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Do you pass by a yard or garden each day that you think deserves recognition? Send us a note to nominate it for the Yard of the Month award.

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  • April 2024 – 835 NW 18th Pl

    Yard of the Month

    This yard was chosen because of the many beautiful blooming dogwood trees. Beth states that she has a total of 12 on her property!

    Beautiful landscaping with flowering trees.
  • September 2022 – NW Doral

    Yard of the Month

    Nancy moved to McMinnville from Lebanon to be near daughter who helped her design her new yard.  Nancy brought some of the plants from her…

  • August 2022 – NW Michelbook

    Yard of the Month

    This month we chose a yard due to multiple requests from the public over the years. Our guidelines do not allow us to select professionally…

  • July 2022 – St. Andrews

    Yard of the Month

    A pilgrimage to Scotland in 2019 provided inspiration for a stacked rock shrine in the back yard. What is now a massing of annuals for…

  • June 2022 – SW Blaine St

    Yard of the Month

    Michael, who does the gardening, works as a baker for La Provence Wholesale Bakery in SE Portland. He and Tiffany have lived at this house…

  • April 2022 – Baker Creek Rd

    Yard of the Month

    Jerry is semi retired and Evelyn is retired and volunteers for Encompass Yamhill Valley which provides help for the houseless. They make bike pods and…

  • October 2021 – NE 18th St

    Yard of the Month

    Liz loves her garden and it has been her sanctuary for 36 years.  The whole yard is very charming. There is a big bear looking…

  • July 2021 – SW Cypress St

    Yard of the Month

    John and Beccie have lived at this address for 38 years. John works for Linfield University in ground maintenance while Beccie concentrates her skills on…

  • June 2021 – NW Crestbrook Court

    Yard of the Month

    Elsie and her husband Jack moved to McMinnville from Milton-Freewater in 1993. In Milton-Freewater, Jack was a school councilor and Elsie was a physical education…

  • September 2019 – NE Newby St

    Yard of the Month

    They have a beautiful display of flowers in the from yard that they initially planted from seed to provide flowers for a friend’s wedding.  The…

  • August 2019 – NW Willamette Drive

    Yard of the Month

    The Johnsons have lived here 4 years. They moved from a house in the country in order to downsize in retirement.  Gale owned and ran…

  • July 2019 – NE Village Court

    Yard of the Month

    Kathleen has lived here since 2012.  She brought many of the plants from her former home in Washington to plant in her garden. Her house…

  • June 2019 – Forway River Home

    Yard of the Month

     I have walked by this garden 5 days a week for two years and have watched the garden evolve. There is a large vegetable garden…

  • April 2019 – SW Alexandra

    Yard of the Month

    Tom and Jeri moved here from Costa Rica in 2000.  Tom works as an estimator for a roofing company. Jeri is the gardener and takes…

  • September 2018 – Border Lane

    Yard of the Month

    The Ramirez’s have lived in this house 15 years. Leonardo is the gardener.  He learned his love of plants from his father’s farm in Mexico. …

  • August 2018 – NW Cedar St

    Yard of the Month

    The name on the house says it all: ROSE COTTAGE.  Teleda collects roses and she has moved some of the plants from house to house.…

  • July 2018 – SW Fellows Street

    Yard of the Month

    Randy is a building contractor and Michele an office manager for Freelin-Wade. They have lived in this house for 4 years. Randy is the gardener…

  • June 2018 – NW 10th

    Yard of the Month

    Their garden has a vegetable garden in raised beds, and she uses the rails from her baby crib for climbing vegetables. One technique she used…

  • May 2018 – NW Jakes Ct

    Yard of the Month

    The bright pink blooming dogwood with teapot birdhouses hanging from its branches caught my eye. The couple have put much work into the back yard as…

  • April 2018 – Fleischauer Ln

    Yard of the Month

    Jonathan works for New Energy. Kate works as a software consultant. Tucked behind 4 giant fir trees is this cute blue cottage  with daffodils that…

  • September 2016 – NW Meadows Dr

    Yard of the Month

    What catches the eye from the street are the large rock steps leading up to the front entrance along with some artistically pruned trees and…

  • August 2016 – SW Courtney Laine Drive

    Yard of the Month

    Weeds dare not appear and none can be found anywhere. The yard has an Americana feel to it. The house sits on a corner lot…

  • July 2016 – SW Fleishauer

    Yard of the Month

    They have lived in this house only one year. In that time they have completely redone the front yard, first by pulling out overgrown shrubbery…

  • June 2016 – NW Beary Street

    Yard of the Month

    The owners have lived in this house for 20 years. Their yard is full of flowers, mostly roses, both front and back. Jose does the…

  • May 2016 – NW Zinfandel Ct

    Yard of the Month

    Kari loves to landscape and it shows. In a year and a half after moving there they removed 15 trees and took 13 pickup loads…

  • April 2016 – Pinehurst Drive

    Yard of the Month

    We picked the yard for its structure and colorful foliage. This delightful couple work as a team on their yard. Edie makes piles and Don…

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