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What does Patty Need to Know by October 22????

In order to have enough stuff  – you need to pre-register with Patty –  she needs to know how many items total will be made. If you decide to come later email Patty! Cost is $3 – see below…..

What to Wear?

Wear older clothes and shoes as this one gets messy! and lipstick of course!

Supplies you Need to Bring;

  1. $3 for each container made to cover costs of supplies,
  2. thick plastic dishwashing gloves,
  3. empty margarine container,
  4. a small bucket,
  5. a plastic/metal container to mix the hypertufa in, bigger than a shoebox or a 2 qt mixing bowl size,
  6. a box lid or nursery box to carry your container home in.

Leaf Casting

1-6 bring all of the above

7.  small garbage bag

$6 larger leaf casting, 2 for $1 on the tiny ones

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