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McMinnville Garden Club,   PO Box 386, McMinnville, OR

May 2016 -


Next meeting:   May 16, 2016

HILLSIDE Activity Room at the Manor

900 N. Hill Road McMinnville, OR  97128

                        Note:  If you need time on the agenda, please let President Judy know a week in advance of the meeting.


May Guest Speaker:  Sue Randall

Topic:  Hardy Fuchsias--What You Should Know               Fuchsias are wonderful herbaceous garden perennials that will bloom all summer and fall. Many of us have planted fuchsias in containers, but some fuchsias can be planted in the ground. A truly hardy fuchsia needs no extra protection in the winter once established. Sue will bring some hardy fuchsias to sell and can accept only cash or check.

               Sue is a Master Gardener, member of the Hardy Plant Society, and the Vice President of the Oregon Fuchsia Society. She lives on 2/3 of an acre in the SW hills of Portland and has over 100 fuchsias in the ground, over 100 rhododendrons and azaleas, many perennials,  and a large vegetable plot.



Upcoming Events

Community Garden Plant Sale – May 7th and 14th

Location - 325 NE Burnett, McMinnville


Don’t forget we will be hosting a table for the Children’s Garden at the Open House on May 14 at 10:00 am   BEE there! 


Wear your apron and bring a yellow balloon to welcome students who will be purchasing their raised bed to plant their vegetables. Also, we will be handing out Garden Tour informational bookmarks to visitors.   We will be taking a group photo, so “all hands on deck”!                                                           

RSVP if you cannot attend to: Doris Crain (503)   857-0360



Arts & Crafts Driftwood Wind Chimes Fun, May 18 at Doris’ garage.

Don’t worry about getting more driftwood unless you want to have more beach time doing it!  Bring yourself, some beads and threading skills.  We will be drilling holes in the driftwood, stringing it between beads and creating a fabulous wind chime.  Oh, if you have a snack to share, we LOVE food!  Bring it.

For more info, contact Patty S.







May 1, is May Day.  We used to make cone baskets from paper, add a string and then fill it with flowers from the garden.  We would then hang it on the door knob of a neighbor or friend, ring the bell and then run and hide.  Sort of like a secret gift.  I loved it as a child, and my children loved it too.  Happy May Day.

Today, as I was busy planting my new favorites that I purchased on our recent field trip, I suddenly realized that I had not written anything for the newsletter for May.  My apologies to the newsletter staff for being late.

May is going to be chock full of opportunities for everyone in the Garden Club.  There are posters and signs to put out for the tour, (sign- up sheets will be at the general meeting) Plant sales to check out, Master Gardeners as well as the Community Garden, Introduction to the Busy Bee project at the Community Garden, more field trips and craft projects to do.  Whew, we’ll really be having fun.

We’ll have our election of officers for next year at our general meeting.  I’m busy getting things organized to turn over to Elaine and I know the rest of my board is doing the same, with the exception of June, who is staying on for one more year.  She’s already planning wonderful and exciting programs for next year.


There were a couple of items of note in the Spring issue of the Mahonia that you received.

1.      The registration form for the State Convention being held in Hood River in June.  Anyone interested may attend.  Length of time attending is not restricted.  You may go for the whole time, part time, or whatever fits your schedule and interest.

2.     The updated General Liability Insurance Policy.  The article explained the coverage very well.  It is an umbrella policy covering Garden Clubs belonging to the OSFGC Inc. for $1,000,000, purchased annually.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of you mothers and grandmothers.                     Judy


Check Out the Garden Club Website for a New Tour Feature!

Descriptions of the 2016 Tour Gardens complete with photos will be posted at intervals in the days ahead.    Garden No. 1 is now ready for you to visit on the Website.  


Look for Garden No. 2 in the next few days.           Trudy




vegetable sprout : Green sprout growing from seed Stock Photo

New Sprouts 2016 - Rosemary Vertregt



Charlene Drake

Charlene grew up on a dairy farm in Bandon, on the southern Oregon coast, and her husband Eldon spent his youth on the East Coast, but after spending many years in Southern California, they are happily settling into their McMinnville "nest" in Kathleen Manor.  The front yard landscaping is in need of some renewal, but Charlene will be starting in the south-facing back area with a small vegetable garden, some of which will be planted in containers.  She plans to include some "Patio" tomatoes, which have a short and stocky growth habit and fruit the size of a small plum. She is also quite keen on growing some strawberries and/or raspberries; [may we politely suggest some nice Oregon blueberries?] Recently, a delightful stroll through The Oregon Garden sparked Charlene's interest in planting some small conifers, perhaps as part of her front garden's renewal. Gaining more knowledge of plants, flower arranging, landscaping, and container gardening are high on her list, and I see a bit of what we call "plant lust" developing here!  Welcome, Charlene!


Alice Vinton

               Although Alice grew up in a long-time McMinnville family, she lived and worked in Hawaii for fifty-five years (yes, 55!), and has only been living in her home near Linfield College for one year. Delighted with the space she now has, and very pleased to be through with apartment living, Alice has already planted daffodils, three blueberry bushes, a yellow rhododendron, and a dwarf  "fruit cocktail tree" guaranteed to produce six varieties!  She will also plant a veggie tower soon.  Living in Hawaii for so long, it's not surprising that Alice enjoys growing orchids for their long bloom time. Visiting the recent Camellia Festival in Newberg in search of a specific cultivar called "Black Prince", she found she was a few minutes too late to buy the prize she was seeking;  however, gardeners being helpful folk who understand "plant lust", one of them has promised to start one for her!  It will have pride of place in Alice's garden in memory of her mother, who grew many varieties including "Black Prince", a rich dark red.  We are indebted to our member Joan Frieze for encouraging Alice to join our group. Welcome, Alice!



May Garden of the Month

Check it out online monthly now at:


Mike and Kari Rex      1305 NW Zinfandel Ct


Mike is a teacher for Patton Middle School and Kari is 1/2 owner of New to You resale store.


Kari loves to landscape and it shows.  In a year and a half after moving there they removed 15 trees and took 13 pickup loads of debris to Greenlands so they could start all over on landscaping.


They added rockscapes and pruned the remaining bushes back to show interesting branches.  This garden shows what a talented gardener can do with an overgrown yard.

ENJOY      Cozette



GARDEN TOUR     The Month of May

Maia, a Roman goddess, gave her name to the Month of May; Maia is identified with the Earth and with growth. Somehow it seems appropriate for the Garden Club to actively begin promoting the forthcoming Garden Tour and Faire in the Month of May.


On May 2, a select group of McMinnville businesses begin the sale of Tour tickets. This year the vendors selling Tour tickets are Great Harvest Bread, Harvest Fresh, Incahoots, Kathleen’s Hallmark, and Kraemer’s Garden Center. If you find yourself visiting one of these vendors, please take a moment to thank them for supporting the Garden Club Tour and Faire.


On May 16, tickets for the Tour will become available to Club Members. Ticket Committee Chair, John Ballentine, will be distributing tickets at the May Club Meeting and will have available “The Square” for members wishing to purchase tickets using their plastic. We hope that the Club can again enjoy the support experienced in the past from members purchasing tickets—whether for their personal use, for gifts, or as a donation. This is the Club’s only fundraiser and we all need to participate as we are able.


Also on May 16, Club members who have signed-up to distribute posters will receive their personalized guidelines and a supply of posters to distribute on their respective routes.  There are still a few areas in need of a Club Member(s) to volunteer to circulate posters. Cozette Caster and Pauline Eder, are Co-Chairs of the Poster Distribution Committee. Pauline at (503) 472 6710 will have the sign-up sheets until May 6; Cozette will take over on May 7 (503) 883 9236. If you haven’t already done so, please consider covering one of the poster distribution routes.


We hope all Members will continue to pass out Save-the-Date Bookmarks; there are more available should you need them. There will be a supply at Club Meetings in May and in June. Or call Trudy at 503 883 9741 for more bookmarks.


In any case, we wish everyone a Merry Month of May! As Julie Andrews sang in the musical Camelot: “tra la, it’s May, the lusty Month of May/That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray”….


Trudy Mackel,   Garden Tour Chair



A BIG Thank You


To the crew of Garden Club members who helped with our Downtown Cleanup on Monday, May 25th.  Once the dirt was removed from our hands, we were treated to a fabulous lunch in the Granary District.  YUM


Great job, ladies and gents.




Birthday Salutes Go To:

Betty Ballantine, 30; Ruth Corsi, 19; Maxine Kilcrease, 12; Kirsten Lund, 9; Evelyn Mundinger, 7; Mildred Repetto, 25; Bob Vertregt, 22 and ???


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