The Serenity Garden team worked to detail the opportunities and challenges of the site, funding options, and the communications necessary between the two partners for implementation.  With these in mind,  logical phases were developed to match the project’s vision and a feasible timeline.  We are mindful that as we progress through the phases, revisions will need to be implemented as challenges present themselves.

 Phase One added flower baskets near the treatment windows of the Cancer Center (which are replaced two times yearly).  What has been accomplished by the end of 2023?

Phase Two began with the planting of trees at the top of the berm to block the sunken bay where large delivery and treatment vehicles parked.  The placement of donated boulders and fresh bark dust in the flower beds were added in the Spring.  Cleanups and various plantings occur throughout all of the phases.

 Phase Three started when a large art sculpture installation was placed on site by the McMinnville Committee for Public Art.   Next we added a circular  seating area near the hospital entry with a large lit donated pagoda in the center.  Then one hundred and seventy donated daffodil bulbs were planted  in September.  Finally, in the late Fall of 2023 the entry arch was installed.

Phases Four and Five are not expected to be accomplished quickly.  Revisions and funding will determine our timeline.  Please check our website listed below for additional information.