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February 2009 Calendar

February 16th - Meeting

150TH Birthday Party and Valentines Day Luncheon (replacing our missed Christmas luncheon)
900 N. Hill RoadHillside Community manor in the “Activity Room”

Social time: 9:30a.m.  Program: 10:00 a.m.11:00

      Short business meeting and Lunch 11 a.m. - 12:15p.m.

Program:  Christine Williams from Heirloom Roses will talk about old garden plants that have been overlooked during the past few years and also about some of her Heirloom plants.


 “The Making a Difference Campaign” is a national garden club project.   The Pioneer District is collecting inkjet, laser printer cartridges and cell phones that will be recycled.  If you have any that you wish to contribute to the project please bring them to a meeting and we will forward them to the Pioneer District.


February 27, 2009 (note date change)

Wear comfortable shoes, bring your lunch or buy it there.  This is the show to rev up the plant lust in all of us at the Portland Convention Center. We’ll leave Bethel Baptist parking lot 9:00 sharp.




March 3rd  -

Arts & Crafts Architectural Trip

The Arts & Crafts group will leave the Bethel Baptist Church parking lot at 9:30 for a trip to two stores that are known for their collection of architectural items for the home and garden. We will organize carpools that day. One store will be cheap and one will be expensive!  We will travel to Portland first, eat a quick lunch, and then head over to Aurora.  While in Aurora, some of the carpools may choose to visit one or two sites.


March 28 at 10:00 AM.

Bonsai class will be presented by Elizabeth Estacio.
We should meet and car pool from Baker Creek Baptist Church. Time 8:45 AM.

All supplies will be provided – pot/plant/tools/potting soil 

Please send $40. 00 payment directly to Terra Gardens ($45 if you pay the day of the class)

270 Cordon Road NE.

Salem. 97317.

Telephone: 503-581-0441.

 June Installation Luncheon is now JUNE 8    (not the 15th) – Please change the date in your books



“Hidden Treasures”


The McMinnville Garden Club presents its 9th Annual Summer Garden Tour on June 28, 2009.  The theme is “Hidden Treasures” and it’s a very appropriate description for the five beautiful gardens on this year’s Tour.


Joanne DeWitte has mailed letters to hundreds of vendors and is getting a very enthusiastic response for the Garden Faire, which will be held again on Cowls Street between 2nd and 4th in downtown McMinnville.


Thank you to the Garden Club volunteers who have stepped up to chair the Committees for the Tour.  We’re confident you will do a great job.  We will be holding individual meetings with you as spring progresses to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can.


Clipboards will be circulated at the February meeting so Garden Club members can start signing up for the committees they would like to work on.  Remember…… you can help out on a Committee and still have time to work a 3-hour shift in a Garden on the day of the Tour.  The Garden Faire will be open from 9 am until 4 pm so you will have lots of time to browse thru the vendor stalls and find your own hidden treasures.


Feel free to call or email us at any time if you have questions or suggestions!  And above all…… have fun!  This is an adventure…… not a chore!!


Sharon Gunter and Judy Eggers


               BIG THANKS TO:

Stephanie Janik received a thank you note from the Habitat family we


"McMinnville Garden Club,
The Serratos family would like to thank you for helping us with our garden. We appreciate the time you spent and all the plants you gave us. The garden is beautiful and the plants have grown well. We appreciate everything and feel fortunate that we were chosen to receive your services. We hope you will continue this program because it is very much appreciated."


Thanks to all the people involved. You can see that your work is appreciated.



Thanks, to each one of the hostesses who generously provide the “snacks” at the monthly meeting.  The “snacks” this year have been mouthwatering tidbits that not only are delicious to the taste buds but pleasant to the eye.  There has been a wide range of gourmet choices each month that reflect the diversity among our members.

Cathy has a confession to make…on club meeting mornings she does not eat breakfast because she knows there will be gastronomical delights that will await her selection.   Thank you to those who have already contributed.


            Thank you to Kim Jongedyck for kindly coming to the assistance of Elizabeth Estacio who was speaking on Beginning Bonsai”.  The talk was educationally interesting but without Kim’s “quick” assistance in providing a hand amplifier I am afraid it would have been difficult for people to hear her.


            Thank you to Kathleen Bennett who faithfully handles meeting visitors and new members each month.  She sets the tone of the club by sitting in the same place and patiently answering questions.  Without members like Kathleen the experience of entering a room full of strangers could be stressful.


Thanks to our Secretary Elsie Carpenter and Treasurer Patty Sorensen who provide current minutes and financial reports for our members.


            Thanks to Sharon Gunter and Judy Eggers who are planning and organizing our annual fund raiser.  If you want to participate in this wonderful fun event see Sharon and Judy who will assign you a job for the event. 


            Thanks to Joanne DeWitt who provided the club with an update of her contact with vendors.  Joanne we know you make lots of telephone calls and send emails and letters to encourage vendors to “commit to attend”.  Your efforts are crucial to the success of our annual event.    


President’s Message

Cathy Burdett

            Thyme after Thyme



            “Time after time”, year after year we celebrate special days that are important and often highlighted in calendars.  February 14 is such a date.  Why?  This month we celebrate two events on this date:  our state’s 150th birthday and Valentine’s Day.

            Oregon, nicknamed “the Valentine State” officially became a state on February 14, 1859.  Our state is rich in agricultural and horticultural diversity with a myriad of beautiful sites, spectacular landscapes and “manicured” parks that reflect our focus on environmental issues.  Oregon has awe-inspiring, soul stimulating beaches that always renew and refresh.  Do I LOVE living in Oregon?  Yes I do! So join me in wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OREGON this month.

            Valentine’s Day is nationally celebrated as an opportunity to express our appreciation, caring and love to others.  Take the “time” to tell those that are important to you that you value and love them.

            I am so thankful that our executive board decided to schedule another luncheon and we have planned a “fun” event.  Since we will have Christine Williams still give her talk on “Old Garden Plants” we will keep any “club business” to a minimum.  The plan is to meet at 9.30 with Christine giving her talk at 10.00 until 11.00.  We will quickly mention some important items (the agenda will provide the rest) and have a short break before lunch.  We will do the “February birthdays, sunshine report and raffle” before lunch.  Then you can leave when you want.

I encourage you to get to know some of our new club members.  Remember what it was like when you first joined the club?   A little shy? Why not ask someone you don’t know to sit with you at the luncheon.  Who knows you might develop a life-long friend?     



Members who can use our support in case you want to send them a card or call:

Arlene Wells address

Cornerstone Care Center
            1909 Wareham Lane
            Newberg, OR 97132

            Phone: 503-538-9210


Mary Jo Capps has been moved and is recuperating at


 6010 SW Shadduck

 Portland, OR    97221

 503-542-0342 - direct line to her room


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