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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

June 2016 -


Next meeting:   June, 2016

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

                        Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.


Upcoming Events

No Speaker at June meeting:


DUES REMINDER:  DUE AT JUNE MEETING - please make your check out to McMinnville Garden Club and give to Sharon


Please welcome our 2016-17 Officers                      Elaine Pollak, President

   They will be installed at our June luncheon           June Benson, Vice President

                                                                                                Sandy Parr, Secretary

                                                                                                Donna Parr, Treasurer


June 11th afternoon – Potluck celebration of Clyde Reed’s life – McMinnville Bowling alley


June 15th – FIELD TRIP  Connie Hansen Garden, Lincoln City

Cost: $3.00 for garden and $5.00 each passenger to the driver. We will need 4 drivers, I can be one. Please advise if you will be able to drive.  Meet at the Baker Creek Community Church at 9:30.

Lunch: Wildflower Grill. 12:00 noon. 4250 NW Hwy 121. Tel: 1-541-994-9663. There will be separate tabs but 18% added for party gratuity.  Please RSVP to Ann Silverthorne by June 10th.


June 25     Garden Pretour for workers?  Ask Trudy for more information.

June 26 – Garden Tour/Faire – Have you signed up to help??  We need everyone’s help for our only fund raiser of the year.


August 21 - HEADS UP!  Did you know that there will be a Solar Eclipse of the sun in August AND that McMinnville is actually directly in the path to see the TOTAL Eclipse?   Read all about this on the website listed below.  It won’t happen again in our lifetime.   It will happen at 10:18 that morning.





Wow, summer in coming in with a bang this year.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend.  I love seeing all of the flags flying on these occasions.  It tells me that patriotism is not dead and we do honor those that have given their lives to keep us safe.

GardeningWe have a busy month starting with our first Farmers Market.  I do hope we can sell lots of tickets and maybe tell the story of our Garden Club to more prospective members.  Garden Tour/Faire Posters and are being hung all over and soon it will be time to put out the signs.  All of the hard work putting together the tickets has been completed and now it’s our turn to get as many tickets sold as possible.  Let’s pull together to make this one our best Tour and Garden Faire year ever.

Soon you may be getting a call from our new president asking you if you would be willing to chair a committee and I hope you say, “Yes I can do that”.  It’s a great opportunity for individual growth and a time to make new friends in the process.  If you are giving up your chairmanship this year, please have your note book up to date and ready to hand into Elaine.

This is my last column for this year.  Thank you for the honor of being your President this past two years.  I have enjoyed it and have grown in the process.  I wish you all a wonderful summer and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the fall.






Care Of Delphinium Flowers: Tips For Growing Delphinium Plants

By Becca Badgett

Gardening Know How -

Selection of Delphiniums for garden perennial herbaceous border.Many gardeners wonder how to grow delphinium and some avoid planting them after hearing that the plant is difficult to grow. What are the secrets to the correct care of delphinium? Grow delphinium plants in a sunny area with soil that is consistently moist. Don’t let them dry out. Mulch helps retain moisture and keeps roots cool. Sun exposure is another aspect of care of delphinium that the gardener must get right for the showy blooms to appear. Gentle morning sun is preferable to the delphinium plants, which are picky about extreme differences in temperatures. Provide afternoon shade, especially when planted in hotter zones.  Performance of this specimen is enhanced when growing delphinium plants in neutral to slightly alkaline soil pH. Soil should be well-draining.


Care of delphinium should include regular fertilization in spring when the plant begins to grow, and during the flowering period. Work in well-composted organic material such as rotted cow manure, or use a basic 10-10-10 granular fertilizer. Yellowing foliage or stunted growth often indicates the plant needs more fertilizer.

About Delphinium Plants

One commonly thinks of delphinium plants (Delphinium) as having true blue flowers, which is the most common color. But numerous hybrids are available in shades of pink, lavender, red, white and yellow. Blooms may be single or double.  Delphinium planting is normally at the back of the bed, where flower spikes can reach 2 to 6 feet tall.


Special Tips for Delphinium Plants

An important aspect of caring for the thought to be difficult delphinium is deadheading the first blooms in early summer. Remove flower stalks when blooms are spent. When all blooms are removed and moisture and fertilization requirements are met, the gardener can expect a bountiful blast of blooms in late summer or early autumn. This is when delphinium flowers are at their most beautiful. Often, this may be the final show for the short-lived perennial, but the striking beauty and long lasting blooms are worth the effort.

Taller varieties may require staking, especially when planted in areas with heavy rain or wind. Stems are hollow and break easily under this type of stress.

Some disease and insect pests may attack delphiniums, keep an eye on young plants and when planting delphiniums, make sure soil conditions are right for the plant. Delphiniums may be propagated from seed or basal cuttings; however, don’t propagate from diseased plants.

Now that you’ve learned how to grow delphiniums, get started with delphiniums grown from seed, starting indoors in late winter. Add a few new delphinium plants each year so you’ll always have the showy blooms in your yard.


Gardens! Have We Got Gardens!!!

Check Out the Garden Club Website for a New Tour Feature!


The Gardens on this year’s Tour are extraordinary. They are diversified with something for everyone’s taste.

We have sunny gardens and shady gardens. We have level gardens and we have hilly gardens. We have sophisticated and we have funky. We have gardens with lots of vegetables, with some vegetables and with no vegetables. We have gardens with lots of roses, with some roses and with no roses.  We have a garden that borders on a marsh and a garden that borders on a golf course and a garden that seems to be bordered only by the sky. We have gardens that have been developed over years and years and gardens that are relatively young.


All our Private Gardens represent hours of dedication, labor and abundant love.


We have a Bonus Garden that speaks of community pride and opportunity. It also speaks of hours of dedication, labor and abundant love.


Our Garden Selection Committee under the Chairmanship of Apyrl Garmon has done an amazing job under pressure-filled circumstances to deliver astonishing gardens for the forthcoming Tour. The Owners of these Gardens with boundless generosity have allowed them to be open to this year’s Tour.


The Volunteers staffing the Bonus Garden are anxious for the public to learn about the Community Garden and its increasingly valuable role in McMinnville’s vitality.


We thank the Garden Selection Committee, the Owners, and the Volunteers at the Community Garden. We also thank in advance the Club Members who have signed up for various jobs related to the Tour.


To Club Members who already have bought tickets for the Tour, we send our gratitude. To those Club Members who have not picked up their tickets, we say, “Please support our fundraiser. Call John Ballentine or come to the June Club meeting to get your tickets”.                                                                            Trudy Mackel,   Garden Tour Chair


Garden Faire

Please check the website for an updated list of the AMAZING vendors at this year’s event!!! Keep saving your money to spend on plants, art pieces and a variety of garden relate items!!!  


“Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.”  Elizabeth Murray


Birthday Salutes Go To:

Lisa Baker, 16;  Jodena Beard, 12; June Benson, 3; Benita Cole, 16; Dorothy Gurney, 3; Barbara Pehrson 30; Margaret Roberts, 23; Jan Schnack, 29; Rosemary Vertregt, 3;  ??????


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