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    McMinnville Garden Club,      PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR         

                               November 2017

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If you need time on the agenda, please let President Elaine know a week in advance of the meeting.




Next meeting:November 20, 2017

“Please bring a donation for YCAP”


New meeting location for the 2017-2018 Club year.

Falls Event Center

510 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way

McMinnville OR 97128


November speaker:           by Jan Clay


The November speakers will talk about the Yamhill Heritage Center and the Pioneer Days that take place at the Heritage center located West of McMinnville on highway 18. Several members have expressed an interest in learning more about our great town of McMinnville and Yamhill County. We will have several programs like this one learning about community activities, beautification, education and family adventure opportunities. Hopefully, some of you will become inspired to help or volunteer and enjoy your passions.


Upcoming Events:

November 13 – Board meeting at Elaine's house

November 16 3-7pm; 17 10-6pm; 18 10-2pm;   Wine Country Quilters fundraiser for Juliette's House

November 20 – Monthly meeting

November 24 – Santa Parade and the “Rakettes   See article below.

November 27 and 29  Holiday Baskets and Wreaths.  For more info contact Rosemary Vertregt AND see article below.

December 18   Holiday Brunch Meeting


   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – November 2017 Elaine P.


The rains have returned. There are fewer hours of daylight. Less time can be devoted to working in the garden. It is the season to move indoors and to celebrate the holidays, give thanks, count our blessings and share our resources with those less fortunate.

One of my greatest blessings is to live in McMinnville and to have met and had the privilege of working with the many wonderful people in our Garden Club. The talent and dedication shown time and again are truly amazing.

Our new meeting space still has a few glitches. There is an echo that makes it difficult to hear everything. We are going to set up in a different area next meeting. We will keep working on it until we get it right.

During our November meeting, we will be collecting for YCAP.  In addition to the Food Bank, YCAP also offers several youth programs and various forms of housing assistance. Visit their website for more information. We will be collecting nonperishable food and/or money.

Also at our November meeting we will choose which local charity to donate to at the December meeting.  In the past we have helped Juliette's House, Henderson House and A Family Place.  They all do wonderful work.  Bring your suggestions.

Lastly, McMinnville will be hosting the 2018 Spring District Luncheon. It will be April 19. We will be looking for ideas and volunteers to help with that.



A Daylily's Lament by Rosemary Vertregt

As a Daylily, I would like to dispel some of the unkind things said and written about my habits in the garden.

1.  It's said that I'm a big fat "flopper", that my many long leaves do not stand up proud and tall through the entire summer....that they discolor and hang there looking defeated and dreary. Are you aware, dear gardener, that any of my yellowing leaves that begin to do this are trying to let you know that they can be easily plucked and discarded? Into the compost they go! As summer progresses, more of these discolored leaves can be discarded, and "Glory Be"! You will begin to see that there are shorter, brand new leaves developing!  You know--like silver (green) threads among the gold!!

2.  For years and years, we Daylilies have had to listen to uninformed gardeners proclaim that we are boring because we only come in orange! Really, really insulting and unfair, as we are now available in pink, rose, red, yellow, peach, lavender, as well as many color blends! Look up some of my lovely relatives and see our modern elegance!  Try "Shrimp Boat", "Big Smile", "Pink Candy Lipstick", "Jan Hus". Our colors are strong or soft, but we are neither garish nor are we dowdy, and we are easy to fall in love with!

3.  Another complaint has been that each of our blooms lasts only one day. Well, why do you think we're called Daylilies??  When one of our blooms has given its all, it kindly makes way for another...and then another...and, so it goes. Each blossom is a reminder that love and beauty must be renewed each day. All you need do is wander happily through your lovely garden, stop to thank each bloom for sharing its beauty, and gently assist its removal.

4.  Daylilies have also been blamed for growing! Imagine that!!  We grow so well, and so reliably that we are accused of growing!'s what we do! We grow, we bloom, we show our strength and our beauty and our generosity, we sink down and stop showing off while we gather our energy for our big beautiful return!  During this time, you are welcome to chop us into smaller sections to be transplanted to a different part of your garden....or, to send part of us on an adventure in a new location. Most gardeners have a few empty spots where a plant has failed to thrive, and without bragging, I submit that one of us (or part of one of us) could be the perfect long as we get plenty of sunshine.

We thank you for your kind attention to our grievances, and we look forward to adding beauty and reliability to your gardens!


              Hello again Garden Club members.  It's almost time to strut our stuff and show McMinnville that the Garden Club is a force to be reckoned with.  One expression of our presence in the community is to march loud and proud in the Santa Parade down 3rd Street.  I talked to the weatherman and he assured me we would have a crisp and dry evening.  Start getting your rakes ready.  I will have a sign-up sheet ready at our next meeting.  You don't want to miss out!                           Pat Vaughn


Holiday Wreaths Arts & Crafts Nov. 27 and 29

Rosemary Vertrget will be hosting this year’s wreath and basket making at her garage on both November 27 and 29.  Betty Ballentine will be assisting.   Sign-up sheets will be at the November meeting OR contact Rosemary or Betty if you are unable to attend the meeting on Nov. 20 but would like to create a wreath or basket.  We will meet at the Baker Creek church to organize carpools at 9:30 due to limited parking at Rosemary’s.

You will need gloves, clippers, greens, berries, craft wire, etc. If you are doing a basket, please also bring a bucket to turn upside down and sit your basket on for creation.  You may decorate them that day or take them home to complete.  Usually the Dollar Store has large Xmas balls for sale.  Try to get the plastic ones if possible so they don’t break if dropped.  If you plan to stay into the afternoon, pack at lunch or a snack to share. Drinks provided.  Dress warm and wear warm shoes! 

BASKETS:  For those of you who have done this before bring your old baskets filled with dirt.  If new to this, purchase a wire basket with hangers with a coconut fiber lining from a store and fill with old dirt.  Drill holes around side of lining if possible.  (Can do also at Rosemary’s)   Examples will be shown at the November meeting.

If you’d like to make a wreath, they will be available at Rosemary’s. 

     Wreath forms:  Large  20” $3    Medium    16”  $ 2.50     Small  8” $ 2  Try to bring correct $.




Wildlife                                     Patty Sorensen

Now is the time to clean out all your birdhouses and feeders.  Birds will seek shelter from the cold and storms in the winter.  Be sure to clean them again in early March for nesting season!

Most birds that stick around our area can survive without extra feeding.  However, it is OK to feed them in the winter.  Be sure to use high energy foods like Black Oil Sunflower.  Don’t buy the generic Wild bird food as it containers fillers that they will just kick out and you will find growing weeds in the spring.  Nuts are great for the woodpeckers and squirrels.  Suet is a great high energy source also.  There are feeders that are built to keep squirrels and other pests away from the suet by surrounding it with basically a wire cage.  These are successful. 

If you feed hummingbirds, DON’T use food coloring; they don’t need it.  Most feeders have enough red on them to attract hummers.  DO have several feeders that you can interchange for when the weather starts getting cold enough to freeze their liquid food.  That way on COLD mornings you can bring out a new feeder for them without having to thaw and clean the old quickly.  I’ve used a spotlight above the feeder and it usually does a great job of keeping the liquid from freezing. There are also lights you can buy made specifically for this purpose. 

Speaking of freezing, birds do require water in the winter.  Don’t clean them with bleach ever.  Use a scrub brush and regular water please to get off all the algae, etc. that has accumulated this summer.  There are heaters you can put in your fountains or waterfalls that will safely keep them warm enough to not freeze.  I’ve had mine successfully keep my fountain water flowing in freezing temps. 

Most of all, enjoy watching all the wildlife during their winter ventures!  In other words, take time to “smell the roses”……even though the actual roses are asleep.


Directory Changes/Additions

Margaret Roberts email address should be:

Scholarship Chair is now June Benson….THANKS!


Websites to Explore                                                                                    by Patty Sorensen

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