OSU Soils Science Instructor; Rich Baer, Portland Rose Society; and our very own members will be presenting flower arranging! I tell speakers that the Q/A is part of their one hour presentation, but it is up to the speaker to decide whether s/he welcomes questions during the presentation or prefers that questions wait until the very end.


Suggestions for field trips were forwarded to Ann and arts and crafts suggestions were forwarded to Doris and Patty.


The majority voted that we continue to sing “Happy Birthday.” (One person said please, I don’t need to be reminded I am another year older!”)


Profits from our garden tour and faire have gone down in recent years. If this trend continues, what other fund raising alternatives should we consider? Many suggested selling something such as plants, crafts, succulent wreaths, garden-related products such as lotions and soaps, birdhouses with succulents, and grapevine wreaths. Other suggestions to raise funds were increasing club dues, applying for grants, raising the price of tour tickets, offering classes for new gardeners or for miniature gardens, and staging a box lunch garden party. One member stated that “Competition for the tour and fair has increased dramatically in the last few years, but it is hard to imagine a single new activity that will make us as much money as we currently are able to raise.“


We appreciate you taking the time to complete the evaluations. This helps us plan for the new club year.


Thanks! – June



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