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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

                  November 2015 -


Next meeting:   November 16, 2015

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

                    Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.


November Guest Speaker:  Mike Stewart  (not our Mike…..)

Topic:  “Rhododendrons and Their Journey to Your Garden”

Mike will share photographs of rhododendrons in the wild and the mountainous regions in Asia where they were discovered. He will also discuss some special species rhododendrons and newer hybrids and how to take care of them. He will bring some plants for sale and can accept cash or checks only.

RedRhododendron-165X165%20-%20CopyMike and his wife Maria own Dover Nursery in Sandy, Oregon, which is known for its outstanding selection of rhododendrons, both species and hybrids. They propagate and grow over 1,200 rhododendrons and ship 40,000 plants each spring to garden centers in the US and Canada. Mike is the past President of the American Rhododendron Society and the current President of the Rhododendron Species Foundation and Botanical Garden in Federal Way, Washington, which holds the largest collection of species rhododendrons in the world. Mike has received the American Rhododendron Society’s highest award, the Gold Medal.  

Upcoming Events

November 5th – Al’s evening of lights - Sherwood             Time:        4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

                        Meet at Baker Creek Community Church, West end parking lot, at 3:15 to leave by 3:30.

Nov 18 – Junking trip to Portland.  Meet at Baker Creek Community Church by 9:30 to carpool.

Nov 19 – Holiday Shopping at Washington Square. Meet at Baker Cr. Community church by 10am

Nov 27th – McMinnville Christmas Parade – DON’T BE LEFT OUT.  Details at November meeting.

Dec. 2 – Annual holiday wreath/basket making at Helen Niehus.  Start at 10.  Bring lunch if you are making several.  If you have trees, bushes to trim, PLEASE save it for this event.  We are worried that we may be short greens……

More into at the Nov. meeting


parade 2013

2013 Rakette’s

Christmas Parade Picture





Christmas Lunch


Our annual Christmas luncheon buffet will be December 21. The menu includes a garden salad, mixed roasted vegetables, herb roasted potatoes, and rolls and butter. There is a choice of two entrees (grilled salmon or grilled pork tenderloin) and a choice of two desserts (chocolate mousse or assorted cookies). Pianist Judah Kent will play holiday music during our lunch.

Cost is $15 and payable by November 27. (This is the day after Thanksgiving.) You can pay John Ballentine at the November meeting OR mail your payment to Sharon Gunter, 1628 N.W. 6th Street, McMinnville, OR 97128







“Sowing Seeds of Friendship”



Happy November everyone.  As I write this we are getting our first heavy fall rains.  It washes off the shrubs and streets and makes our world smell clean and fresh.  Time for more inside projects.

The Frightened Frog books have arrived and members are letting me know how many they want before we distribute them to the schools.  If you haven’t let me know how many you need, please do so right away.  I’ll bring them to our November meeting.


Coming up – Evening of Lights at Als Garden Center on the 5th should be a fun field trip to get us in the holiday mood.  Then the week of our general meeting we have the Junking field trip on the 18th and the Shopping trip to Washington Square on the 19th which both will be fun and different.  The holiday parade is on the 27th with the Rakettes participating as usual.  Cozette is in charge and has everything organized.  This really brings the Christmas Spirit alive.  Please join in the fun as this is where friendships are formed.

Our November charity is YCAP so bring your food items such as canned tuna, soups, chili, peanut butter along with canned veggies, bags of potatoes, etc. to our general meeting.  If you are unable to bring canned goods but want to donate, your checks made out to YCAP will also be appreciated and will count towards our goal to help feed the hungry.

A big thank you to everyone for reaching out to make our newest members feel welcome.  It does take a village.                                                                                                Judy



"In the evenings
I scrape my fingernails clean,
hunt through old catalogues for new seed,
oil work boots and shears.
This garden is no metaphor --
more a task that swallows you into itself, 
earth using, as always, everything it can."
-  Jan Hirshfield, November, Remembering Voltaire



Chinese Garden Outing

October 1, 2015

And YEP, you missed a fun trip if you weren’t there!



White Crowned Sparrows –                                                                       Sharon Gunter

If you put out birdseed, you have probably seen White Crowned Sparrows in your yard during the summer months.  They have striped black and white heads, gray breasts with brown and white wing feathers.  They start showing up in my garden in late spring and are gone by early fall.  The White Crowned Sparrows along the Pacific Coat supposedly do not migrate but I do not see any in my yard during the winter months.  They are ground feeders.  They mainly eat seeds but also consume caterpillars, wasps, beetles and other insects.   Here are some interesting facts about this little bird.

The young male birds learn their basic songs from the generalized song environment where they grow up, rather than from their father.   Because the birds grow up and typically breed close to where they were raised, song dialects form.   Males on the edge of two dialects may be bilingual and able to sing both dialects.

A migrating White Crowned Sparrow was once tracked moving 300 miles in a single night.  Alaskan White Crowned Sparrows migrate about 2600 miles to winter in Southern California.

Scientists interested in movement and energetics have discovered that White Crowned Sparrows can run on a treadmill at a pace of about one-third mile an hour without tiring.  The oldest recorded White Crowned Sparrow was 13 year, 4 months old.

White-crowned Sparrow Photo






vegetable sprout : Green sprout growing from seed Stock Photo

New Sprouts

By Rosemary Vertregt



Two of our newest "Sprouts" are husband and wife team, Tom & Rita Canales, who have recently moved here from Manteca, California, where they lived for 30 years.  They are living in Dayton while having a house built in the West Wind development on Hill Road.  Tom was raised in Whittier, California, but says he got out of there -- and away from crowds, as soon as he finished high school and headed for Cal State Humboldt for college. While in Manteca, Tom participated in the creation of a school garden, and has been applying his garden talents here by assisting at the Community Garden across from Rotary Park.  A new home, of course, will entail planning---and planting new landscaping, and fortunately both Rita's and Tom’s garden-related interests include yard landscape, horticulture, container gardening, and propagating plants. Also, both are experienced gardeners, and have already transferred their Master Gardener memberships to our OSU-affiliated group.  Having been an active member and an officer of Manteca Kiwanis Club, Tom is thinking about joining our local Kiwanis Club, but may postpone signing up for any more activities until the homebuilding is finished.  Not only are we fortunate to include another gentleman in our club membership, but two newcomers who are happy to get involved in their new community are always welcomed in McMinnville!  Welcome, Tom & Rita!                                  


One of our newest members, Marlene Petersen, is a "transplant" from the Roseburg area.  She and her husband, Richard, a former tree farmer of large acreage, were already acquainted with McMinnville, having made many three-hour drives to connect with their daughter, Katie and family, and their son David, who lives in Vancouver.  Many of us understand the magnetism of grandchildren, and the lengths we will go to be with the little ones, and thus their move to our fair city!  (The Petersen’s' new home is on Sunrise Court near Ann Silverthorne's, so they can enjoy "garden talk" with ease.)  Marlene is enjoying the way things grow here, with and all the color and greenery, but one somewhat unpleasant discovery was the overly pushy attitude of the resident deer, especially the buck in the backyard!!  There is now a structure built by Richard that prevents such surprises. Oh, yes--one other bit of unpleasantness:  slugs, many, many slugs!!  Having moved here last year, they have enjoyed watching the surprises and discoveries their landscape brings, a gorgeous long-blooming camellia, a lovely pink dogwood tree, and roses, all put in by former owners.  But, she and Richard are keeping their eyes open for plants and ideas to further enhance their landscape.  They are also enjoying the fruits of our local orchards and vineyards, just as they did in Douglas County.  Welcome, Marlene!



Historical Snippets                                                                                                   Patty Sorensen


“From the time the Constitution and By-Laws were accepted by the Club in 1928 the club gradually altered its methods and systems:--

  1. Dues:  In June 1933, due to possibility of losing some of members—dues reduced to 50 cents a year.  April 1935, members allowed to pay 50 cents for remainder of 1935-36.
  2. Membership:  At one time in the history of the Club there were men members.  July 1936 membership limit reduced to 35 – having a waiting list for persons desiring membership.  May 1938, the waiting list contained 15 names so membership limit was increased to 50 – with rule that if members missed 6 consecutive meetings names would be dropped unless in case of illness.
  3. Officers:  The number of elective officers elected each year varied from time to time.   



November Birthday Salutes Go To:

Lynne Desel, 28; Jo Tribbett, 21; Marlene Peterson, 16; Trudy Mackel, 16; Mike Stewart, 12; AND?????





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