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    McMinnville Garden Club               Vol. 7  No. 1



September 17, 2007   ***9:30-12:15 !!!

Kick-off Meeting

Hillside Community Retirement “Activity Room”

900 NW Hill Road, McMinnville, Or 97128



President’s Message                     President Gaye Stewart

Dear Gardeners,

Welcome to the Summer of the Green Tomato!  Our unusual weather has either “helped” or “hindered” the success of some plants.  My raspberries have continued producing while only a few tomatoes have ripened.  Perhaps a long Indian Summer will come.

Remember the June survey you completed?  The results have been compiled and utilized by your new Executive Board in planning for the 81st year of the Club.  The areas to be implemented include:

1)      New Meeting Schedule:  9:30 – 10:00 Visiting

Refreshments; 10:00 – 11:15 Business Meeting; 11:15 – 12:00 Program; and 12:00 – 12:15 Raffle/Wrap-up;

2)      Meeting Content: Programs – new ideas/topics and presenters; Reports – fewer in meeting (will utilize the newsletter); Raffles – nursery gift certificates; and Room Arrangement Change;

3)      Field Trips – new, different and special visitations; and

4)      Yearbook Format – notebook version plus membership booklet with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

We are looking forward to a great Club year.  Bring your enthusiasm, ideas and love of gardening to share with each other.  I hope each member will faithfully attend the monthly meeting to learn, share, and develop, or strengthen, bonds of friendship with one another.  Remember – together we make a great Club!

I’m looking forward to our September 17th meeting at the Hillside Retirement Community, Manor Activities Room starting at 9:30 a.m. (new time)


MMj03544180000[1]September Garden Club field trip:  Judy Eggers

Wednesday, September 19       9:30

Carlton Plants with Allan Elliott (husband of Jan).


Allan will walk us through the how and whys of plant propagation and the various stages.  He will speak to us about their company and how they propagate plants and trees and then we'll go by bus through the fields to see how it works.  We'll carpool from Bethel Baptist Church parking lot at 9:30 a.m., arriving at Carlton Plants at 10:00.  After the Carlton Plant tour we'll head to Monrovia Nursery Display Gardens and Jay will take us on a walking tour explaining what, how and why this nursery has planted these beautiful gardens.  These gardens are open to the public and the plants are well marked.  What's more, it's in our own back yard.  No lunch stop for this tour. 

Article about Carlton Plants: http://www.oan.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=232

Monrovia Nursery history: http://www.answers.com/topic/monrovia-nursery-company?cat=biz-fin



Garden Tour 2007                         Patty Sorensen

A BIG thanks to the fabulous tour homeowners and every garden club member who helped with the 2007 Garden Tour and Faire!  Who would have believed that we would be about 40 degrees LOWER in temperature than last year? Last year we got wet with sweat, this year with showers! 586 visitors enjoyed the gardens and faire.  We profited $6,146.96 to continue our community horticultural activities. I can’t thank you enough for your support and energies!        


'Plant Xchange'                                    Marilyn Coats



This column will be for extra plants that you would like to find a home for.  It will include your name, plant name and a phone number or email so the interested person can contact you.  Give me a call (472-4984) or email (mjcoats@verizon.net) me with the information.





Attention, Committee Leaders


Save Monday, September 10, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. for a Committee Leader Transition meeting at the Hillside Manor’s Activity Room.  Both last year’s committee leaders and the new year’s leaders will meet to transfer materials, talk about their job, and answer questions.  This is a vital meeting to train committee successors.

Garden Tour 2008                  Jean Lierman & Georgia Queen

Hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to the 2008 Garden Tour on June 22, 2008.  Save the date!!!

Yippee!!!  We have all five Gardens selected for the 2008 Garden Tour.  Georgia and I want to sincerely thank the selection committee who helped us through this process.  Sharon Gunter, Mildred Reppeto and Patty Sorensen were invaluable with their knowledge and time allotment.  We had such a good time going through the various Gardens.  WHAT A FUN JOB!!!

Also our Committees for next year’s tour are filling up quickly.  Don’t you want to be included?  We have a few positions open and if you hurry, you too can join this fun group.  The following jobs are still up for grabs, if you are interested, please call Georgia or Jean (503-472-2618 OR 503-472-2054).

Farmers Market Co-Coordinator                          Information Line

Reader Boards                                                      Restaurants


And, OH Yes, we don’t have an Assistant Chairman to mirror us this year and be the Chair for the 2009 Tour!


Horticulture – Indoor Plants                 Patty Sorensen


As Fall approaches, consider purchasing some indoor plants.  Indoor plants not only purify the air in your home, they also give gardeners a chance to take care of plants year round.  The easiest plant I’ve found to care for is the African Violet.  They require sun from an East or North window and thrive if planted in one of the self-watering pots like those found at Lowes, they don’t like their leaves to touch water!  Your simply fill the bottom of the pot with water, and check it occasionally. No more over or under watering!  Fertilizing every two months with special African Violet fertilizer will keep them in bright bloom throughout the year. They like to be pot bound and don’t like to be repotted.  Easy care, great look. 

For other easy to grow house plants, check out:




Yards of the Month 2007

Don’t forget to check out the Yards of the Month for 2007 on the website at:  http://mcminnvillegardenclub.org


Dues Due                    Marilyn Coats

Please send your dues of $12.00, payable to McMinnville Garden Club, to me:  380 SW Russ Ct., McMinnville 97128.  Also, anyone interested in receiving the District Newsletter, please send or give $2.00 to me before September 18. 


Coming Events


September 1 – 3, Swan Island Dahlia Festival

September 10, 9 a.m., Executive Board Meeting; 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Transition Planning Meeting for both last year’s and this year’s Committee Leaders – Manor’s Activity Room

September 17, 9:30 a.m., First Meeting of the Year (new schedule).  Time to pay your dues ($12), subscribe to District Newsletter ($2) and be photographed for the Yearbook.  Please come.

September 19, Field Trip


Garden Club History Dorothy Mathiesen 

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November 20, 1933

     Meeting called to order by acting president Mrs Pearson, at the home of Mrs. T.W. Ladd.  18 members responded to roll call. 

     Flowers were reported sent to Mrs. Detiere at the hospital, the flowers were picked from Miss Hawley and Mrs Pearson’s gardens.  Miss Hawley and Miss Hendrick were reported ill with poison oak. 

     Six prizes were drawn – all J. Cherries from Mrs. Ladd’s garden.

Mrs. Robison gave some highlights of the chrysanthemum show held in Portland recently.

Bills – one bill allowed for $1.85


Sunshine                       Joan Friese

Vicki Brink’s husband, Howard, passed away in August.  Our thoughts are with Vicki!


Websites to Check Out



McMinnville Garden Club

Organized in 1926

PO Box 386

McMinnville OR 97128


Information: 503 434 4344

Meeting Information

       Meeting Day:  Third Monday

          September through June

9:30-10:00 AM  - Social Time

10:00 AM – 11:15 PM Business Mtg.

11:15-12:00 – Program

12:00 – 12:15 Wrap-up

    Optional Brown Bag Lunch

Hillside, Activity Room,

900 NW Hill Road,

McMinnville, OR

Meetings are open to the public.

          Executive Board

President            Gaye Stewart

Past President     Kim Jongedyk

Vice President    Cathy Burdett

Secretary            Amy Eads

Treasurer            Marilyn Coats

           Conservation Pledge

I pledge to protect and conserve

the natural resources of the planet Earth,

and promise to promote education,

so we may be caretakers to our air, water,

forests, land, and wildlife.

          Ongoing Projects

Summer Garden Tour

The Oregon Garden Support

Scholarships for Horticulture

National Garden Week

Garden of the Month

Blue Star Memorial Marker

City Beautification

“Garden Clippings” is a monthly

 publication of the McMinnville Garden Club.  Contact Gaye Stewart  

or 503-434-4344 for info.



            Committee Chairs 2007-08

Awards/Recognition          Cathy Burdett

Backyard Habitat              Jan Hudson

Cleanup On Wheels           Sharon Gunter

Clipboard Chair                 Judy Eggers

Field Trips                           Judy Eggers

Friends w/ Local Nurseries  Julie Hughes

Garden Tour Co-Leaders    Jean Lierman &  

                                            Georgia Queen

Garden Faire Co-Leaders   Joanne DeWitt &                

                                           Julie Hughes

Habitat for Humanity       Ann Silverthorne &                      

                                            Stephanie Janik

Historian                              Dorothy Mathiesen


Hospitality                           Elsie Carpenter

Hospitality Assistant         Anita Ragsdale

Library Plant Caretaker Sandy Ford

Membership                        Kathleen Bennett

Membership Assistant

Newsletter                            Patty Sorensen

Newsletter Assistant           Sandy Bolmer

Nominations                        Kim Jongedyk

Parliamentarian                                Sharon Gunter

Philanthropic                      Cindi Miller

Photography                       Sandy Ford

Post Office Landscape      Joanne DeWitt &

                                           Barbara Pherson

Publicity-PR                        Vicki Brink

Scholarships                        Ann Silverthorne

Sunshine                               Joan Friese

Telephone                            Vicki Brink

Website                                 Patty Sorensen

Yard of the Month             Stephanie Janik

Yearbook                             Kim Jongedyk

Yearbook Assistant            Gaye Stewart


The newsletter deadline for submission of

articles for our monthly newsletter is

the 25th of each month.   Please send them

 to Patty Sorensen. 

          Do you know of any prospective

Garden Club members? Be sure to let

 Kathleen Bennett know names and

 addresses.  We would love to send

them our newsletter for two months.