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McMinnville Garden Club PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR           503-434-4344               October 2010


October18, 2010 – MEETING

Hillside Retirement Community “Activity Room” at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128


9:30a.m.  - 10:00a.m.  - Social time:

10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. - Business Meeting and FUN:

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - Chris Bridle - CARE AND FEEDING OF WILD BIRDS IN OUR GARDENS

You won't want to miss our October meeting.  We have a special guest from Wild Birds Unlimited in Salem -- owner and operator Chris Brindle.  He will be talking about the care and feeding of wild birds in our gardens.


Wild Birds Unlimited is a Nature Shop dedicated to helping you turn your yard into a fall and winter habitat that not only benefits wild birds and the environment, but also brings song, color and life to your home.  Wild Birds in a national franchise in its 30 year. Chris has owned and operated the Salem Wild Birds Unlimited for 15 years.


Backyard bird feeding for him started as a hobby with a simple window bird feeder in an apartment is Seattle.  His wife said he would never attract birds to it, but when the first American Goldfinch show up, he was hooked.


You might like to look at the Wild Birds Unlimited winter hobby guide at  It will show some of the things available at the nature shop -- basically anything that attracts birds to backyards.  They carry their own hardware line called the APS Pole system to create your own tree for hanging or mounting bird feeders.


Everyone who comes to the meeting will get bird seed to take home.  His presentation is sure to be full of information just at the right time of year to help take the birds through winter.

OCTOBER Excursions:

Putting on the Ritz Tea & Raffle, October 10, 2010  2:00 PM

Fundraiser for National Garden Club’s 2nd VP, Oregon’s Linda Nelson.  Her installation will be in 2013 as National President!!! $15 donation  Location:  Multnomah Holiness Association, 1081 SE Holgate, Portland.  Contact Peggy Olin

October 20th  -   Next field trip - Springfield, Gossler Nursery. There will be box lunches available, which will include a beverage, $12 per person. We will collect for the lunch at the next meeting, on October 18th.  Carpool from Bethel Baptist Church at 9:30.


October 21, 2010 - Pioneer District Fall Luncheon/Meeting 

Birds of a Feather Flock Together  Hosted by Aloha Garden Club, Meriwether Golf Course, 5300 SW Rood Bridge Rd, Hillsboro.  $15 prepaid by October 5 to our treasurer, Stephanie J.  We will carpool from the Bethel Baptist Church at 7:45.  Guest speaker will discuss his favorite gardens of the Pacific NW.

October 25 - A & C Hypertufa Containers, Monday,

Like to play with play dough or get your hands into the dirt?  You’ll love the process of making hypertufa containers! These containers are perfect for sedums and natural gardens.  Samples will be at the October meeting.  This arts and crafts requires preregistration so we have enough supplies for everyone.  Sign up at the October meeting or call Patty S.  Cost:  $3/container.  Bring your own plastic gloves, bucket, container to mold your hypertufa around, and wear clothes you can get dirty!  Meet at the Bethel Baptist Church at 9:30 to carpool to Rosemary Vertgret’s.  Dress warm, this is an outdoor activity.  Hopefully it won’t rain!?

October President’s Message       "ALL ABOARD"

Fall Has Arrived!  The days are still warm but the nights are cooling off.  Great time to stop and take your last minute notes about plants to remove, move, or improve.  Or take pictures to study your overall design for the four elements of landscape design:  Color, Line, Form, Texture  BUT  be sure to make time to just sit in the yard and enjoy the dry days before our rainy season arrives!  However, every time I’m outside I’m going to be putting out slug bait.  I’d love to see full leaves on my hostas next spring…….

I really enjoyed seeing so many of you at our September meeting.  Your crew (board members) had a great time decorating our meeting room in the “All Aboard” theme for the year.  We will continue to provide First Class seating for those who would like to be closer to the “action”.  A HUGE  thanks to those who brought the yummy treats served in the dining car and to those who stepped up to take on leadership roles for the coming year.  There are several members who are repeating leadership roles from last year.  What a group!!!  You are all the BEST!!!

I’m looking forward to our speaker at the October 18 meeting from Wild Birds Unlimited!  I love learning more about the birds in our backyards AND I’m looking forward to the field trip to Roger Gossler’s spectacular demonstration garden at his nursery in Springfield on the 20th!  Roger’s presentation last year was inspiring and now we get to go see his plants in person!  Of course, you’ll always catch me with my hands dirty so I won’t be missing the hypertufa container making activity on the 25th either.  Plants may be slowing down but the club is gearing up for a great year.  Hope you enjoy participating!





Themes for 2011 Garden Tour

We're on our way to another GREAT 2011 Summer Garden Tour.  We would like your help in selecting a theme this year.  If you have any wonderful ideas, please submit them to Jean ( before the next meeting.  Below are the Themes from years past.  (Our secret word this month is “sunflowers”.)

Past themes have been:


2001    Secret Gardens Revealed

2002    Reflections

2003    Hidden Vistas

2004    Rooms In Bloom

2005    A Mixed Bouquet

2006    In The Garden

2007    Backyard Havens

2008    Something Old And Something New

2009    Hidden Treasures

2010    The Glory of the Garden



Horticulture - Marilyn Coats

SAMBUCUS nigra (Elderberry)

One of the plants that I fell in love with this year is the ‘Eva’ Black Lace Elderberry tree.  In fact, Adrienne had one in her backyard on our garden tour. 

The finely-cut foliage is an intense purple black, resembling a Japanese Maple.  It is deciduous and extremely durable and adaptable.  Creamy pink flowers in spring contrast nicely with the dark leaves.  They are followed by blackish red fall berries which can be harvested for making elderberry wine and jam or left on the plant to attract birds.  It is very cold hardy, easy to grow, and adaptable to most sites.  Full sun is needed for best color.  It can reach up to 8’ high but can be pruned back each year to maintain a smaller shrub size. 

I bought one this year from Al’s.  My husband offered to dig the hole for me but didn’t move it over far enough, stepped on it and broke a branch.  Since it was a one gallon plant, there weren’t many branches left!  It still pretty much looks the same after a couple of months.  I’m not sure that this one is ‘durable and adaptable’.  If it doesn’t make it, I will certainly buy another one, and try again, as it is such a gorgeous shrub/tree. 



September 22nd 2010 - McMinnville Garden Club’s visit to Oregon Gardens, Silverton


Four members of the Garden Club, Stephanie Janik, Evelyn Mundinger, Jacci Reed and Ann Silverthorne, visited the Oregon Gardens in Silverton on Wednesday September 22nd.


Driving from McMinnville to Silverton, we were met by the tour coordinator, Douglas Jenkins. Our guide was a very pleasant and interesting gentleman who took us around the water gardens, where he showed us a very rare water lily, from Asia, now in bud but which only flowers every few years and has leaves the size of cart wheels. On the next part of the tour we were escorted by a lady guide who showed us the conifer garden. We met the gardener who gave us a lot of information about conifers.


The colors of some of the trees were magnificent and the size of the plants inspiring to us humble gardeners. There are many other areas of the garden to visit, which we did not get to see, so we thought that we should plan another trip, possibly next Spring.


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