Garden Clippings - June 2012

McMinnville Garden Club, PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR  503-434-4344


    Monday, June 18, 2012 – MEETING

Hillside Retirement Community                                             PLEASE REMEMBER TO

 “Activity Room” at the Manor                                              PARK IN THE CHURCH

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128                           PARKING LOT!

Year End Luncheon

$11.50 payment/reservation needs to be to Mike by June 11th

Social time  9-9:30

Business Meeting/Installation of Officers 10-10:30

Speaker 10:30-11:30

John Kasseboom, Garden Corner Nursery  10:30-11:30

“Creating Amazing Hanging Baskets and How to Care for Them”

Luncheon/Fun catered by Hillside  11:30-12:30

Tour of 2 members’ gardens  12:30+

President’s Message                                                                          Merle Dean Feldman

It does not seem possible that the end of our garden club year is almost here.    This is such an amazing club and wonderful group of folks.  The activities and projects accomplished this year is the result of many hands, heads and hearts.   Almost every day this last year, I have been humbled by the work that one of our members did that day.  So many people stepped forward to help so quickly when a request was made.  And those people often went above and beyond the call of duty.  Thanks to all of you for helping in so many ways to accomplish our goals in this community.   I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you again next year.  Thank you. 

I want to extend a very special thank you to the board members who have worked so hard this year.  They are an amazing group of folks to work with.  I am looking so forward to working with them again next year.   Their dedication to the club is very much appreciated.

The 12th  annual Garden Tour and Faire is almost here.  Tickets are now available to sell and we hope you have invited all of your family and friends to this wonderful event.  If you have not received your tickets, please contact June Benson or Doris Crain.  

We wish to thank all of the wonderful tour and faire team leaders and committees for working diligently to accomplish their goals.  Their work has been outstanding and very well-organized.     The selected gardens are beautiful, interesting and nothing short of fantastic.  

We hope to see all of you at our final meeting and luncheon at Hillside.  The menu is wonderful and the events of the day are the best.  It will be such a fun way to end our club year.  Please invite guests if you like and be sure to get your money for the luncheon of $11.50 to Mike Stewart by June 11, so reservations can be made.  Come prepared to stay after the luncheon to tour Cindi’s and Ann’s gardens, which they have so graciously opened to us special for that day. 

Finally, do not forget the Pretour for workers on June 23rd and the After Tour/Faire Celebration.  Please join us for a no host dinner/celebration after the tour/faire on the 24th at Golden Valley Brew Pub at 6:00.


SAVE THESE DATES:                                    Mark Your Calendars

May 31       Field Trip – Arbutus Garden Arts Nursery, 24639 Gerrish Valley Road,

             (For map)

                   Meet at Bethel Baptist Church for carpool that leaves promptly at 9:30

June 6        Arts and Crafts - Miniature Gardens – Jean Lierman’s  10 AM

June 11      Board Meeting, Laughing Bean 10:00

June 18      Club Meeting, Officer Installation luncheon, and fun speaker!   Special Garden tour after meeting—Cindi Miller’s and Ann Silverthorne’s gardens

                   $11.50 reservation for luncheon is due to Mike Stewart by June 11.

June 19-21 Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs’ Annual Convention, Wilsonville  More info

June 23      Garden pre-tour for tour workers.  Meet at 9:30 at the Bethel Baptist Church parking lot to carpool to the tour gardens.

June 24      Garden Tour and Faire

                   After Tour/Faire Celebration – Meet at 6:00 pm Golden Valley Brew Pub

July 20       Field trip to Joy Creek Nursery, Scappoose.  Meet at 9:30 at the Bethel Baptist  parking lot to carpool to Scappoose

 “The Art of Gardening” Garden Tour Update

Can you believe our wonderful event will be over in a month?  Time’s really flying by!  Doris and June distributed ticket packets at our May meeting, and will be following up with members who were not present to claim their packets.  Remember to contact one of them for additional tickets, or if you have any questions.  At the latest, you may bring your unsold tickets and money to the June 18 meeting. Unsold tickets are needed for the day of the tour so PLEASE get them all back in by June 18th.  This is our only fundraiser, and we need every member’s support and participation to make our event the best ever!

Committee Leaders:  Our fourth group meeting is June 18 after the luncheon and regular club meeting.    Please come prepared to report on your committee’s progress so far.   Your attendance is vital so we can assure we’re all on task, and clear up any last-minute questions or concerns.  If you absolutely cannot attend, please call or email and let us know, so we can report for you.  Again, thanks for all the hard work you’re doing!                                    Elsie Carpenter and Judy Wilkerson, Garden Tour Coordinators


Horticulture                                                                  by Cindy Flake

I could not come up with a better topic than sharing the joy that I’ve had in participating in the McMinnville Garden Club these past few years.

I appreciate the fact that you have included me into the fold like one of the family.  That is a rare trait and I brag on you readily about it to others.  Each of you has a gift in your heart that makes the club what it is...FUN!!!

I so appreciate the many ways to become friends with fellow club members, apart from the regular meetings:  from making Arts and Crafts projects, such as holiday wreaths and baskets, bird feeders, and miniature gardens, to taking Field Trips to nursery tours, plant sales, and other garden events.

I am amazed at your ability to band together and “pull off” the Tour and Faire each year.  What an undertaking!  During my first season in the club, I recall that Georgia and Jean did a skit at a meeting about their term as Tour and Faire leaders.  They lamented with humor, “What do we do?! What do we do?!...and acted as though it was not much effort on their part.  We all know better and kudos to each of you who has taken that role!

Although my new job will prevent me from attending many activities, I hope to stay involved as much as I can.  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, June 24th…Put me to work!

Wildlife Habitat:           Fatal Attraction                                                                 By June Benson

Why do birds fly into windows? Birds may see glass as open space.

Windows may be a fatal attraction, especially to male birds defending their territory during mating season. The males will see their reflection in glass, believing it’s a competing male, and attack the glass repeatedly in an attempt to drive the intruder off. The species that do this most frequently--Cardinals, Robins, and Towhees—tend to be very territorial. We recently watched a bird repeatedly attack his reflection in the front windshield of our guest’s car which was parked in our driveway (I probably shouldn’t mention all that the bird left behind for us to clean up.)   

Window collisions can occur during all seasons, all times of day, and with windows facing any direction. The Audubon Society’s Wildlife Care Center admits 200-300 birds each year from the Portland metropolitan area that have been injured or killed in window collisions. A collision may temporarily stun a bird that flies off, but often these birds later die from internal bleeding or brain injuries. In fact one major research study estimates one out of every two strikes results in the death of a bird. Those of us who feed wild birds in our backyard really have an added responsibility to try to prevent such injuries and deaths.

            Make your windows safer:

*Of course you know to apply decals to the outside of a window. But did you know that putting one window sticker on is not going to prevent collisions? Birds will attempt to fly through an area the size of an average handprint, so both the Audubon Society and the National Wildlife Federation recommend that decals be applied every 4 inches for the best result. The design of a decal or sticker is immaterial. Hawk silhouette stickers are probably no more or less useful than smiley faces.  Some decals include a component that reflects ultraviolet sunlight. It glows like a stoplight to birds, but it is not visible to the human eye. Buchanan Cellers in McMinnville carries these decals and you can also find them online (check


A newer member, Betty Ballentine, underwent open-heart recently and is doing well.  If you’d like to drop her a card her address is:  750 S. Westvale in Mac.


JUNE Arts and Crafts                                                  June 6,    10 AM    Jean L’s.

Miniature Gardens Arts & Crafts returns at Jean L’s house at 10 AM to create our cute miniature gardens again. Bring your container, décor and plants! Dirt will be provided for $1. One small plant can be divided into several clumps for this tiny garden. This year you can find supplies locally. Kraemer’s has miniature/fairy garden plants and some décor.  Incahoots has a large selection of fairy garden décor. Websites for additional information and samples of miniature gardens can be found on the Garden Club web site at:  Mini Gardens 2012 (ignore the date)  Ann also recommends:  for decor.


MEET  ADRIENNE  SCHOUTEN                                                                Roving Reporter Rosemary Vertregt

            Another active, interesting, generous McMinnville Garden Club member--the list just never ends!  Adrienne acquired her Dutch last name from husband Hans , or Johannes, who came from The Netherlands with his family at age eight to settle in Portland.  It was his large, happy laugh (and blue eyes) that first caught her attention, and now they have three children and five grandchildren, and they've been married 41years! {Ask Adrienne about the "empty sugar-bowl, blind date" story} Hans worked for accounting firm Touche-Ross, and they spent three years living in Holland when he was transferred to their office there. They very much enjoyed traveling in Europe, and to Russia and Scandinavia while there.

             For 25 years the Schouten family lived on a large acreage in Sheridan, growing wine grapes for Amity and other local wineries. That's big time gardening!  Adrienne credits her mother-in-law for fostering her love and knowledge of growing plants, but her own design and horticultural skills are evident in the beauty surrounding, and inside her home.  A large pond is just outside the living room window, paths wander beside beds of healthy-looking perennials and shrubs, and trellises await the many clematis and other vines.  Adrienne is very attuned to design and color combinations, and has planted with that in mind.

Adrienne shared samples of her watercolor "studies" done for a class she attends with fellow member Doris Crain, and also read me a moving poem she wrote about a doe and her new-born fawn. She enjoys reading and writing poetry, the words and the feelings reached and expressed in this way. Adrienne also attends a book club of twelve women and a Bible Study group.  In Garden Club, she especially enjoys small groups where members can make friends, like Arts & Crafts and Field Trips. She has done volunteer work for a Citizenship and Literacy organization:  under a contract made with Bailey's Nursery, she worked teaching a 40 year old employee who showed great promise at work, but could not read a word.  She was moved when he later thanked her for making it possible for him to read to his children.  What a gal!

(She shared her floral design talents with us at the May meeting by creating all the table bouquets!)


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"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."
-  L. M. Montgomery