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                                         November Calendar


Thank you to Evelyn Mundinger for arranging to pick up the bags of daffodils that were sold to club members.  Many appreciative members picked up the bulbs at the end of the meeting and no doubt the bulbs are delighted and happy to be “adopted” into a new home in McMinnville. 

It was wonderful to see Jan Hudson attend the meeting even though she is still recovering from her recent surgery.  Lucky her - she was the winner of the raffle drawing!

Beryl Anderson is organizing the “Rakettes” for another dramatic performance at the annual downtown Santa Clause Parade.  More information to follow at a later date.













*    November 27 – Meeting

900 N. Hill Road – Hillside Community manor in the
 “Activity Room”
Social time: 9:30a.m.-Business Meeting:10:00a.m.–11:00 a.m.
Program: 11:00 – 12:00

      Closing activities 12  - 12:15

Meeting/Program:  Anne Silverthorne
What does "Baby Shampoo" and "Cola" have to do with your dog and
 your lawn?   Find out the answer to this intriguing
question and more at the next meeting - “Questions and Answers”!


Please bring to the meetings any catalogs, magazines for gardening
related books or articles to share with members.  We will have a
 basket on the “educational table” for them.


*      December 2nd – Christmas Wreaths – Craft Group

The Arts and Crafts interest group is planning to create
Christmas wreaths using the wreath machines of several
members.  These were used previously by the club when
we sold wreaths for fund raising.  If you have evergreens
or bushes with berries to prune, please wait until right
before this activity so we can use your greens for the

We will be meeting at the Bethel Baptist Church to carpool

at 9:45 to Jacci Reed's house.
Bring gloves, greens, and dress warm! 
For more information or greens pick up contact Patty Sorensen.





*   President’s Message

Thyme after Thyme
 Cathy Burdett

            My backyard is beginning to have a rich tapestry carpet of gold, brown and crimson leaves that any artist would appreciate.  Already “crisp, cooler Fall” days are here however I want my purple, blue and yellow flowers to remain for a few more months (of course they will not listen to me).  My garden’s summer landscape has been dramatically altered to falling leaves, drooping flowers and changing textures of plants as they are preparing for their dormant season.

            However the McMinnville Garden Club members are not dormant but lively, colorful and vibrant.  What fun we all had at Monday’s meeting listening to Mike Darcy a longtime ambassador for gardening in the state of Oregon.

            This is the season of Thanksgiving and I am very thankful to be a part of this club.  Our club’s members have a rich history of service to our community. 


*Please save your inkjet, laser printer cartridges and “old” cell phones and bring them to meetings.  The Pioneer District will forward them to the “Making a Difference Campaign” which is a national garden club project.  Maybe your friends or neighbors have some of these items and were just going to put them in the garbage; well, this is a way to recycle them.





Our own Cathy Burdett received the honor of being named the OSU Master Gardener of the Year for 2008. This Award is presented each year at the OMGA Mini College held at the OSU Campus.

The Oregon Master Gardener™ Association is a statewide non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance and support the OSU Master Gardener™ program (OMGA). Nominations for the Master Gardener of the Year are received from across the state, so there is fierce competition for this award. Cathy Burdett was chosen for her many contributions to the Yamhill and statewide Master Gardener associations, including her two year stint as the editor of the OSU Extension Master Gardeners newsletter, her skills as a mentor for new trainees, her contributions of displays for Mini-College, her amazing number of volunteer hours, her membership in several other gardening organizations, her participation in the award winning Bee Dance skit and her service to the OMGA organization in several different capacities



Congratulations Cathy – we are SO proud of you!!



Oval:  Early bird hard







2008 Diamond Pioneer Awardautumn_043_01

The Diamond Pioneer Career Achievement Registry was started in 1983 to recognize men and women who have contributed a great deal to the development of Oregon’s agriculture and natural resources, and/or Oregon State University.  The Diamond Pioneer Agricultural Career Achievement Registry was started when the college observed its 75th anniversary.  The registry recognizes the achievements of those 75 and older in agriculture and natural resources and their support of OSU programs.

This year, Yamhill County nominated three of our Master Gardeners for this award and all three have been recognized with the award. Congratulations to Bernice Brown, George Migaki and Alton Cronk!

The award winners were honored at a luncheon at OSU CH2M Hill Alumni Center on October 8th.

2008 Mini

Backyard Habitats                                                              Marilyn Coats

SPIDERS -Spider Most of us will agree that spiders are not our favorite insects.  I read that there are actually indoor spiders and outdoor spiders.  Surprisingly, we don’t do them any favors when we put the indoor spiders outside.  However, my indoor spiders don’t usually make it to the outside!!!

*      When outside, I try to leave them alone, as long as they don’t touch me.  They are very beneficial to our garden as they are excellent insect predators, even more efficient than birds.  Most are eaten by other spiders. 

*      Garden spiders hatch in the spring.  They shed their skin 4-6 times in a few months before maturing and laying eggs, and then die in the fall.  Through early summer they lie low, trying to keep from being eaten.  By early August the survivors are large enough to start spinning silken webs. 

*      The spider web is made from a liquid protein inside the spider’s body that hardens to polymer when exposed to air.  Webs made by some spiders are stronger than steel. 

*      Garden spiders are orb-web builders.  They put their abdomen to the night air and emit webbing into the wind until it attaches to an item.  They strengthen this strand several times and then begin building a framework of sticky silk.  Once the framework is in place, they begin spiral construction, keeping in touch with the previous strand by a leg and thus maintaining the nearly perfect concentric measure. 

*      Most of the large-abdomen garden spiders you see in webs in autumn probably are females.  Males are a bit smaller and tend to roam.  

So when you see the spiders in your garden, remember they are very beneficial.  Just take a stick and move them over to the other side of where you are working.


               autumn_018_01 Pioneer District Luncheon


            The Pioneer District of Garden Clubs held their fall luncheon “A Parade of Autumn Colors” on October 15, 2008.   Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course was the location and those who attended enjoyed a delicious lunch and friendly conversations with other garden club members in our district.  Deby Blatter, owner of Cornell Farms presented a demonstration of “Bulb Layering” in a large container.


McMinnville Garden Club members who attended:

Mildred Reppeto                     Dawn King                

Evelyn Mundinger                  Cathy Burdett Anita Ragsdale

Elsie Carpenter                        Gaye Stewart  Kim Jongedyk

Ann Silverthorne                                                                                


New Club Motions                                                        

Members discussed the current requirement to have two signatures on checking account checks over $200.00.  Mary Jo made a Motion to require two signatures on checks over $400.00 on both the club's savings and checking accounts; it was seconded by Ann.  Patty placed the Motion before the club for further discussion; she restated the Motion and put the Motion to a vote; the Motion passed without opposition.



We are still LOOKING!!
The McMinnville Garden Club needs a publicity and public relations committee leadership chair for the upcoming year.  The duties include providing information on club events and meetings to the local newspaper and other locations on a timely basis.  If you can help please contact Cathy, at

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