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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

April 2016 -


Next meeting:   April 18

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

                        Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.




April Guest Speaker:  Maurice Horn-Going Slightly Native every native plant is suitable for Northwest gardeners. Yet, more and more, we are encouraged to “go native.” It is easy to feel conflicted as you make your plant choices. Fortunately, choosing some native plants can offer pleasing results and satisfy both the need to be “responsible” gardeners and the desire for creative freedom and playfulness. There is a broad range of appealing plants that can help make the transition toward a more native garden. Maurice will bring a mix of native and low-water plants to sell and he can accept cash, checks, or credit cards.



Maurice Horn is co-owner of Joy Creek Nursery, a specialty nursery in Scappoose, OR, featuring a wide variety of ornamental plants including clematis and hydrangeas. For the past decade he has created many low-water gardens both at the nursery, for nursery customers, and for Reed College and Portland General Electric. Maurice has been a long-time participant in the Great Plant Picks program in Washington where he serves on the perennial committee.  He has lectured widely throughout the United States on a variety of garden related topics.   (




Upcoming Events

Arts & Crafts “Junking” Trip, Tuesday, April 19

Ready to go find great things and enjoy a fun day in Salem?  Meet at Baker Street Community Church’s parking lot on the west side at 9:30.  Plan to be home by 4:30!!!  For more info, contact Patty S.


April Field Trip Fun, Thursday, April 21

Contact Ann S. for details.  YUMMMMM & FUNNNNNN


Master Gardeners Plant Sale - Saturday, April 30, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, May 1, 11:00 – 2:00

Annual flowers, vegetables, herbs and herbaceous flowering plants available for sale.

Over 20 outside additional vendors with garden related plants and products. 

Location: Yamhill County Fairgrounds

Community Garden Plant Sale – May 7th and 14th – Location - 325 NE Burnett, McMinnville

Arts & Crafts Driftwood Wind Chimes Fun, May 18

Don’t worry about getting more driftwood unless you want to have more beach time doing it!  Seems like several people have accumulated a lot.  More info at the April meeting or contact Patty S.





They say that spring showers bring May flowers and I believe it.  Some flowers in my garden are already showing their pretty faces.  This time of year is so exciting on many fronts with everything waking up and coming up out of the ground, almost overnight it seems and the birds are busy building their nests, it all seems so full of promise.

Work on the Garden Tour and Faire is starting to come into full swing now with opportunities to sign up for various committees at each meeting.  I know a lot of you signed up in March and I know this trend will continue.  It’s such a fun time to get better acquainted with each other doing something that we may not have done before, or have done before and are looking forward to doing it again.

Field trips are being planned and presented each month as well as craft activities too.  Bag Ladies and Gents are coming up April 25.  A crew is needed to clean out the tree wells on Third Street and if there’s time, a little bit on the side streets as well.  For these efforts, we’re rewarded with a great lunch hosted by a downtown restaurant.  This time it’s The Granary.

The District Luncheon is being held in Newberg, April 21, and the speaker will be talking about Camellias which are now in full bloom.  Newberg is well known for its Camellia growing as evidenced as you drive through town.   You see them growing in wine barrels in front of stores and in parking strips.  There’s a golf course south of town that now has many varieties planted in its landscape.  If you haven’t sent your check into Sharon, please do so by the 6th of April.  So far there are seven of us going and we’d love to have you join us.  Tickets are $21.00.

If you are interested in the driftwood chimes craft project, start gathering your driftwood pieces each time you visit the coast as Patty has it planned for May 18.

Our speaker for April is Maurice Horn from Joy Creek Nursery.  This nursery is well known for their plant material so we’ll look forward to more treasurers coming with him.



Need some inspiration?                   June Benson

            What’s your project? Is there a color theme? Do you want contrasting foliage and texture? Or are you looking for a single plant? All this can be found in a new web app to help gardeners explore plants and plant combo recipes. Darcy Daniels, a Portland garden designer, presented this new app at Seattle’s flower and garden show last month. She is continuing to add content and in this “beta phase” you are encouraged to provide feedback. You must sign-up to receive the official link. (You won’t be overwhelmed with emails from this site. I registered one month ago and have only received two emails since.--June) Check it out.

ew Sprouts 2016 - Rosemary Vertregt

vegetable sprout : Green sprout growing from seed Stock PhotoDarlene McCord is one of our newest members, but she's not entirely new to the McMinnville area.  She was born in Portland, raised there until her family moved to Yamhill, where she finished high school...and met her future husband, Dennis!  Many other moves were necessary during his Navy career, of course, and his "second career" in management of water resources took them to the small foothills town of Valley Springs, California.  They enjoyed the beauty of that area, but are delighted to be in McMinnville, where they don't need to drive 30 miles to go grocery shopping.  They are parents of two grown sons and grandparents of seven.  Darlene's main interest and enjoyment come from her quilting, and like many quilters, she works on more than one project at a time!  [She admits to having 3 in progress now!]  Like our members Marilyn Coats and Beryl Anderson, Darlene has donated quilts to be auctioned off to benefit various charities. She is looking forward to getting acquainted with new friends in Garden Club by participating in Arts & Crafts, Field Trips, and learning more about container gardening. Darlene has also joined Newcomers Club.  Welcome, Darlene!


April Garden of the Month

2235 NW Pinehurst Drive

Check it out online monthly now at :






First the theme, then the Artwork.  One of the first tasks confronting Tour Coordinators is finding a theme for the Tour.  In 2015, the theme was “Gardens Are Treasures”. When it came time to evaluate suggestions for 2016, we stopped at the first recommendation.  We borrowed a quote attributed to Audrey Hepburn: To Plant a Garden Is to Believe in Tomorrow! We universally loved the sentiment it expressed.

How to find artwork that is relevant to the theme and which can be used on Tour/Faire documents was a bit more challenging.  We all have planted seeds or bulbs with the faith (and, yes, hope) that we soon will witness the first hints of a plant emerging from the soil in our garden. The idea of a bulb that erupts into a flower associated with spring and with new beginnings became the inspiration for Sally Parks-Brown’s line drawing of the stately daffodil that appears on our Save-the-Date Bookmarks.


Still needed was an art piece that could be used on our posters. Ann Silverthorne and Jan Clay foraged through the paintings of Charlyn Dalebout, a local artist who is a retired architect. When they spied a painting of a young child amidst a cluster of daffodils they recognized their search had produced the perfect image.


While we all get down and dirty in our gardens trusting that our labors, abundant rain and warm summers will combine to produce a garden that flourishes, as a Club we go a step further. Each year the Club uses a portion of the proceeds from the Garden Tour and Faire to underwrite three scholarships that are available to qualified college students whose focus is oriented toward agriculture, horticulture or related fields.


As individuals we demonstrate that by planting our gardens we believe in tomorrow.  Equally, if not more importantly, by sponsoring scholarships for eligible local students, we as a Club demonstrate the trust we place in our youth to capably assume stewardship of our environment and food-production systems and thereby assure the sound future of our planet.

Trudy Mackel,  Garden Tour Chair


Garden Faire

We are on our way to recruiting 40+ vendors for the 2016 Garden Faire with 19 vendors (including 4 new ones) responding so far. Please continue to “talk up” the Garden Tour and Garden Faire by handing out the Club’s little “save the date” cards. It is so easy to do and the card is a great conversation starter. It presents a perfect opportunity for you to brag a little about all the great things the McMinnville Garden Club is able to do with the funds we raise from the Tour/Faire. As you encounter potential vendors, who have gardening-theme products or services during your shopping trips, be sure to give them a card and refer them to our Club’s website for more specific information. You may also send us their contact information and we will do the follow-up. Remember, June 26th in beautiful downtown McMinnville is just around the corner so let’s go get’em!


Mike and Gaye Stewart, Garden Faire Co-Chairs (503-831-3087) or


Birthday Salutes Go To:


Judy Eggers, 7th; AND???



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