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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR,

       August 2013


September 16, 2013 – MEETING

Details in the September newsletter

Join us for our first meeting of our new season

Hillside Retirement Community “Activity Room” at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

9:30a.m. - 12:15 p.m.  - Social time, business meeting, speaker and fun



President’s Message                  GROW WITH US                       Cozette Caster


Our "flagship" tour/faire event for the McMinnville Garden Club this year was a great success due to all the volunteer hours put in by the members. I felt that our four chairmen were so organized that every detail was thought through thoroughly making everything go smoothly. Thanks Judy, Elsie, Gaye and Mike.

I'm looking forward to another fun-filled year with all of you.  Enjoy the rest of the summer with your families. (I know someone (Patty S) who is having too much with her new puppy, Toby, who follows her everywhere even into the shower!) See you all this fall.


Mark Your Calendars!  Meeting dates for 2013-14

Sept 16                  Oct 21                    Nov 18

Dec 16                   Jan 20                    Feb 17

March 17               April 21                 May 19

June 09   (State convention is June 16 so we are meeting one week earlier than normal)

June 22    Tour/Faire  




August 2nd Field Trip to Red Pig Tools in Boring then to   Viscaya is a place where there is o separation of the plants and the gardens; they blend together gracefully.  This allows you to see how the plant grow, what their needs are, how they look in mature state and what looks good with them. It is the nursery that William, the cohost of the Saturday AM garden show Garden Time, recently opened.  We leave Bethel Baptist Church parking lot at 9:30 am.                                  Maxine K. and Patty S.


“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
 Frances Hodgson Burnett,  The Secret Garden

Tour/Faire 2013    A HUGE SUCCESS

Oregon weather is always iffy especially before the 6th or 7th of July, but the rains held off till at least 2:00 for the tour/faire and we had a great time.  We had many glowing comments including some from the vendors that said the McMinnville Tour/Faire was the best and they loved coming here.  We had visitors from as far away as Aberdeen, WA and Vancouver WA. 

Elsie and I want to thank all you CLUB members who helped put this Tour/Faire together.  It just shows what teamwork can do.  Here is the profit and expense report to let you know just what we did accomplish this year.  Ticket sales totaled $6,425.00 and vendor sales were $4,725.00 for a total gross income of $11,550.00.  Tour/Faire joint expenses were $1,718.17.  Tour additional expenses were $797.77 and Faire additional expenses were $425.74 for a total net profit of $8,608.32. 

Our drawing prize this year was a new designer watering can donated by Jean Lierman and a REALLY cute metal frog from Kraemers which we placed on a bed of paper grass in the can and added a nice flower stall type vase with decorated plant stakes included.  And the prize went to----the mother of the lady who owns La Bella Casa.  When I called her she was so excited saying, “I never win anything” and “I always love coming to the Tour/Faire with my daughter”. 

Well, Elsie and I have had two years under our belts as have a number of our committee leaders who came back on board with us.  I don’t exaggerate when I say this has been an enriching experience for the both of us.  Now a partner needs to step forward to work with Rosemary for the next year so you too can have this same enriching experience.  And a big thanks to Ted Desel for taking photos of the gardens!!!  Thank you all, again.                                                                         Judy & Elsie

Check out a few of Ted’s photos of the pretour at: 


Looking for Help


We have several 2014 positions available for members to share their time and energy to help our club continue to provide fun, helpful resources.  If you’d like more information about what positions are available, please contact a board member.   Cozette   Betty & John    Ann



''Love your Latin''                                                                                                        Anita Lewis


1.Cynara Cardunculus = Cardoon                              2.Perovskia = Russian sage



Roving Reporter                                                                                            Rosemary Vertgret

MEET Nola Olmstead  

Nola Olmsted  is a wonderful new addition to our group, but she is not new to gardening, nor is she new to McMinnville.  She and husband Kirby have lived here for 32 years, and are fortunate to have two grandchildren here and two in Albany.  Nola is retired from her job as children's librarian, and not surprisingly, she enjoys spending time reading.  Science fiction and fantasy are favorite categories, and she is a self-proclaimed Tolkien devotee!  Nola's goal in joining us is to learn to be a better gardener --  She was busily working/playing in her garden when called to the phone for this interview, and admitted that she just brought home a new plant from  a sale at Lowe's, even though it is mid-summer!  Nola has already taken an active part in the club, taking the first shift at our booth at the Farmers Market, and assisting Lynne Desel's Horticulture Committee in choosing plants to be labeled in all five Tour Gardens, researching & making labels, placing them in the all five gardens, and cleaning and organizing them for next year's Tour!  We have Lynne and other fellow Covenant Church members, Joan Friese and Margaret Roberts to thank for encouraging Nola to join us.  Welcome, Nola!



MEET Monika Mattes

Monika Matthes is our newest member, having first been brought as a guest several months ago by her friend and ours, Ann Silverthorne.  They became friends when Monika joined Newcomers Club, as they enjoy many of the same things, including excursions to nearby spots of interest.  However, gardening is new to Monika, who moved with her husband Gunther from Germany to Arizona, where they spent most of their two years there "hiding from the sun"! Then there was a long period spent traveling back and forth every six or eight weeks from Arizona to Oregon before they were able to settle in their new home. Monika is interested in learning about gardening in order to enhance her sizeable yard, and has several things already transplanted from Ann's overcrowded garden growing happily in her own. She enjoys reading, and participates in a book club, and also likes doing arts and craft projects. Monika and Gunther have been married for 43 years, and she says she was lucky enough to "pick the right one"! They and their dog, "Buddy", are enjoying their retirement here in McMinnville, although Monika will be happier when the weather becomes more Oregon-like.  Welcome, Monika!


Yard of the Month


Our YOM committee has done a fabulous job this summer of selecting Yard of the Month locations.  If you missed seeing them around town, be sure to take a quick peak at:



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August Garden Chores


Great Websites to check out for all sorts of garden activities on our website. (Information has been updated, reorganized and new sites added!!!)