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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

March 2016 -


Next meeting:   March 21, 2016 (9:30-12:15)

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

                        Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.









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March Guest Speaker:  Elaine Murphy

Topic:  Birds, Bats & Bees


Birds, bats, and bees are welcome visitors to our gardens.  Learn about our native residents and how they contribute to insect control and pollination.  Elaine will discuss ways to attract them to our gardens and provide for their basic needs.
            Elaine has been a birder for 30+ years.  She currently works for the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District teaching nature classes for both adults and children. She also leads bird walks and teaches classes for the Backyard Bird Shop and Al's Garden Centers. Her business, Nature Services, offers nature-oriented children's birthday parties.

Upcoming Events

March 17 - Pictures for contest in to Judy

March 29 – 10 oclock

Miniature Garden 2015Miniature Garden Class at Jean Lierman’s.  Georgia and Jean will again hold a Miniature Garden class in March.  Start with where you want it.  Indoors? Outdoors? Full sun? Shade? Once you decide on the placement, then you can choose the container and the plants that will work for that spot. 

A word about your container.  A Miniature Garden can be planted in any kind of container but when you choose your container, keep in mind the amount of time you want to spend taking care of it.  I have 4 Miniature Gardens and they are all planted outside in large containers that my sprinkling system takes care of.  I have NO care other than occasional pruning to keep the plants small. There are many different shapes and sizes of containers that you can use. So, choose where you would like the garden to live, then you can choose the container to suit that spot. Pots at least 8" deep should last a couple of years, bigger pots will last longer. Note that terra cotta containers are porous and will wick the moisture away from the plant's roots.  


March 31st  - French Prairie Gardens for a “Girls Night Out” (and gents too) – Ann Silverthorne is in charge


Mark Your Calendars for April Events…….

April 21           Arts & Crafts Junkin’ Trip To Salem

April 25           Downtown Cleanup!!  Get your aprons ready.







flowers1    Spring is here complete with rain showers, blooming trees and flowers and noisy birds busy building their nests.  Everyday there seem to be signs of new growth in our gardens.  The Garden Shows in February have succeeded in getting us excited about digging in the dirt again.  It’s still too soon for annuals but there are lots of new shrubs and trees as well as bulbs to plant now.

I have been remiss in not reminding everyone that aprons are available from our treasurer, Sharon Gunter.  She has been bringing them to our general meetings for you to purchase if you need one.  They sell for $15.00 and you will need them for the Garden Tour and Faire as well as our Bag Ladies and Gents on Third event in April.  That’s the event that we clean out all of the tree wells along Third Street down town and then have a wonderful lunch that one of the restaurants host for us.

Speaking of the Garden Tour and Faire, there will be signup sheets appearing at our general meetings from now until June offering opportunities to participate in fun activities for the Tour and Faire.  Look for one or two that speak to you and sign up.  It’s a great way to meet someone new.

Last month we were honored with an award for City Beautification from the Downtown Association at an awards banquet.  They listed almost everything we have done for the community over the years.  I think the only thing they missed might have been the dogwood grove at Linfield College that was done many years ago.  The News Register even had an article that mentioned our award along with others.

Remember that your color and/or black and white photos are due to me by March 17 so that I may take them to the District board meeting.  Let me know if you didn’t get a copy of the rules for presenting them for the contest.  We have had some wonderful winners in the past and I hope we have some new ones this year too.

Happy Gardening,




1.     The primrose described by Rosemary at the last meeting can be found on .  The plant is called primula malacoides  or "fairy primrose".  Hers has white blooms that aren't out yet, but will soon be covered in fluffy white flowers

·                  Primula malacoides, aka Fairy Primrose. Primula comes from the Latin word “primus” meaning first. In their wild habitat they are among the first of the spring plants to flower.  Primula malacoides are herbaceous, maturing at approximately 30cm in height and 20cm in width. The foliage consists of rosettes of leaves that are furry, slightly frilly in appearance and pale to dark green in colour. The flower stem protrudes from this dense foliage producing tiers of saucer shaped flowers, bearing five heart shaped petals. Double flowered varieties are available, but are not common. Available colours are white, pink, rose, crimson, lavender and purple. On the whole, the appearance of the Fairy Primrose is a dainty one. However, do not allow this delicate appearance deceive you, they are sturdy plants and once established require no attention beyond the occasional dead heading.

2.     Helpful Books on Gardening with perennial plants     [These are the books Rosemary referred to at the February panel discussion.]



New Sprouts 2016 - Rosemary Vertregt

vegetable sprout : Green sprout growing from seed Stock PhotoDorothy Gurney joined our club a few months ago, after settling into an apartment on Elmwood in McMinnville.  She has lived in several areas, starting out in rural Illinois around the time of WWII. Pennsylvania was home for about 30 years, as well as California, where Dorothy studied at U.C. California, Berkeley and taught at Santa Clara University. She is the mother of six grown children, three of whom live nearby. As a new resident, she finds our landscape most attractive in its colors and textures. Most of her gardening will be done in containers, and she has a special interest in Bonsai. Dorothy is a published author, and is working on another book, so she may not be a regular at meetings, but we are looking forward to getting to know her, so "Welcome, Dorothy"!



Seattle Garden Show Highlights

Nine enthusiastic club members recently immersed themselves in the early smells of dirt, blooming plants, bulbs and a multitude of garden speakers at the Seattle Garden Show.  What a trip!  Our bus took us right to the hotel which was across the street from the convention center.  It was also just 5 or 6 blocks from Pikes Market on the waterfront.

We thoroughly enjoyed viewing the many display gardens, both large and small.  Creativity, style and natural environments seemed to be the focus this year.  Vendors enticed us with about anything a gardener could want….plus clothes, scarves, jewelry, potions and purses.  Heaven on earth!  Teehee.

Speakers were top caliber and covered topics from creating paths to popular perennials to products made from lavender, etc., etc., etc.  Not many plants were bought but bulbs, seed, and fun stuff made its way home.  We have great nurseries here in our area to browse through for plants!!!

The show food was…show food but our members branched out around the neighborhood for tasty dishes.   AND rumor had it that there was a bit of wine consumed together one night while discussing a multitude of topics amidst lots of laughter.  You know that old saying….what happens at the show, stays at the show.  HOWEVER….if you see a member carrying a bright green Subaru bag…you just might ask them about their trip!!!!

Check out more pictures at: 

Ghost writer……who?


Garden Tour 2016- Just a Few Small Changes


Small but significant changes are impacting this year’s Tour and Faire.


Those who attended the Club’s January meeting were given a pack of ten Save the Date Bookmarks. “Ten what?” you ask. Save the Date Bookmarks were created and designed in response to Club members and the Board requesting something small and relatively inexpensive that could be used to publicize our annual Tour and Faire.  The rack cards ordered by the thousands in previous years had become increasingly ineffective. The rack cards have been replaced by a 2” x 5 ½” Save the Date Bookmark in a bright color with original artwork by our own Sally Parks-Brown. The bookmarks are attractive and can be easily slipped into a pocket or purse to be given as the occasion arises to friends, neighbors, book and card club members, nurseries, shops, etc. The response to these bookmarks has been universally positive. The bookmarks will be available at future Club meetings so that members can replenish their supply as needed.


Our Save the Date Bookmarks definitely are proof that less can be more!


The Square to be used by John and Betty Ballentine at the Farmers’daffodils 2016 Market, Faire and Club meetings--primary sites for Tour ticket sales--is another example of a small change with large consequences. “A square, what’s that?” you ask. In this context a square is a small electronic device that attaches to a smart phone and allows the phone to become a scanner for credit/debit card sales. The square is provided at no charge and will be attached to John’s (or Betty’s) phone. The cost per transaction to the Club will be minimal. This year will be a trial and whether or not the device will be used in the future will be evaluated.


By using this device at the Farmers’ Market, which John and Betty jointly chair, there will be no need to solicit any Club volunteers to help at the Farmers’ Market. (John will man the device and Betty will chat up the potential buyers.) So…..


… the weeks ahead the Day of Tour, Poster Distribution, and Roadside Sign Committees will be asking Club members to sign up to help with their respective tasks. Please take the time you would have used at the Farmers’ Market and allocate it to one or more of the above Committees.


Sign-ups for the Day of Tour Committee—this is for the Greeters and Hostesses used at the five Tour Gardens—and the Poster Distribution Committee—this is for placement of the colorful 8 ½” x 11” posters in businesses and other high foot traffic areas--will begin at the March Club meeting.  Please consider giving a small amount of your time to help make this Year’s Tour a big success.


Trudy Mackle   Tour Chairman


Garden Faire 2016

Recruitment of vendors for this year’s Garden Faire is in full swing. As you visit, or become aware of, businesses or individuals who have something special to share with a gardening theme invite them to McMinnville on June 26th. Vendor information and enrollment forms are available on our Club’s website or you can send us the contact info and we will do the rest. Good shopping…and be sure to keep your eyes open for prospects!


Mike and Gaye, Garden Faire Co-Chairs 503-831-3087


March Birthday Salutes Go To:


Shamrock-Green[1]Barbara B. Anderson, 10; Rita Canales, 22; Jean Lierman, 20; Helen Niehus, 22; Candace Van Zanten, 5; Carol March, 5 and ???????





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