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Kristin Babbs, President of Keep Oregon Green Association, Inc will be our November 19 speaker.  Her topic follows:

The Willamette Valley is known for its abundant rainfall and lush landscapes, but summer heat and the abundance of fuels can leave the valley just as vulnerable to wildfire as any other fire-prone area of the state. Homeowners can decrease the potential for damage to their home and property by incorporating Firewise USA principles around their home. That includes maintaining a 30’ flammable-free area around the home and using fire-resistant plants in the landscaping. Fire-resistant plants are those with moist, supple leaves and low resin content. They are slow to ignite, slowing or stopping the spread of a fire. Fire-resistant, however, does not mean fireproof. All plants have the potential to burn if they are neglected. This presentation will highlight the Firewise USA program and fire-resistant plants that thrive in the Willamette Valley’s weather conditions.

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