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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR,

           September 2012   


September 17, 2012 – MEETING

Join us for our first meeting of our new season

Hillside Retirement Community “Activity Room” at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128


9:30a.m. - 12:15 p.m.  - Social time, business meeting, speaker and fun


Our first program of the 2012-2013 year will be "As Easy as a Walk in the Park" with florist, volunteer extraordinaire, native of McMinnville, and long-time gardener, Jodi Boundy.  She will show us how, by taking a walk through our gardens gathering some of this, a pinch of that, and perhaps several of those, we can enjoy and display the fruits of our labors in easy, casual style. She will need a few volunteers to help out, so please bring unusual & quirky containers and some freshly-picked flowers and foliage, and you may be chosen as "helper elves"!


President’s Message                     GROW WITH US                       Cozette Caster


Is everyone enjoying their summer, visiting exotic places, playing with grandchildren, and "W.W.P"(watering, weeding and planting)?  September is just around the corner and time to start having our Garden Club Meetings. I'm looking forward to a great year filled with art projects, speakers, sharing information, learning new ideas, and food, yum.


Our theme this year is GROW WITH US to expand our knowledge of plants, gardens, birds, bugs, ourselves (eating and exchanging recipes) and bringing more friends into the club to share.  We have new members added to our group who bring their interests and expertise. One new member is Betty Ballentine who stepped right up to fill the vacancy of secretary. Thanks, Betty .Getting involved in projects is a good way to make friends.


Think "Team."  Have a person team up with you do it together and have fun this year GROW WITH US!




“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
 Frances Hodgson Burnett,  The Secret Garden



Mark Your Calendars:

 Sept. 10     Board Meeting, contact Cozette or Rosemary V. for location

Sept. 17      First Gathering of the New Club Year!  Don’t forget to pay your dues.

Sept. 24      Leaf Castings at Rosemary V’s   Reservations required for supplies.  See Maxine K. at the meeting.  Cost:  $4

Oct. 8                   Board Meeting, contact Cozette or Rosemary V. for location

Oct. 15       Garden Club Meeting

Oct. 22       Arts & Crafts, Clay Pot Embellishments at Doris C’


Looking for Help


We have several positions available for members to share their time and energy to help our club continue to provide fun, helpful resources.  If you’d like more information about what these positions entail, please contact any board member. 


Newsletter Editor, Horticulture Writer, Backyard Habitat Writer, Public Relations and several chair positions.

Also: In need of a job?  Time on your hands?  Enjoy writing? Getting to know new friends?  Having a private tour of members’ gardens?  You could do all of these things, and more, if you partner-up with our Roving Reporter, Rosemary V., and do an interview/article every other month!  Help welcomed!


Leaf Castings Arts and Crafts, September 24                      Maxine K./Doris C.


Time to create your own special leaf casting.  Cost is $4 per medium size casting.  Wear warm work clothes. What to bring: a shallow nursery box, plastic gloves, and leaves (like maple leaves [any size], hostas or gunneras).  Carpool leaves Bethel Baptist Church at 9:30a.m.  then travels to Rosemary V’s.


Roving Reporter           MEET BETTY (& JOHN) BALLENTINE          Rosemary Vertgret


Description: new secretary has answered the call to duty, has already exhibited her keen listening skills in taking notes at a Board Meeting, and has had her first Minutes approved.  We thank her for being so willing and able!

Betty was one of eight children born on a dairy farm in Upstate New York, and went to school in Middleton.  She married young, and since her husband was in the Air Force, home was South Carolina, California, New York, and then Arizona. With her two children starting school, Betty enrolled in nursing school.  Her first job was in intensive care, but the "intensive" part began to cause a degree of burnout, so next she worked as a surgical nurse, but only for one year, before finding the right place for herself in nephrology, where she ended her 29 year nursing career.

For several years, Betty and her husband had been close friends with John and his wife, and sadly both Betty and John lost their spouses to disease within a short period of time. At some point, their friendship and caring support of each other began to turn more serious.  They were married in their favorite Irish Pub in Chandler, Arizona in a warm and casual ceremony which included bagpipe music, dancing and singing, flowers and friends --- John, being Scottish, wore his kilt --- and the honeymoon was in Dublin, Ireland!  Retiring from a career as "a chemist working as a chemical engineer" (his words) for various applications and industries,  such as fuel cells for helicopters,  and rubber fuel tanks for airplanes, John traveled to Belgium, Germany, and Japan  on business.  Wanting to escape the heat of Arizona, the Oregon Coast seemed a fine place to settle, but a little isolated, so what friendly small town, closer to the big city, with a good hospital, and a college proved to be the best place for these outdoor-loving hikers?  They are making themselves at home here, watching new things pop up in their yard, and have already joined "Coast Watch", where they clean up a mile of beach near Neskowin.  Other interests include baking and quilting for Betty, reading for both, and they are hoping to find a great Irish Pub where they can join a "Trivia Night" team!  Betty has a daughter and son, John has a son, and there are five grandkids!


Fall Adventures      Consider grabbing a garden friend and heading off to these fun activities!


·        Garland’s Nursery, Albany, Vibrant Fall Containers   Saturday, Sept. 15, 1:00 p.m.
Fall is just around the corner and though our lush trees lose their leaves, our landscapes and containers can stay spectacular and vibrant with the right selection of plants.  Join us as special guests William McClenathan and Judy Alleruzzo of Garden Time TV give a live demo and seminar on designing your personality and style into creative fall containers that will bloom brightly throughout the fall season.  They will also provide their favorite picks for this fall.  No registration required. FREE, and open to the public.

·        Gardenpalooza  Saturday, Sept.  22,  8-4

·    Over 25 nurseries/vendors at Fir Point Farms located 20 miles south of Portland at 1461 Arndt Road in Aurora.

·        Make Your Own Outdoor Bonsai  Sunday, Sept. 30, 10-12

·        Working with George Bowman, Store Manager at Portland Nursery’s 9000 SE Division Street Store, you’ll learn the basics of growing outdoor bonsai.  Cost:  $30 all materials included.  Please bring hand pruners of you have them.  Preregistration is required.  Class limited to 12.

·        Garden Fall Bootcamp:

·        More events at: 


Our Own Angels!                                                                                      Judy Eggers


The Garden Club participated in the centennial celebration on August 11, 2012, by donating hanging baskets for the featured homes on Cowles St.  The baskets were delivered at the end of June so they would be big and beautiful by the time August 11 rolled around.  On Monday, August 6, a call came in from Patti Webb asking for help with one of the gardens on the tour.  She calls us the Garden Angels as with just a few phone calls we gathered together six willing members along with Patti. We cleaned up the flower beds, trimmed the lavender, cleaned up the Wisteria and dead headed Rhododendrons, readying the residence for viewing.  It was a morning’s efforts well appreciated.  The homeowner and Patti sent a big Thank You to “the angels”.














Jacci R., Anita L., Rosemary V., Sharon G., Judy E.





Jacci R. had her knee repaired and Merle Dean had shoulder surgery in early August.  Both are doing great.  Beverly M. is back home from rehab.  Think good thoughts for Jenifer S.’s husband, John, who has been having some health issues.  Remember to let Marilyn C. know of members needing some “sunshine” in their lives!!! 


Yard of the Month

Myrna and Cozette have done a fabulous job this summer of selecting Yard of the Month locations.  If you missed seeing them around town, be sure to take a quick peak at:



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