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                  January 2009 Calendar


January 19th

900 N. Hill Road – Hillside Community manor in the “Activity Room”

Social time: 9:30a.m.-Business Meeting: 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m.
Program: 11:00 a.m.12:00 noon

      Closing activities 12 a.m. - 12:15p.m.

“Beginning Bonsai” presented by Elizabeth Estacio.


 “The Making a Difference Campaign” is a national garden club project.   The Pioneer District is collecting inkjet, laser printer cartridges and cell phones that will be recycled.  If you have any that you wish to contribute to the project please bring them to a meeting and we will forward them to the Pioneer District.


February 13, 2009 – Friday – YARD GARDEN AND PATIO SHOW

Wear comfortable shoes, bring your lunch or buy it there.  This is the show to rev up the plant lust in all of us at the Portland Convention Center. We’ll leave Bethel Baptist parking lot 9:00 sharp.


*      Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Santa Claus Parade”.

*      Thank you to Kim and Beryl for organizing the event.

*      Thank you to Jan Hudson for creating and designing a beautiful Christmas hat for me to wear in the parade.  It was admired by many.

*      Thank you to Jacci Reed and crew who arranged the “wreath making class at her home.  What fun we had!  I believe that the final products were superior in quality to those available in local stores.

*      Thank you to Beverly Mulkey who was my “teacher” instructing me in “how to assemble a wreath”.  It is not true that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  This old person (me) learned a lot.

*      Thank you Norma Parker and her husband who kindly delivered a truck load of greens that were used in the “wreath making” process.

*      Thank you to the club hostesses who continue to provide wonderful snacks each month for our meeting.

*      Thank you to Patty Sorensen for updating our web page.  Also for donating 5 poinsettias to the library on behalf of our club.

Thank you to each member for your faithfulness in attending meetings and interest groups…so ready or not…welcome 2009!    





Thyme after Thyme

Presidents Message – Cathy Burdett


Now that the beautifully wrapped presents have been opened and enjoyed and the good tidings of the season have been given and received it is “time” to reluctantly move forward to an unknown new year.  2009…a new year…a new beginning…a new opportunity for growth and renewal of caring and sharing among the membership of the McMinnville Garden Club.

Although the garden club has a long history of community projects and programs I think it has also survived since 1926 because the members have developed friendships among each other.  I have observed “time after time” many expressions of true friendship among our members. 

 I would encourage you to retain the friendships that you have developed but also to reach out to some of the new members of the club.  In 2009, look for opportunities to connect and also add to your circle of friends.  My problem is that there are so many wonderful, talented motivational members that I want to be “friends” with everyone but of course that is not possible.  However, the investment in time and energy that I have made in developing friends among our members has enriched me enormously. 

I have been blessed by a gift that is not decoratively wrapped in box and tied with a beautiful spectacular ribbon yet it is a unique gift of rare value…it is your gift of friendship.   Thank you.
Thank you, members, for your understanding when we had to cancel our Christmas luncheon.  Obviously, we did not consult the weather!

Thank you to the Executive Board for the time, energy and creativity in preparing and planning a fun and enjoyable event that did not happen. 



Congratulations to the New 2009 Yamhill County Master Gardeners’ Association Board President:   Cathy Burdett


Backyard Habitats                                                                 Marilyn Coats



The only good thing about all this snow is watching the birds.  My husband has cleared a path to our birdfeeders several times as I don’t want the birds to go without food.  It is so much harder for them to find food with everything covered in snow. 

The first ones I notice when it gets colder are the juncos.  They are usually scavenging around the ground.  Chickadees are cute, funny little birds.  They take a seed from the feeder, fly off to a tree to eat it, then come for another seed, and fly to a tree.  The nuthatches do the same going back and forth.  I’ve seen different sparrows such as chipping, white crowned, golden crowned.  Also there are the house finches, pine siskins, and lesser goldfinches (pretty yellow) along with towhees.  And, of course, our resident blue jays with their peanuts.  There are even more birds that come to just get a drink from our waterfall (which didn’t completely freeze).  Patty sent an email to everyone with pictures of many of the birds.

My husband, Garry, made a good size platform feeder that is working out so much better than what we had before.  The bottom screen comes out and it is so much easier to clean.  The birds seem to enjoy it.  Even the juncos hop up there for their seed. 

Even though I bought the hulled millet (a little more expensive but worth not having all those growies coming up), the winter birds are not as enthused.  I bought the smaller hulled sunflower seeds and some half peanuts, mixed them together—that seems to be disappearing quite rapidly and there is nothing on the ground!  

Surprisingly, I have even had two hummingbirds that are enjoying the hummingbird feeder.  I didn’t have much luck during the summer, so I put it away for the winter.  After it turned cold, I noticed a hummer on my rosemary plant and decided to try it again.  I’m glad I did as the two have been coming to the feeder often.  When it got really cold, I placed the feeder in the house at night and then returned it in the morning.  That way I had no problem with it freezing. 

I try to keep the feeders filled (and cleaned) as the birds are my fun entertainment.  Even my husband has started to pay attention to them!



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