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Cathy Burdett

    Thyme after Thyme


The McMinnville Garden Club and its members are special and unique.


It has been a joy and delight to have participated in the personally enriching and fun-filled experience as your president.  This club year has just flown by.  However, the “thyme” has come to install the 2009-2010 McMinnville Garden Club Executive Board members at our meeting on June 8th.  This installation celebration is a “thyme” to thank the “old” board for a job well done and recognize the talent, expertise and creativity of the “new” board.


            So, since this is my last newsletter article as president I wish to thank the garden club members for the friendship, kindness and support they have given me.  I have appreciated the opportunity to serve you as president, thank you!



June 09 Calendar



June 8, 2009 – Meeting – NOTE NEW DATE!
Installation of officers and luncheon followed by
tour of 3 members gardens in the area

900 N. Hill RoadHillside Community manor in the “Activity Room”

10:30-10:45                 Social 

10:45-11:30                 Last business meeting of club year

11:30-12:30                 Installation celebration luncheon

12:30-?                        Garden Visitations

Don't miss our final meeting of the year!  It is one week early this year because the State Garden Club's Convention was a conflict.  Since we are having a buffet, reservations need to be in by June 2. Be sure to send your check for $15 to Patty Sorensen ASAP if you haven't already! In addition to a great meal, we'll be installing next year's officers and visiting 3 members' gardens. Sounds like a great way to end a fun year.



 “The Making a Difference Campaign” is a national garden club project.   The Pioneer District is collecting inkjet, laser printer cartridges and cell phones that will be recycled.  If you have any that you wish to contribute to the project please bring them to a meeting and we will forward them to the Pioneer District.


Save any bottle caps you have – the District is also collecting these


 June 6th – Craft Project - Mosaic Stepping Stones

Our stepping stones workshop will be held at Patty Sorensen’ house at 1666 NW Medinah Drive on June 6th.  Take Hill Rd. to Cottonwood, then follow Cottonwood until it dead ends.  Medinah Drive is the last right off Cottonwood. Parking will be complicated since this is a dead end road so carpooling would be super!

Participants are asked to stagger their arrivals between 8:30-10:00.  Folks making 2 will need to arrive at 8:30 and those who are experienced and can make quick decisions about design should arrive by 10:00.  The workshop will end at noon.  If you have any cutters that will cut thru stained glass, please bring them!!  And hope for sun so we have plenty of room!!!  There will be a few designs like a butterfly, frog, sun, etc. ready for folks to just add backgrounds to for an additional fee too.


June 6th – 11:00-2:00 The Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City at 1931 NW 33rd Street is having an Open House to celebrate a newly landscaped area of the yard.

June 7th 2009 Garden Club Surveys

Don’t forget to turn in your surveys by to Patty Sorensen.  Your valuable input will help point us in the right direction for next year’s activities.  If you didn’t receive a survey or need another copy it is located at:    If you don’t have Internet access, please call Patty to have a copy mailed to you.  Let your voice be heard!  THANKS! 


June 28th 2009 Garden Tour and Faire

                   Don’t forget our pretour event for all garden/faire workers on Sat. June 27th!












July 22nd Budget Meeting

A Budget Planning Meeting will be held on July 22nd at 10:00 at Patty Sorensen’s house.  The new board will be working on the club’s budget for the 2009-2010 year.  Everyone is welcome.  If you are unable to attend but have suggestions/concerns, please talk to one of the new officers prior to the meeting:  Patty Sorensen, Ann Silverthorne, Beryl Anderson or Stephanie Janik.


Motion made at last Club Meeting

1.      Judy Eggers moved that yearly club dues be raised to $15.00 per member; Motion was seconded by Sharon Gunter.  Motion passed without opposition.

2.      Officer nominees for the 2009-2010 year are: President, Patty Sorensen; Vice President, Ann Silverthorne; Secretary, Beryl Anderson; Treasurer, Stephanie Janik.  Evelyn Mundinger made a Motion to accept the Officers as presented; Judy Wilkerson seconded the Motion; Motion passed without opposition.



I'd like to thank every one who helped on the CLEAN-UP of 3RD St (and all side-streets) and especially Stephanie and Amy who helped me finish up on the second day.  WE ARE DONE and downtown looks great and in time forFarmers Market.  I'm especially thankful for RoseMarie Caughron who led us all.  THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. 

Curved Up Ribbon: “Hidden Treasures”





GARDEN FAIRE (63 Vendors – WOW!! )

June 28, 2009


It’s June and the days are counting down quickly for the Garden Tour/Faire.  The banner is up on the lathe house at Kramer’s.  Les and his volunteers are manning the booth at the Farmers Market!  Les knows everybody in town and they all want to stop to say hello to him.  What a good person to have in charge of our Garden Club booth!!  Judy and I did the first shift on May 28th and almost everybody who stopped at the booth had been on a previous Tour and they had all visited the Garden Faire! 


The Horticulture Committee and Day of Tour Chairs have been to see the Tour gardens and meet the owners.  The gardens all looked beautiful!  Joanne has another vendor interested in the Garden Faire.  If he signs on, that will make #63.  Way to go, Joanne!!  She and Julie are doing their final planning for location lay-out for the vendors.  They are really going to be busy on the morning of the Tour/Faire!!!!


This gorgeous weather has to inspire people to visit gardens so it should be a great time to sell your tickets!   Nobody wants to be inside when the sun is shining and there is no better way to spend a beautiful Sunday than the McMinnville Garden Tour/Faire.  If we’re excited about it, other people will be too!


Judy Eggers           Sharon Gunter

      Garden Tour Co-Chairs



Backyard Habitats                                                                Marilyn Coats




Ants are social insects of the family Formicidae.  They form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies that can occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals. 

Ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth.  The only places lacking indigenous ants are Antarctica and a few large islands such as Greenland, Iceland, parts of Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands. 

The life of an ant starts from an egg and develops by complete metamorphosis with the larval stages passing through a pupal stage before emerging as an adult.  An ant’s head contains many sensory organs.  They have compound eyes made from numerous tiny lenses attached together.  All six of their legs are attached to the thorax.  A hooked claw at the end of each leg helps ants to climb and hang onto many surfaces.  Most queens and male ants have wings. 

Ant colonies can be long lived.  The queens can live for up to 30 years and workers live from 1-3 years.  Males are more transitory and survive only a few weeks. 

We seem to have several colonies of ants in our backyard.  Even when changing dirt in the pots, I’ll find an ant colony in the bottom.  Can’t seem to get rid of them—they just move to another location. 

As you have read the past few months in this column, our backyards are teeming with many live critters.  I have just scratched the surface of the life in our yards, good and bad.  It is as interesting and varied as the plants we enjoy.  I hope I have been able to introduce you to some critter information that you weren’t aware of. 




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