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Vernelle J. Judy will be on hand to review her book The Big One.

She will have books to sell at the meeting.

The following is a review from Amazon:  This little book is absolutely packed with information. Nothing extraneous — just a ton of facts of what you need to prepare for the Pacific Coast threat of a major subduction earthquake. She writes with a lively, witty, concise style and gives a wealth of detail. In the first part of the book, she walks you through the experience of a subduction quake and its aftermath. The second part is about preparation and stocking up.

She dispels some myths, helps you pare away some items on the standard disaster-prep lists that are NOT that necessary in this case, and suggests some things I would never have thought of (like translucent heavy-duty plastic and a hammer-stapler for the inevitability of broken windows). She emphasizes, seriously, that one of the first things you are going to need after an earthquake (or maybe during, if you get my drift) is toilet paper. She gives a thorough description of a two-bucket toilet system that is cheap and easy to assemble. She even offers a method for washing dishes and laundry using a drop of dish liquid and a splash of vinegar — I have tried it and am already using it for my hand-wash laundry. It works great! I highly recommend this book.

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