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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR,

May 2014 -


             Next meeting:  May 19, 2014


PLEASE NOTE:  We are meeting back at the HILLSIDE Activity room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128        (9:30-12:15)

May Speaker -Nancy Kiltz, Basket Maker  

Bio: Creating new designs, using a variety of colors, and creating baskets which have beauty and functionality is the focal point of my craft. 

I use a variety of grasses, reeds, and barks to create my baskets.  Natural materials include reed, cedar, ash, and sea grass.  I often use wooden bottoms with my hand painted designs to make the baskets sturdier.  As a final step I dip the baskets in a dye bath giving them an antique look.  Custom orders are always a pleasure to work on for people who are looking for colors and sizes to fit their needs.  I make several styles and sizes of baskets so patrons have a wide selection from which to choose.

Since returning to Portland I have joined the Columbia Basin Basketry Guild where in addition to meetings, workshops are offered so that I can continue to develop new skills. 

I first started selling baskets at bazaars in Germany and Japan while I was teaching for the military.  After returning to the states I have continued to attend bazaars and art fairs in Oregon and Washington.  I enjoy meeting different artists, seeing the wide variety of products and designs, and talking to the patrons that attend the events.

The date of our big fundraiser is drawing near!  The garden tour/faire is June 22.  Last year, our club raised $7,000, but it took many hours of planning and work.  We still need volunteers for this year, both for the planning and on the day of the tour so please sign up!   Call Rosemary V. at 503 472 7265 and ask how you can help. BRANCH OUT GET INVOLVED!
             I want to thank the 17 members who attended the Spring Dist. Luncheon in April. Fun was had by all. Some went home with tulips plus we all received tulip cookies for dessert. The speaker was one of the owners of WOODEN SHOE TULIP
FARM. This very informative talk was topped off with Marilyn Coats’ photographs winning in three categories.   Her photos will all go on to state completion. CONRATULATIOS MARILYN!
     Adrian S. entered TWO arrangements in the Camellia Festival in Newberg.  All of the flowers came from her beautiful garden. Thank you, Adrian.
     I was out Tuesday exploring with a friend from Salem who likes to checkout nurseries.  I know we were a little early for most nurseries that open the first of May but we still had fun checking the ones that were open.

     One nursery I thought was interesting was Rain tree Tropical Nursery, in Silverton. As the name implies, there were many colorful tropical plants inside a greenhouse as well as plants outside. I purchased a bottle brush plant which can't stand freezing so I'll have to protect it until our weather warms a little.
     While driving through Stayton, we spotted a colorful commercial half block garden. We stopped at the only building nearby which was a veterinarian office! It turned out that the veterinarian was the person who planted this garden full of huge rocks, bleeding hearts, small slow growing alpine trees, and pansies. He has been there for forty years. The large rocks were brought in by logger and farmer friends. As we were viewing the garden, one of his fiends stopped by with a bag of morel mushrooms she had picked for him. This was a nice touch for a small town. After he showed us the garden, he invited us into his office which was filled with art and antique signs. One of his more interesting patients was a young lion brought to him to be neutered. This was an interesting, unplanned adventure! We are all invited back in June when his fantastic display of petunias is blooming.

     We got hungry so we stopped for some delicious lavender scones at the Gardener House Café and Bed and Breakfast in an 1898 Queen Anne Victorian house in Stayton.

     Don't forget the spring garden faire in Canby May 3 & 4. This is one of the largest plant sales in the area.

It is nice to be back in our redecorated meeting room at Hillside.  Many thanks to the Covenant Church for making their facilities available during construction.                                                             Cozette Caster


Hospitality would like to thank all the “Easter bunnies", Judy Eggers, Phyllis Kirkman, Mildred Reppeto, Marilyn Coats, Katheryn Wilson and Robert Vertregt, for the morning goodies that filled the table and made our April meeting more social!  Betty B


                  Summer Garden Tour/Faire                 Bountiful Garden  

Monika & I thank all of you who signed "on the dotted line" to help with Garden Tour and/or Faire "jobs" at our April meeting!  And, yes...several members did sign up to help in more than one way!!  If you'd like to see your Committee Leaders do the "Happy Dance" you could easily commit to doing something that occurs before Tour/Faire day AND something on the big day! 

**Pauline Eder needs several more volunteers to distribute the Posters & Rack Cards that are used to
     alert & inform the public about our BIG EVENT. 

** Sally Brown needs several more members on the Horticulture Comm. to help identify and label

**Call or Email Phyllis Kirkman if you can help assemble & distribute Ticket packets. 
**Helen Niehus & Donna Parr would like to enlist your help in putting out Advertising signs, which is
     done about two or three weeks before the Tour.

**Farmers' Market on Cowls St. is where we make contact with local folks....up close & personal! We
     will have a booth there for 5 Thursdays, beginning with May 22. Most of you frequent the Market,
     and I know that because I see you there! So, obviously you would enjoy being there for about 3
     hours, especially as we will have a chair for you, and all you need to do is smile, tell folks its
     Tour/Faire time again, give out garden-related info, and sell Tickets! Besides your smiley faces, the
     main reason market-goers stop at our booth is to get a better look at the gorgeous flower bouquets
     our members always provide! Can you help with that this year?    

**Jacci & Stephanie have a pretty good list of members wanting to serve as Greeters &
    Hostesses/Hosts....but not nearly enough!  Ladies & gents---this is truly a pleasant, stress-free way to
    spend part of your day. 

**Mike and Gaye are still looking for a few more interesting vendors to join the Faire. If you have a vendor that you would like them to contact, please send them the information.   Now would also be a good time to sign up to help DURING the Faire.  Tasks include supporting our vendors, answering questions, selling tour tickets and generally being a “welcoming face” in the crowd.  They especially could use two people to place directional signs first thing in the morning on Sunday and then retrieve them at the end of the day.  This is an equal opportunity Faire and you don’t need to be a member to help…or even to volunteer your spouse to help.  Questions???  Call Mike (503-510-3293) or Gaye ( 503-510-4370)    

Everyone who volunteers for a job before or during the Tour/Faire is welcome to come to the Pre-Tour on Saturday, June 21st. along with the Garden Owners.

At the end of our very busy Garden Tour/Faire day, there will be a No-Host Celebration Dinner in the Pilsner Room of Golden Valley Brew Pub, starting at 5:00p.m.






































Another New Sprout!             KIRSTEN LUND                                    BY June Benson

Kirsten and her husband purchased their McMinnville home 18 months ago and bought their home with much of the existing furniture. This is their second home and they commute between Oregon and England frequently. Kirsten’s husband is English, and they also own a home in Brixworth, a town northwest of London, which they purchased in 2001. Their town has several historic buildings: there is a 2,000 year old Roman villa sitting in the middle of a farmer’s field and a Saxon Church dating from 680 A.D. The church was built with bricks from the villa and draws many tourists. Their Brixworth home is on ¾ of an acre planted with 50 Horse Chestnut trees, all at least 100 feet high. Kirsten says she is always pulling up seedlings. Prior to 2001, she grew houseplants but knew little about gardening. Since then she joined two garden clubs in England and one requirement of members is that you learn the Latin names of each plant! Kirsten has learned a lot about gardening since then and especially enjoys container gardening and hanging plants.



Special Projects Committee                              Judy Eggers, Chair

This committee is charged with finding worthy community projects for the garden club to invest its’ time, talents and money.

Last year we brought to the club the West end project in which we worked with the City, Linfield College, a landscape architect, and a landscape contractor to re-vitalize a neglected entry into McMinnville.

This year we have been working on a couple of projects to bring to the board for approval prior to bringing them to the club.  They are still in process of development.

We have been invited to participate in an annual event held in the Granary District in April.  La Casa Verde is an event that puts together ideas using recycled items turned into planters, garden art, bird houses etc.  The garden club has been asked to help demonstrate the how to plant, what plants that work, using hands on demonstrations that are designed to get the public involved.  This event requires no money from the club, only time and talents. Our committee meets monthly on the first Monday of the month, 9:30 a.m. and currently at my home, 498 NE Fircrest Pl.  We’re always looking for new members.  No special talent is required, just an active imagination.  If you might be interested, please come.                                               Gutter planting at the Granary - April 19th    





Yard of the Month

Looking at this well-tended side yard is hard to believe it was once was covered in black berries. You can see a lot of hard work was put into this yard to make the way it looks today. There is a small bridge over a dry creek bed with an old bent willow tree covered in bright green moss. You can hear rushing water from a real creek behind the willows that edges the garden. There are ferns and azaleas tucked in among the large rocks and a bench to sit on to rest your weary body after gardening.   This is lovingly tended by Don and Patsy Dye (1601 NW Adisyn St)




Clay Proof of Leonard DeWitt statue was unveiled at the Granary on April 25th.

For those of you who don’t know, Leonard has been approved for the DAR Medal of Honor, which they will be presenting to him at their State Convention the end of May.   Quite an honor. 




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