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              March 2009 Calendar        


March 3rd  

Arts & Crafts Architectural Trip

The Arts & Crafts group will leave at 9:30 AM from the Bethel Baptist Church.  We’ll also organize our carpools that day once we know how many are going!  Plan for an all day trip.  We will be visiting two stores that are known for their collection of architectural items for the home and garden. For more info: call Patty Sorensen

Stop #1 - approx. 10:30 - Portland:  The Rebuilding Company on Mississippi Ave. and one block away, Pistils Nursery

11:45     Quick lunch at Laughing Planet Café

Stop #2 - approx.  1:45 - Aurora’s Architectural Supply Company, then carpools are on your own….great antique shops!


March 12th – Field Trip – Hanging Tube Planters

Leave Bethel Baptist church at 9:30

Information – Judy Eggers


March 16th - Meeting

900 N. Hill RoadHillside Community manor in the “Activity Room”

Social time: 9:30a.m.  Program Speaker: Patricia Loveland

She is past president of Willamette Valley Daylily Club and served six years as American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) Region 8 publicity director, four more as regional vice-president, and six as regional newsletter editor. Presently, she is on the AHS board of directors and an AHS daylily judge, and her garden is an official AHS display garden.


Over two hundred hybrid daylily cultivars are in her collection, and most of these were introduced in the last ten years. Most importantly, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for daylilies with others is a delight!


 “The Making a Difference Campaign” is a national garden club project.   The Pioneer District is collecting inkjet, laser printer cartridges and cell phones that will be recycled.  If you have any that you wish to contribute to the project please bring them to a meeting and we will forward them to the Pioneer District.




March 28 at 10:00 AM.

Bonsai class will be presented by Elizabeth Estacio.
We should meet and car pool from Baker Creek Baptist Church. Time 8:45 AM.

All supplies will be provided – pot/plant/tools/potting soil 

Please send $40. 00 payment directly to Terra Gardens ($45 if you pay the day of the class)

270 Cordon Road NE. – Salem 97317 (503-581-0441



“Hidden Treasures”

June 28, 2009


Thanks to all of you who signed up at the February meeting to help with the Garden Tour.  Sign-up sheets will be going around again at the March meeting for those of you who missed the February meeting or couldn’t quite decide where you wanted to help.  It takes a little bit of effort from all of our Club members to make our Tour/Faire successful but it gives us a great opportunity to do something really memorable for our community!


The morning Docents for Day of Tour will be assisting Jan Elliott as her Horticulture Committee members this year.  The Docents are Mildred Reppeto, Cindi Miller, Patti Gregory, Evelyn Mundinger and Rosemary Vertregt.  As members of the Horticulture Committee, the Docents will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the interesting and unusual plants in each garden and to become better acquainted with the garden owners prior to the Tour.


Joanne DeWitt has been very busy making phone calls and sending messages to potential vendors.  She’s getting a good response with over 20 vendors so far.  Good job, Joanne!!!


We have sent in our application for a booth at the Farmers Market from May 28th to June 25th.  We have the approval from the City for holding the Garden Faire on Cowls between 2nd and 4th.  We are working with Vicki Brink on the posters and tickets.  We’ll be meeting with each of the committee Chairs during the next few months to make sure they have everything they need to do their jobs well.  We welcome suggestions or comments on how to make the Tour/Faire more fun and more successful so if you have a good idea, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Judy Eggers           Sharon Gunter

      Garden Tour Co-Chairs


Backyard Habitats                                                                 Marilyn Coats


BATS (The Flying Kind)

Many people have misconceptions regarding bats.  After watching horror movies, bats are looked at as being large, blood-sucking creatures.  Or that they fly into people’s hair and get stuck.  A more accurate image of most North American bats would be a group swooping into a cloud of bugs and consuming 600-1000 bugs per

hour.  This bug control function is an asset to any ecosystem and provides a very beneficial role for humans, helping to rid cities and farmlands of bugs that are annoying and economically damaging. 


Bats are the only mammals that can fly.  They can weigh as little as 2 grams (less than 1/10 of an ounce) or as much as 2 pounds and give birth to one young or pup per year.  They are nocturnal—active at night, resting during the day.  Their eyesight is excellent, and to find their way around the dark, they use echolocation or built-in sonar.  Bats are not aggressive, short-tempered animals as depicted.  They actually have mild dispositions. 


Ways to attract bats to our gardens is by planting fragrant flowers so night-flying bugs can make an easy meal for them.  Natural water sources are important as well as providing bat houses for them in your yard. 


An average bat will eat more than 300 bugs a night.  While using chemicals to rid your yard of bugs might make for a quick fix, it cannot rid your yard of all bugs and causes a grave threat to many of their natural predators.  If a bat or bird consumes a sprayed bug, they can ingest the toxic chemicals that can make them very ill or kill them.  Instead use safer remedies sparingly or let their natural predators eliminate the bugs. 


Bats have been given a bad rap and are actually very beneficial to our garden.  Being correctly educated regarding these creatures is very important for the sake of our environment.   




President’s Message

Cathy Burdett

    Thyme after Thyme




            When a group of “avid, addicted gardeners” have an opportunity to sit and share commonalities, the result is fun, fun, and more fun.  Time after time I have observed how effortless and enjoyable it is to talk to others on gardening and horticultural topics.   The February club meeting was such an occasion.

Celebrating Oregon’s 150th birthday, President’s Day and Valentine’s Day was a special time as members visited together at lunch.  The McMinnville Garden Club has a legacy of investing in our community through programs and projects and it also has a history of developing long-lasting friendships.  I personally count many members as my friends. 

Thank you to the exceptionally talented members who generously donated the wonderful centerpieces.  Each one was unique and reflected the originality of the creator. 

Thank you to Patty who prepared the “Oregon Quiz” which was interesting and fun for members to ponder and answer.  We live in a wonderful state!

Thank you to each member who completed the “nomination form” for upcoming officers for 2009-2010.  This will provide valuable information for Amy Eads, (Nominations Chair) and will save her time and energy from telephoning members for their suggestions.  You can still contact Amy if you wish to nominate a member to the Executive Board.

Thank you to Gaye Stewart for her perseverance in the purchase of a bench for the McMinnville Police Department.  This was her “President’s Project” and it has taken an inordinate amount of her time to see the project to completion.  The dedication ceremony was well attended by our members and when Gaye dramatically removed the sheet covering the bench the response was overwhelmingly one of appreciation.  It is a beautiful work of art.  A plaque has been placed on it recognizing the generous donation by the McMinnville Garden Club.  We can be very proud that we have participated in this completed project.  



Internet Links

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State web site 


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Fresh Dirt: (various interesting articles)

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Update on the Billboard Legislation

GREAT NEWS!  A bill has been sponsored by Senator Hass from Beaverton to prohibit the use of LED signs as previously discussed at our meetings.  The Oregon Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. and members have been very active in securing this Bill.  To read it, head to

You can also head to   ; their message to us is:

Now it is important that you call the Representative and Senator in your area and let them know about Senate Bill 607. Ask them to co-sponsor the bill. In essence, it asks for a ban on digital billboards. The more co-sponsors we can get, the better chance we have. Ask them to call for a hearing on the bill and then be ready to send written comments to the committee assigned to hear it. Our work begins in earnest now.”

SO, once again consider taking action by contacting our area’s legislators:

Senator Brian Boquist      E-Mail:  Phone: (503) 986-1712

Representative Jim Weidner     E-Mail:  Phone: (503) 986-1424