Master Gardeners’ Spring Into Gardening 2024

From The Yamhill County Master Gardeners Association:

This year’s theme is “Gardening for your Table”

This year’s lineup includes:

Keynote Speaker: Darren Morgan – Grow what you will eat, eat what you can grow!

Why do we choose to grow food?  Everyone who does has a reason; most have more than one – security, self-sufficiency, tradition, economic, emotional, and social.  But life is a matter of choices, and gardening is no exception.  Resources such as money, land, water, and time are limited, so it is important that we use them well.  This talk is about making choices – growing what you enjoy, growing enough but not too much, and selecting efficient crops and techniques to help you live off your garden without living in your garden.”

Register for classes at their website: 2024 – Spring into Gardening


Master Gardeners’ Spring Into Gardening 2024 location

Master Gardeners’ Spring Into Gardening 2024

8:45 am to 4:00 pm


2024 – Spring into Gardening
The Church on the Hill

700 NW Hill Rd
McMinnville OR 97128


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