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9:30-12:15 Hillside Retirement Community

“Activity Room” at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128



May 20 - General Meeting       9:30-12:15

Social Time: 9:30 - Meeting at 10 am - Speaker at 11:00 am

Speaker: *** Change in Program for our May meeting:  Rather than watching a demonstration of plant propagation, we have scheduled a "hands-on" Workshop led by Patti Gregory, who is a former member of MGC, a Master Gardener, and a volunteer working many hours a week at Newberg High School's Horticulture Class.  When you see all the healthy, vigorous perennials coming into bloom along the highway through Newberg, you will be seeing the results of her work with the students! Patti will be assisted by some of our club members who are also Master Gardeners.  The Propagation Workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4 from 9:00 to 1:00 at the Yamhill County OSU Extension building on Lafayette. More detailed information will be forthcoming. *** AND *** At our May 20th. Club Meeting, we will have the Premiere Showing of our member-written & produced "McMinnville Garden Club's Tour & Faire Slide Show Presentation"! Of course, we will also have our Club Election of Officers, our tasty "Meet, Eat, & Greet" at 9:30, spell-binding reports & announcements, reminders, notifications, and our always popular Raffle. Also on the Program will be Experts (many of whom you will recognize) conducting "Five-Minute University", or even "Ten-Minute University" Classes on gardening topics.  Don't forget to "Come Grow With Us"!


Presidents Message  Come Grow With Us”

Dear Members:

Wasn't Mike Darcy Great!


We all enjoyed his presentation. He sent a thank you note saying we were a fun group. He appreciated the gift basket and had already used the Golden Valley Brew Pub gift certificate for lunch on his way home from the meeting. The metal chicken and chocolates were much appreciated by his wife.


Thank you, Jacci, for the old fashioned May Baskets that decorated our tables at April's meeting.


I would like to thank Ann Silverthorne for stepping up to fill the vice-president position.


Nine members attended the District Spring Luncheon and installation of new officers April 18th in Hillsboro at the Meriweather National Golf Club   It was Gaye Stewart's last meeting as District President.  The speaker was Mallory Gwynn, host of "Simply Gardening With Mallory" on television and radio. His topic was "Small Fruits and Berries."  He told how his parents had instilled a love of gardening in him.

He encouraged those present to share their love of gardening with their grandchildren so they will be aware of where  their food comes from.


 Congratulations to Helen Redbird-Smith! Helen entered three photos in the district contest and her photo of a butterfly was selected to be entered in the OFCG state contest.


Remember, don't let those weeds win!


Looking forward to the May Meeting,

Your Fellow Weeder,



2013 Events Calendar


May 4th/5thClackamas Co. Master Gardeners Plant Sale – County Event Center in Canby


May 10 - May 11- Polk County Master Gardeners Plant Sale

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in building “C” at the Polk County Fairgrounds, 520 S. Pacific Highway W (99W) in Rickreall. Admission and parking are free. New, unusual, rare and hard-to-find plants of all kinds are the focus of the totally revamped, 23rd Annual

May 19 –Last day to visit Cecil & Molly Smith’s Garden in St. Paul – open Sat and Sun (11 to 4) till then


May 22 is an Arts & Crafts FIELD TRIP to Godfrey’s Nursery in Aumsville to purchase sedums for our May 23 Funky Sedum Creations activity.  Everyone is welcome!  Field Trip is not limited to the Arts & Crafts activity folks. While there you will undoubtedly purchase more than sedums. Great prices and healthy plants!  MARK YOUR CALENDAR.  9:30 at Bethel Baptist.  Plan to stop for lunch or bring along a sack lunch.


May 23rd – Sedum Creations – 9:30 – Jacci Reed’s house – We will meet at Bethel Baptist to carpool out to Jacci’s. You will need an 11 x 14 empty frame, painted in your choice of color.  Jacci’ husband has made boxes with wire containers to fit the frame.


HERBS                                                     Horticulture - Marilyn Coats


Herbs are fun plants and I love to plant different ones.  Then I walk around the garden and smell all the fragrances! 

They are easy to grow as long as they have excellent drainage in sun to partial sun.  Also, the majority of herbs are relatively pest and disease free.  I plant them in pots, barrels and raised beds.  Some of my favorites include:

·       Mints – spearmint, peppermint, orange, chocolate, pineapple.  It is best to put them in pots as they spread like wildfire and are hard to eliminate. 

·       Basil – sweet, purple ruffles, Thai, bush, cinnamon.   Basil does not do well if planted too early in the season as it doesn’t like cold. 

·       Oregano – spicy, Italian, Greek.  Not fussy about soil type but needs good drainage. 

·       Thyme – lemon, lime, common, creeping, woolly.  They are diminutive Mediterranean members of the mint family.  Well suited for rock gardens.  Shear or cut back established plants to keep them compact. 

·       Sage – purple, pineapple, golden, tricolor, variegated.  This is the largest genus in the mint family.  Prune plants in spring and replace about every 3 years or they will become woody and less productive. 

There are so many different kinds of herbs and I usually try a new one every year.  It would be best to use them more in my cooking but usually forget that I have them to actually use!  Using herbs directly from your garden makes your dishes more favorable.  And if you dry them, they taste much better than the store bought.  So try herbs, they are fun plants for the garden that smell and taste wonderful.                                                                       


Yard of the Month

Don’t forget to check out the pictures of our Yard of the Month on the website each month.



Perennial Star          BEVERLY MULKEY

     Beverly Mulkey joined the Garden Club in 1995.  The club was small and struggling to survive because few were willing to step into leadership roles. Soon Beverly served as president (twice) and vice-president. She also was secretary for the Pioneer District for four years. She remembers making wreathes as our primary fundraiser and using the money, in part, for community projects like city hanging baskets and a single college scholarship each year.

            Beverly’s background is farming. She was born in Stayton, Oregon on her grandparents’ dairy farm. Her father drove a caterpillar tractor for a logging company, and she remembers at age 3 spending her afternoons with him in the tractor while he worked (no seat belts or covered cabs in those days!) She lived in a mill town above Lyons, Oregon until she was 5. She, her sister, and her brother walked one mile on a plank road to catch a “bus” (which was really a panel truck) for another five miles to get to school. This one-room school house served all the children from the logging camps and had a pot belly stove but no indoor plumbing. Beverly’s family eventually moved to Corvallis although she continued to spend her summers with her grandmother.

Beverly attended OSU and met her husband Jack in 1946. After they were married, Jack went to work for Shell Oil. They lived in Portland for 12 years where her four children were born including twin boys. When Jack was transferred to Corvallis, Beverly returned to school at OSU. Later Jack was moved to the Seattle office. When she and the children joined him, she was upset to see he had not unpacked boxes. Then she found out in four months they would have to move again! Beverly remembers they stayed long enough to see the World’s Fair.  Her next move was to the Los Angeles area; she found it to be a friendly place and enjoyed living there for 6 years. Jack’s final transfer was to Los Altos, California where they lived for 26 years. Beverly was active in PTA, served as president, and volunteered with the school library. She and Jack liked outdoor sports including river rafting and hiking. In their fifties, they walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a wonderful experience but probably why she now hates the heat. Four months before they retired, they came to Oregon to go fishing with their children and liked McMinnville so much they bought a house.

Beverly credits her love of gardening to her grandmother’s influence. Beverly is proud that all four of her children enjoy gardening just as much as she does. She says “I never met a gardener I didn’t like!”


“Every Garden is a Gift  Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Thanks to all of you who signed up to help with our Garden Tour and Faire!  We’ll let you know what opportunities are still available at the club’s May 20 meeting.  Remember too that only Tour Garden Owners and volunteers are invited to the Saturday pre-tour June 22 AM.

Ticket booklets will be available on May 20- Phyllis and Beverly will gladly take your check or cash at the meeting or at a later date if you prefer.  Unsold tickets need to be turned back by June 17. Remember this is our one and only fundraiser, so please try to sell some ticket booklets!  They also make a great way to say thanks to a fellow gardener who’s special to you.

Committee Leaders:  Remember to attend our third group meeting following the club’s regular meeting.  As we get closer to the big event we really need to communicate and share any concerns we may have.  Are you putting in time on Tour or Faire chores?  Keep track of those hours (those of your helpers too) and turn them in to us at the Celebration luncheon.  Elsie Carpenter and Judy Wilkerson, Garden Tour Coordinators


Looking for Some Free Perennials?

Mary Jo got a call from Meg Olson (a past president of the Garden Club and one of the first on the garden tour) offering the Garden Club members a chance to come to her home and help her "thin out" her perennials and other plants.  Her email address is if you want to set up a time, although she sounded like drop-ins are okay -- taking a chance that she is home.  She lives at 14925 Baker Creek Road (on the south side) near Hidden Hills Drive. 


Downtown Cleaned Up


Thanks to 22 hard garden club workers our downtown area is sparkling and lots of ivy is being recycled into compost!


Thanks a bunch!







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