2024 McMinnville Garden Tour

June 9th from 10am to 3pm
Admission: $10

McMinnville Garden Club’s 23rd Annual Tour

A Showcase of Area Homeowners’ Beautiful Gardens

The McMinnville Garden Club is proud to announce its 23rd Annual Garden Tour, featuring some of the most stunning and well-kept gardens in the area. This year’s event will highlight the hard work and dedication of five local homeowners who have transformed their outdoor spaces into breathtaking displays of natural beauty.

Each garden on the tour will offer visitors a unique and inspiring experience, showcasing a variety of plants, flowers, and landscaping designs. The tour is not only an opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to gather ideas and inspiration for their own outdoor spaces but also serves as a celebration of the community’s horticultural talent.

Visitors will have the chance to engage with homeowners, learn about their gardening techniques, and gain valuable insights into creating and maintaining beautiful gardens. The event promises to be a delightful experience for all attendees, whether they are seasoned gardeners or simply appreciate the beauty of nature.

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Tickets are available beginning in May at:

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Don’t miss this opportunity to discover some of McMinnville’s hidden horticultural gems. Join us on June 9th from 10am to 3pm for an unforgettable journey through some of the most enchanting gardens in the area.


The Garden Tour Team

  • Committee Chair

    Linda Hansen

    Committees: Garden Tour Coordinators

  • Committee Chair

    Colleen Moxley

    Committees: Garden Tour Coordinators

  • President

    Elaine Pollak

    Committees: Executive Committee

    Teams: Public Relations Team

  • scholarships

    Educating Future Leaders

    The Garden Tour, and our co-event, Garden Fair are our primary fund-raiser events that allow us to provide scholarships to local students studying horticulture related fields. 

    We encourage you to visit our Garden Tour & Faire, and Horticulture Scholarship Program Information Pages to learn more.

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