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McMinnville Garden Club PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR          503-434-4344                June, 2010

June President’s Message   “Dig In”

Develop Skills, Increase Civic Service, and Grow Friendships by  Involvement & Nurturing 

Can you believe it?  We are having our LAST meeting for the 2009-2010 year.  Seems like just yesterday the board was scrambling to get things organized for the September meeting!  My how time flies!  And yes, I think we’ve had fun.  We sure hope to see most of you at our year end luncheon.  It will be at MICHELBOOK Country Club, not at Hillside.  Our time has changed too!  We meet at 11 AM for our short board meeting  with a brief discussion of the budget needed for August, September, October and our new board’s installation followed by lunch.  YUM Then we’ll be treated to a special presentation on Raptors.  Don’t forget to return any unsold tickets to this luncheon so we have them available the day of the tour.  Of course, everyone is selling all the tickets they were given, so no one will have to remember this tiny detail.  Right?

The luncheon WILL be followed by a week of sunshine in preparation for our tour/faire.  Joanne and Elsie have done a remarkable job getting MANY new vendors and I’m sure Mike and Gaye are excited to get the tour going.  After so much planning, it is time for the event!  And then the celebration.  Be sure to sell or give out your tickets and get the money to Kim as soon as possible so the books can be closed out by early July.  Then we can plan the additional details for the new budget for 2010-11.

There’s more fun to come this summer too with two field trips planned:  one to Cistus on Monday, June 11th and one to the Gathering Together Farm in Philomath and Dancing Oaks Nursery on Wednesday, August 18th.    We plan to start our next year off with a field trip to the Oregon Garden in late September.  What fun! Hope to see you at our events in June, July and August.  Enjoy your summer of garden work.  Before you know it, we’ll be putting our flower beds and gardens back to bed for the winter.  Time does fly when you are having fun!  See you soon!

Just to be sure folks read both this article and the newsletter, the SECRET word is “sunshine”.  I’ll be asking for it during the June luncheon.  A prize will be awarded to a reader. 

A BIG thank you to both Cathy Burdett and Anne Silverthorne as they finish their tenures on the club’s board.  Cathy served as President and Past President and is looking forward to lightening her load.  She has been active in Master Gardeners, the Garden Club and her yard is on the tour this year.  I know she deserves our hearty thanks for all of her efforts!! Anne has been serving as our Vice President for the past two years.  Luckily she is not leaving us totally as she will be organizing the field trips for next year.  We appreciate her energy and grace.  Thanks, ladies!

New Garden Club Board

Both Patty Sorensen, as President, and Stephanie Janik, as Treasurer, remain in their current positions for another term.  Beryl Anderson is also staying on the board but is swapping her role as Secretary for that of Vice President.  Go, Beryl!  AND we welcome a new member to the board.  Cindy Flake is joining us as our new Secretary.  We look forward to a newer Garden Club member being on the board to help question us about “WHY” we do what we’ve always done and to bring new perspectives to us.  It will be a FUN year again next year!!!  AND we always welcome members attending board meetings.  Hope to see you there next year providing us with guidance and support.

It's almost here! The 10th annual Garden Tour and Faire is coming quickly-June 27th. Tickets are available to sell and we hope you are inviting everyone you know and meet.


We've found the best source is to take tickets with you when you do your nursery shopping, as garden and plant-lovers are in 1 place, just waiting to be invited! Kim has more tickets if you need them. The club goal is to sell the whole 800 printed!

That would generate $8,000 for the club's use for outreach.


The Garden Faire is going to be phenomenal this year with some 54+ Vendors, 21 of whom are new ones!

Again, Just tell people! They want to know, so let's share our hard work and the news to get them there.

We wish to thank all our wonderful team leaders and committees for working so diligently to make this year's event “The Biggest and the Best”!


The Garden Club members who've so graciously offered their beautiful gardens, are sincerely thanked and appreciated. It's an honor to feature Garden club Gardens to commemorate our 10th year! Thank you Cathy, Cindy, Adrienne, Margaret and Jean!

We'll see you in the garden!

Pre-tour Event, Saturday, June 26th - Meet at 9:30 at the Bethel Baptist Church parking lot to carpool to the tour gardens.  This event is for those who will be working on Sunday and want to spend their free time AT THE FAIRE.  All tour homeowners are invited as they’ll be quite busy on Sunday!  AND it is going to be sunny for days before with NO RAIN and no temps over 80.  Please? 

After Tour/Faire Celebration Don't forget to join us for a no host dinner/celebration at Golden Valley Brew Pub after the tour/faire on the 27th at 6:00.   

Mike & Gaye Stewart, Event Co-Chairs 


Ladies - Tell your sisters, your brothers, your neighbors and your Mother, and bend the ear of everyone you come across in town!!!  This is THE biggest Garden Faire we've ever had - packed with 60 outstanding vendors that you won't want to miss!  There is everything from gorgeous, whimsical, awesome, humorous, and practical to hard-to-find.  So, raid your piggy banks and "mad money" and come on down!  Remember - without buyers, we can't keep vendors. 

Joanne DeWitt and Elsie Carpenter Faire C0-Chairs


June 21, 2010 – Lunch/Installation Meeting

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Michelbook Country Club

BBQ buffet luncheon.  Cost is $17 prepaid.  We’ll be enjoying a short business meeting, a GREAT lunch with friends and a program with LIVE birds!!!  Prepaid eservations due to Stephanie Janik by June 15th.



 Karen's talk will be on the benefits and drawbacks of birds in the garden. She will also discuss  the use of pesticides and introducing ways to attract birds to the garden.  Karen will bring two types of raptor; identity to be determined.  She will show outside of the Michelbook building.  

 Don't forget to bring a Flower to the June luncheon.  This is one way to share your garden flowers with all the members.  A casual judging will take place with ribbons!!!  And the arrangements will be raffled off to go home with lucky meeting attendees.  Remember to put your arrangement in a container that you don’t need back.  Last year Barbara’s were incredible!!!  I look forward to seeing your creativity and a sampling of what you have in your yards that has managed to bloom with this strange late Spring weather.   


Mosaic Stepping Stone, Saturday, June 5, Jean Lierman’s house  9:30-12

Time for us to do our mosaic stepping stones again.  These have been very popular with our members for the past several years. The cost will be $30 and must be prepaid.

If you would rather do a bird bath, the cost is $75.00 if you do all the work/gluing etc. She'll take it home and grout it. They are really pretty when finished.  Prepaid eservations due by June 3 to Jean.

Budget Meeting Input
          A preliminary 2010-2011 budget meeting is being held on Monday, June 7th (Please note the date change from the May agenda to JUNE 7th) at 10 AM at Patty Sorensen’s house.  ALL members are invited to attend.  We appreciate any input we receive!  The regular board meeting will follow.  The board is going to bring a budget request for the expenses that will occur in July-October to the June meeting rather than waiting until the September meeting to get an OK for money we will have already spent.  At the September meeting we will vote on the full 2010-2011 budget.  Plans can’t be made until we know how much we make from this year’s tour and someone volunteers for the leadership role for next year’s tour.  Without leadership, we won’t be able to have a tour thus impacting our community activity donations.  I’ve had one person volunteer who would co-chair with someone else who has computer skills.  That means we are part-way there!!???

National Garden Week Celebration, June 7

The McMinnville Garden Club will be celebrating National Garden Week by providing the Public Library with Flower Arrangements.  Start looking for a vase that you don’t need to take home; fill it with your artistic display of flowers and deliver to the Public Library between 9-11.  The library is closed to the public on Mondays but you can deliver them to the service entry across from the book drop.  There will be employees inside to take them.  Share your visions!  AND help us celebrate National Garden Week.


Cistus Nursery Field Trip, June 11

Cistus Nursery is a retail micro-nursery located on scenic Sauvie Island, 15 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon. Cistus offers Mediterranean climate, southern hemisphere, hardy tropical plants, and more. While visiting the nursery we will also wander through their display gardens.

Meet at the Bethel Baptist Church parking lot by 9:30.  You should bring a sack lunch/drink for this expedition.  We will be traveling over 50 miles to Sauvie Island.  Should be a beautiful drive thru Forest Grove, Hillsboro and north to the island. 

June 19th, Saturday, from 11:00-5:00. Yamhill County 4-H

 Stacey Lynn's Farm, and Slow Foods Yamhill County invite you to attend a free, self-guided tour of six gardens and chicken coops in the Yamhill County area Please register for this event by contacting the OSU Extension office.

August 18 - Gathering Together Farm Field Trip/Lunch, & Dancing Oaks Nursery?

****PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE.  They are not open on Mondays!

We would like to make lunch reservations so please call or email Patty by August 10 if you plan to go on this one!  Gathering Together Farm is a project in certified organic vegetable and fruit production began in 1987. Their home base is just south of Philomath, Oregon on Grange Hall Road. Their fields are small odd shaped parcels of land, 1 to 5 acres in size, hugging the Mary's River. All totaled, they farm about 65 acres. Diversity is one of the keystones of the farm. Each year they sell over 40 different types of vegetables of over 100 different varieties through their Farm Stand and booths at local farmers' markets.  We will enjoy a lunch of their homegrown products.  See the menu at:

If there is time and interest, we will stop at Dancing Oaks Nursery on the way home.  They have an INCREDIBLE wealth of healthy plants from around the world and a beautiful display garden.  

September 20, 8:30 at Hillside - For our first meeting of the 2010-2011 season

The official board meeting will be the Monday prior, September 13, at 10 AM at Stephanie Janik’s.  We will be presenting the budget for a vote at the September meeting.  Speaker to be announced later.

Penny Pines Quilt Hanging Raffle


Beryl (the maker) and Patty (the winner)

 Great job Beryl and congrats to Patty




BAD Bug!!! - BAD Bug!!!  Marilyn Coats 

Since I wrote about good bugs last month, bad bugs should have equal billing.  However, it seems like there are so many more bad bugs than good ones!  Some of the more common ones include:

Spider Mites – Minute, 8-legged, 1/50” mites with fine hairs on body in colors of red, pale green or yellow.  Most, but not all, spin fine webs.  They suck the juices from cells on the undersides of leaves.  Early damage appears as yellow specked areas on leaf undersides.  Later, leaves are bronzed or turn yellow or white with brown edges and webs may cover the leaves.  The mites overwinter in garden debris and emerge in early spring.  My experience has been that stressed plants that don’t get enough water are prone to spider mites.  If you catch them early, you can spray them with water or insecticidal soap.  Since I don’t seem to notice them early enough (who can see these very teeny insects), my plants just croak! 

Aphids – Pear shaped, 1/32” – 1/8” insects with two short tubes projecting backward from the abdomen with long antennae.  They can be green, pink, black, dusty grey, or with white fluffy coating with or without wings.  Aphids suck the sap from plants causing leaf, bud and flower distortion and secrete sticky honeydew that supports growth of sooty mold.  Their feeding on the plants can spread viral diseases.  Eggs overwinter on woody stems, hatching in spring into stem females, which can give birth continuously to live nymphs without having to mate.  The stem females mature in 1-2 weeks.  In the fall, males and normal females are born; these mate to produce overwintering eggs.  No wonder when you see a couple of aphids one day, the next day there will be hundreds!  Spray with a strong stream of water to knock them off or use insecticidal spray.  You can also squash them with your fingers, wearing gloves of course. 

Cutworms – Adults are brown or grey moths (1-1/2” wingspan).  Larvae are fat, greasy-looking, grey or dull brown 1”-2” caterpillars with shiny heads.  At night caterpillars feed on stems of plants near the soil line, severing them or completely consuming small seedlings.  During the day they rest below the soil surface, curled beside plant stems.  Put collars made of paper, cardboard or plastic around the stems at planting, pushing collars into the soil until half of collar is below soil level.  If transplants are damaged, dig around base and destroy the hiding larvae.  Also to avoid damage, set the transplants out later in the season. 





Library Plant Cleanup Crew

Cindy, Joanne, Elsie, Patty, Amy    GOOD JOB!!!!

Hospitality THANKS

A Special Thanks to Anita and Les for their monthly work organizing our meeting treats.  AND thanks to those who shared their treats with us.  They were enjoyed by all!





Cathy Burdett announced the slate of officers are 2010-2011.  They are:

President - Patty Sorensen; Vice President - Beryl Anderson; Treasurer - Stephanie Janik; and, Secretary - Cindy Flake.  Mary Jo Capps moved that a unanimous ballot be cast the these officers.  The motion was seconded and passed.


The Master Gardeners requested a donation to build a new shed at the Fairgrounds.  Mary Jo Capps moved that the Club donate $50 and then pass the hat if members wished to donate additional funds.  The motion was seconded and passed.




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