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September President’s Message   “All Aboard”



NOTE:  This month’s newsletter is much shorter than normal since we sent out an August newsletter.  We are hoping that you will read carefully the details that we’ve included.  Sometimes Jean and Patty wonder if anyone does read it? 

Can you believe it?  We are almost done with summer.  I sure could use another two-three months, please?  I am looking forward to seeing everyone again though!  I haven’t seen most of you since May.  Felt badly that I had to miss the June meeting since my mom was in the ER that day, her health is continuing to decline. 

          Hope most of you have marked Sept. 20 on your calendar.  We have NO speaker but some great activities planned and as always, yummy snacks.  We are going to try several new things this year due to the survey results.   A HUGE thank you to those of you who took the time to send the surveys in or talked to a board member about improvements.

1-                There will be two seating areas at our regular meetings.  Chairs in the front are for those that prefer to be closer to the “action” and better able to hear what is going on (FIRST CLASS seating!) AND tables with chairs in the middle to back section for those who prefer having a table to write on and to place your snacks, etc.

2-                 We are going to have at least two meetings this year with no speakers.  Many of you asked for more time to get to know each other and not feel so rushed at each meeting.  By the way, Beryl has done a fabulous job of finding us new exciting speakers.  Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events online at 

3-                The last meeting of the year will be a picnic at the Yamhill Historical Society where we’ll be able to look at how our contributions have been able to help them improve their site. 

4-                We won’t be doing so much money collecting at meetings.  Penny Pines collections will be taken at the registration table and if the club decides to support some projects that are not budgeted, we’ll use money from savings to do so rather than collecting more money

5-                 We have scheduled our field trips to be taken on the Wednesdays after the meeting and the Arts and Crafts activities for the Monday after the meeting.  Any of those meetings that require money to do will need to be collected before a deadline date.  We had an unfortunate event this summer again when 14 people signed up for the field trip/luncheon to the Gathering Together Farm and only 6 showed up that morning.  We were very fortunate that they did not charge us for the additional 8 meals we had ordered.  Those of us who went had a marvelous lunch and fun trip~!

6-                The tour/faire looks like it will be a go.  The overall tour position that was held by Gaye and Mike last year will be broken into THREE positions:  One to deal with all the paperwork necessary for the event to occur, one to deal with the garden selection and garden owners’ communications and one to work with all the teams for the actual tour itself.


September 20, 2010 Meeting Update

          Are you ready to get onboard with some great speakers, fun activities, and community service?  We’ll start the year off with a BIG BANG!  Let’s just say, your board of “engineers” is ready to get this excursion underway.  Be sure to check in at the “ticket booth” which will this year be to the right of the entry door.  9:30-noon at Hillside’s Community Activities Room.  (Same place as last year!) 

          We’ll be spending some time talking about our summer BLOOPERS.  I sure had several this year with my plants.  One of them was my corn as you can see from the picture!!!!  Let’s laugh and learn together. 

          Speaking of together, we need to vote on the budget.  After receiving some great input from a few of you, we’ve revised the budget.  Take a look at it at  as well as the updated calendar of events at:


          There are several open positions available this year.  A signup will be at the meeting so be thinking about where you’d like to interject your passion for gardening, helping the club and doing community service.  Here’s what you can pick from!!!

Backyard Habitat newsletter articles, Horticulture newsletter articles, Habitat for Humanity Coordinator, Membership Assistant, Nominations Chair, Photographer, Roving Reporter newsletter articles, Telephone, and Yard of the Month Coordinator. 

Full descriptions of the responsibilities will be discussed at the meeting.  Hidden word for this month is RAIN.

Let’s all take on the “I think I Can, I Think I Can, I Knew I Could attitude of The Little Engine That Could.  ( )


Yard of the Month

Judy E. and Mildred R. have done a fabulous job this summer of selecting Yard of the Month locations.  If you missed seeing them around town, be sure to take a quick peak at:


TOUR 2011

          A HUGE thanks to Jean L., Georgia Q., and Sharon G. as they look for five fabulous backyards to be included in our event.  They’ve been scouring McMinnville peaking over fences, around bushes and behind buildings.  It has been tough going for them thus far so if ANY of you have ANY suggestions for yards to look at, please contact Jean.  At publication time, they have only been able to secure one.  Four to go!!!  With your help.


Membership Update

Thanks to those of you who quickly sent in your renewals to Stephanie. There are several who still need pictures taken too.  Hope you are at the September meeting.  The camera will be there!  The rush every year is to try to get all membership up-to-date by the end of the first meeting so we can publish a correct directory for your use.  This next year we will only be collecting in June and September.  We are also going to change the publishing component.  We will be emailing the directory to all members who have email so that they can print as many copies as they want.  Two more times during the year we will email out an updated directory.  For those without email access, we will be printing copies for pick up at the meetings as well as the addendums twice a  year.  We are hoping this will better serve your needs and help us save printing expenses.  It will be emailed with the October newsletter and available at the October meeting for those who are unable to print it. 

Note:  If you currently receive your newsletter by regular mail service but could connect with someone who has e-mail and have them print it for you, it would save the club many dollars that could be spent on other projects.  If you would let Jean know if you want to be taken OFF the post office mailing list it would be greatly appreciated.

          If you haven’t renewed yet and want to be in the directory, please send your $15 to Stephanie Janik.  Thanks!  Don’t want to keep pestering folks.  We have just been trying to be efficient/correct when we print!  A BIG thanks to Stephanie and Cindy Flake for working so diligently on this production.

Exploring The Gathering Together Farm’s crops after a delicious lunch!

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