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Spring birds of Northwest Oregon

The mild winters of the Pacific Northwest allow many birds to be year-round residents, yet many more species arrive each spring, some to nest and raise their young and others just passing through to points even further north. At the same time many non-resident species that spent the winter here depart for their nesting grounds in the Arctic. All in all it is a time of great activity for resident and non-resident birds alike. In this presentation you will be introduced to a number of songbirds, waterfowl, raptors and other kinds of birds that characterize northwest Oregon in the spring.

Steve Engel is a naturalist and educator who has been with the Hillsboro Parks & Recreation Department since 2014. Prior to that he organized and taught classes and led birding trips for the Audubon Society of Portland for eight years. He also worked as naturalist specializing in birds, marine mammals, geology and animal tracking with Lindblad Expeditions for fifteen years prior to that, traveling on small ships to locations such as Southeast Alaska, Columbia and Snake Rivers, Mexico, Antarctica and northern Europe. Helping people learn about the amazing natural world that surrounds all of us all the time is his passion.

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