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Next meeting:  December 18, 2017 is a holiday brunch with music.    “Please bring a donation for Juliette House.” See the list below.


If you need time on the agenda, please let President Elaine know a week in advance of the meeting.



We are going to try the Conference Room which is upstairs at the Aviation and Space Museum.  Please park in the lot in the middle of the three museums.  Enter thru the main entrance which is near our Blue Star Marker.  Look for the restrooms and then head upstairs or use the elevator there.  You do not go into the museum.  Upstairs the conference room is at the end of the hall behind the large open area.  We are hoping this will a better location for us!


Upcoming Events:

December 01-Payment for December brunch due to Donna Parr

December 09-Salem Holiday Market Field Trip (meet at BCCC 9:50am)

December 11-Board meeting Marlene's house 2pm

     December 18-Meeting with brunch/music


   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – December 2017 Elaine P.


At the November meeting our club donated 79 pounds of food and $412 to YCAP.  Every dollar buys close to 5 pounds of food which means we were responsible for over a ton of food going to the food bank at YCAP. Also, many of our members work with the Community Garden. Last year the Community Garden raised over 14,000 pounds of produce for YCAP.

At our December meeting we will be collecting for Juliette's House. Juliette's House is a Child Abuse Intervention Center. Each year 150-200 children are referred to them by various agencies for evaluation of suspected abuse, neglect or endangerment. Juliette's House's mission is to compassionately assess and provide support for the children in a setting that minimizes trauma and makes the process less frightening. They offer treatment options, follow-up services and access to resources to help abused children and their families heal. Juliette's House also offers abuse prevention education programs in schools and the community.
Besides money, they welcome snacks, toys, coloring books, crayons and office supplies. Visit  for the list of needed items OR look for the list at the end of this newsletter.

In January we will begin preparations for our 18th annual Garden Tour and Faire. This takes a "fair" amount of effort and is rewarding work. We raise the money for three scholarships, local beautification and to meet our expenses not covered by dues. The contributions Garden Club has made toward beautification in our area are many. Every year we provide the gorgeous hanging baskets at the entrance to Joe Dancer Park and at the West End. We maintain the West End, the Post Office and the plants inside the library. We have donated benches, lampposts, and copper roofing to kiosks in the downtown area and much more. McMinnville is a wonderful place to live and the generosity of the Garden Club enhances its beauty.

Merry Christmas to all.





     Our 2017 Garden Club Rakettes getting ready to strut their stuff in the Holiday Parade!

           Thank you all for supporting our club!










Poinsettias for Christmas

by John Ballentine

The poinsettia plant (Euphorbia pulcherrima) has been associated with Christmas for many years. It is native to Mexico and a legend has it that in the 16th century a poor girl had nothing to give for the celebration of Jesus' birth but an angel told her to gather weeds and place them in front of the church altar. On Christmas morning the weeds had turned into beautiful red flowers. In Mexico and Guatemala the plant is called Flor de Noche Buena - Christmas Eve Flower. From Mexico the plant has been taken to many other countries. The poinsettia was introduced to United States in 1825 by Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first US ambassador to the new Republic of Mexico. 

The plant is a shrub or small tree that thrives in warm climates. Its flowers are small and inconspicuous. Its attractive red bracts are actually modified leaves. Selective breeding has produced varieties with orange, pale green, cream, pink, white, or marbled bracts. The bracts develop their color when the plant is exposed to 12 or more hours of darkness for at least 5 days. However, the color is brightest when the plant received bright sun during the day. Commercial growers grow the plants in greenhouses which they can cover for darkness and uncover for light.


In the early 1900's a German immigrant in Los Angeles named Albert Ecke developed a technique for grafting Poinsettia plants that produced a fuller, bushier plant that was more attractive than the native plant. The Ecke family shipped plants all over the United States and ran many promotions to make Americans aware of the Christmas plant. At one time they had a virtual monopoly. In the early 1990's university scientists discovered the secrets of the Ecke technique and other growers entered the market. Most Poinsettia plants sold commercially are now grown in Latin America but the Ecke family still controls about 70% of the distribution business in the United States and 50% of those sold worldwide. 

It is commonly believed that Poinsettias are highly poisonous. The plant stems do contain mildly toxic latex, but poison control centers have not recorded any fatal incidents. One source says a 50 lb. child would have to eat 500 bracts to receive a harmful dose.  So go ahead and enjoy the bright colors of the Poinsettia this Christmas.


Juliette’s House Wish List 2017

· Plain White Corel ware dinner & salad plates for family dinners (12 each)

· Metal flatware for family dinners (12 place settings)

· Coloring Supplies

o   Child coloring books

o   Teen coloring books

o   Colored Pencils

o   Crayons

o   Markers

· Crafts

o   Individual packs of craft projects

§  Jewelry making

§  Beading

· Board Games – must be appropriate for all ages

o   Mouse Trap

o   Hungry, Hungry, Hippo

o   Let’s go Fishing

o   Guess Who?

o   Apples to Apples Jr.

o   Clue Jr.

· Lego Sets

o   Lego Friends

o   Individual Sets/Projects

· Dolls

o   Dress up dolls with accessories

o   Polly Pockets

o   Shopkins

· Toy Animals

o   Dinosaurs

o   Farm Animals

o   Dogs/Cats

· Action Figures

o   Superheroes

o   GI Joes

o   Popular movie characters

o   Paw Patrol

· Cars

o   Hot Wheels

o   Small train sets

· Play Kitchen Supplies

o   Fake Food

o   Utensils

o   Plates

· Play tool sets

· Viewmaster

· Movies – must be appropriate for all ages

o   We have the majority of the older Disney movies, but we don’t have many of the
new ones, such as Frozen, Moana, Inside Out, Trolls, Lego Batman, Big Hero 6,
Wreck it Ralph, Tangled, Up, Brave, Princess and the Frog, any of the live action
Disney movies

· Fleece blankets and stuffed animals

o   Each child who is seen at Juliette’s House takes home a blanket and a stuffed animal

· Small, clear storage bins

· 3-4 Floor Cushions – appropriate for all ages

o   No Larger than 21 inches by 21 inches

· 2 Chairs

o   no wider than 30 inches

· Activity Table

o   Dimensions – anywhere from 24-28 inches in width and 36 inches in length

· Small Activity Rug

o   Dimensions: no bigger than 54 inches wide and 60 inches long


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